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Sony Stalls its PlayStation Store in China

Sony has suspended its PlayStation Store in Mainland China, saying that the company wanted to improve the security of the online store. This move will prevent the organization to sell its games in the world’s largest video game’s market.
The company announced the closure of its Chinese store in a statement in Weibo on Sunday, saying the closure is due to a “system security upgrade”. However, the company refused to provide any more details. Also, the company did not specify a reopening date.
On the other hand, this closure comes on the backdrop of reports on social media that the users in Mainland China were able to switch ta overseas services via a backdoor to avoid China’s restrictions to download unlicensed games. However, Sony declined to comment on this matter and said the target of the temporary shutdown was planned to enhance the store’s safety.
When it comes to selling games in China, both foreign and domestic organizations, need to obtain a license from the content regulator before launching any games in China. For years, the country has sulked on console games due the detrimental effects the violent games leave on the mental health of young people. In order to comply with the rule, major game make makers Sony and Nintendo have only allowed games since they entered the market in 2015 and 2019 respectively.
In China, last year Sony has released only 13 games and Nintendo has released only 2 games in partnership with Tencent. Due to the regulations, Chinese fans are finding new ways to access popular games that are not getting sold in their country.
To play the game, users in China are paying a premium for unlocked Switch consoles sold abroad and brought in by middlemen and ditching their Tencent-stamped ones that contain a server lock.