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Katherine Colombino | CEO | Software & Services Consulting SRL (SSC)

Software and Services Consulting SRL: Providing a Unique Experience for Businesses through SAP Business One

Today, with more than 80 successful implementations and a highly qualified team with more than 20 years of experience, leading the most challenging projects in the country, Software & Services Consulting SRL (SSC) is positioned as the number one SAP Business One partner in Paraguay. It has all become possible due to its clear objective that is to put all its energies towards a sole focus i.e. the satisfaction of its clients.
All-Inclusive & Tailor-made SAP Solutions
SSC offers all-inclusive business solutions supported by SAP to attain high level on sustainable development. The company’s prime focus is client’s satisfaction. Today, it has established trust and long-term relationships, based on its commitment and quality.
Its product offerings include SAP Solutions namely SAP Business One, SAP Business Objects, SAP Crystal Solutions, and SAP HANA, while its own solutions are PVOne—Point of Sale and PayOne—Human Resources and Salary Management.

“Incredible things can happen if you never give up! Sometimes we give up due to the lack of selfconfidence for some reason as we enter on our journey”

In addition, it also offers TBOne that makes the process with Bank Transfers easier, and has successfully implemented its add-on DTOne, which works with the Picking Module in SAP BUSINESS ONE, which is particularly important to accelerate the process of Distribution.
Similarly, the company commercializes the licenses of the SAP Business One Systems and Business Intelligence (SAP business objects), and SAP HANA. Besides these product offerings, SSC also delivers all-inclusive services.
From SSC, the company defends the individuality of each client and works from an integral perspective seeking to provide solutions tailored to each client through successful implementations that will enhance the business of their clients.
Being SAP partners gave SSC recognition in the local market, but its excellence opens the doors to it abroad. Today with more than 8 years since the first day that SSC opened its doors, it sees how innovation in the way of doing business and persistence, values and clarity in the closing of negotiation continues to open doors and putting in front of its team projects increasingly challenging.
In its customized solutions, SSC also develops and implements customized software according to the quality standards of each client. Its solutions are flexible, fast and effective; Proof of this is its more than 80 successful implementations in time and form.
An SAP Expert Exemplifying Proficiency
The elite team of SSC is led by its CEO, Katherine Colombino. Katherine is an expert consultant in Sales, Implementation, Development, Training and Support of SAP systems. She has a degree in Systems Analysis, Post-degrees in University Didactics and English Teaching Staff.
With extensive experience in the area of management of Work Teams, she held various positions of Headquarters for more than two decades. Before the inception of SSC SRL, for 4 years, she was in charge of the Business Unit of SAP Business One in Infocenter SA, a Paraguayan partner of SAP and an IT company with an exemplary track record in the national market and with more than 20 consultants in different areas. She has developed MKT plans, sales, and personnel motivation policies among others within the unit and contributed progress towards the project goal.
Prior to that, she had been in important consultancies in the environment, managing projects of Development, Support and Implementation of Systems, acquiring an interesting background of knowledge of various business areas, in which she bestowed all her knowledge, attitude and commitment to work and compliance of goals.
Full-Fledged Training Sessions
SSC encourages individuals with full-fledged training sessions. A team of qualified staff of professors backed by experience in the different areas train the candidates. They provide training which keeps them up-to-date with the latest training programs to top their field and perform well in their jobs and contribute to achieving corporate goals.
The company strives with a mission to recognize SSC by its clients as strategic partners to accompany them in their growth and expansion processes. SSC has highly competent professionals, motivated and aligned with an internal policy of Knowledge Management and the development of human capital. “We provide commercially attractive solutions that respond to the real needs of our customers,” says Katherine.
SSC collaborates with the country, generating highly qualified professionals. It gets to the sources (universities, schools, companies) and gives them their training services. The company believes education makes the country good and produces citizens who are aware of their duties and obligations.
Moreover, as partners of SAP, the company offers courses and workshops focused on the operation and administration of SAP Business One and other solutions such as Course of Operation of SAP Business One, SAP Business One for PROJECT LEADERS, Crystal Reports for developers, Salary Management with PayOne, Development of Add-ons for SAP Business One with SAP B1 SDK, Development in Microsoft.NET Framework, Practical course of SQL and Administration of SQL Server, HANA and Modalities IN HOUSE or IN COMPANY .
Exhibiting Distinction
“We made the decision to work with SCC because of the team’s professional experience in SAP implementations, as well as the friendliness to my users. We managed to overcome the greatest difficulties and expected changes in the implementation processes.”Lic. Jorge Secco Caetano, Industrial Agricultural, Forestal CENTRAL DEL PARAGUAY SA
“One of the most important things when choosing an ERP is the company that will implement it. We are happy to have chosen the right partner for this important transition, we feel confident and accompanied at all times.”Karin Wasmosy, Managing Partner of Mather Company SRL
“They always recommended the best for our company, being highly trained professionals with a high degree of empathy. We found in them the support we needed to get ahead. We have found in SSC a partner for our business and we have implemented with them SAP BUSINESS ONE.”Oscar Wunderling, IT Manager of Credicar SA