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Social Media 55: Taking Digital Marketing And Social Media Strategy To The Next Level

Online presence has become one of the most significant requirements for businesses worldwide. To target potential customers who might be interested in its brands, a company needs to build strong and compelling online content on various social media platforms, websites, and blogs, ultimately building up the brand identity.

In addition, the more usable and interactive your digital content is, the more it improves your brand’s search engine result page (SERP) rankings and its value. However, building a digital marketing strategy is not an easy task. It demands years of experience and detailed insights into how digital business works.

For initiating a 360-degree online marketing campaign, businesses need to hire agencies that have experience and expertise in content creation and social media management. To help businesses increase conversions from digital marketing efforts, Social Media 55 was established.

This company provides digital marketing services like omnichannel content creation, social media marketing, website design and development, SEO, AdWords, and many more. It enables businesses to efficiently present their brand in front of their target audience.

At the helm of Social Media 55’s award-winning services is its experienced and visionary CEO, Joseph Rothstein.

Let’s explore more insights about the company’s journey that made it an impact-making digital marketing agency.

Renowned Digital Marketing Agency

 Founded in 2014, Social Media 55 is an award-winning full-service digital marketing agency. With a decade of experience in the space, Social Media 55 is inspired to help businesses focus on what they are great at while leaving the content creation and distribution to its specialist team.

Through helping businesses one at a time, we decided to brand and offer our service and strategy to the world,” says Joseph. Social media platforms played an instrumental role in the company’s foundation. They helped it discover businesses without the bandwidth and knowledge to run these social channels effectively so it could offer them its services.

 Complementing Copy with Extraordinary Visuals

Social Media 55’s team believes in creating compelling digital marketing strategies for clients’ businesses. The content provided by the company enables its clients to efficiently share their brand’s message with their consumers.

Our five core services have one common denominator, and that’s content,” underlines Joseph. These services are Web Design & Development, Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and Google AdWords.

The agency believes in creating balanced content in such a way that it instantly catches consumers’ attention. CEO Joseph says, “Developing strong visual content is vital to capturing the attention of viewers instantly.”

 The next most important factor for the agency is making sure the copy complements the visuals that are being presented. “We believe in having unity between both the copy and the creatives in order to capture and retain the reader’s attention,” adds Joseph.

The Significance of Content for Businesses

Creating appealing and informative content has become one of the most important factors for businesses in their marketing and sales efforts. Talking about the importance of content for today’s business, Joseph tells us, “We are in a digital world, and we are only moving forward. Content is being consumed at an incredibly fast pace, so it’s crucial to develop compelling content that people receive as an added value.”

He further points out, “Original content is crucial because re-purposing or copy-pasting is simply not going to cut it. It’s simply a quick way to get sent to the bottom of the list.

Commenting on effective communication, Joseph highlights that “Accurate and effective content will help deliver the messages that your company is trying to get across.” He notes, “It is also going to be indexed in search engines and allow people to find you and access more information about your business and the services or products you offer.”

Additionally, he says, “Content creation and distribution allow you to open the global gates to your business and welcome in people from all walks of life, places you’ve never heard of, and people you could not have otherwise reached.”

Utilizing Technology Tools Efficiently

Managing content for social channels can often be a daunting and disorganized task. But Social Media 55 has been able to save the day with the assistance of social media management software, HeyOrca!

It supports the agency for the purposes of populating content in a monthly calendar and providing access to its clients. This allows clients to view, request edits, or simply make edits immediately, all from a simple link.

The software makes our lives easier, and the clients have received it well. This also allows for our agency to keep control in the hands of the company that hired us without them needing to do much heavy lifting,” Joseph marks.

Furthermore, he put, “Using applications like Slack allows our team to communicate and work with each other quickly and efficiently. That being said, the applications we choose to undertake at Social Media 55 provide a great amount of efficiency and convenience.”

Providing Content for Omnichannel

Content creation has become highly competitive, and the way people consume content is changing rapidly. What used to be simple articles and copy is now video, podcasts, and live streaming, which is occupying more people’s attention and forcing content creators to take an omnichannel approach to content creation.

Social Media 55 believes in not only having written content like a blog but supporting it with social media posts, both written and visual. In addition to this, Joseph says, “We are strong believers in the endorsement. Having other venues promoting your work and bringing over their audience is another way to stay innovative and capture a larger audience.

Working Experts

Benjamin Ohayon, the VP of Operations, has been leading the charge with the expansion of the company’s video production and editing department. Benjamin has been with Social Media 55 and is one of the original founders.

With eight years of experience at Social Media 55, Benjamin has been able to forecast the company’s needs and the client’s desire for video production early on. Through his expert contribution, the company has been able to hit the ground running over the past few years with the development of corporate videos, product videos, and more.

Social Media 55’s team sees incredible opportunity in the content and strength of a business website, which is why it is still quite driven in this sector. Bret Johnson is the VP of Web Design & Development at the company. He has been building some of the country’s leading sites for well over a decade. “Having a true talent is essential to delivering quality websites that function and index in the right places,” underlines the core management of Social Media 55.

Words of Wisdom

Many professionals aspire to be in the content creation space. Establishing a successful startup comes down to an entrepreneur’s passion and drive. Providing his valuable input for the aspirants in the content industry, Joseph says, “A successful business comes from discovering an effective path and going for it relentlessly.”

He puts, “You may not discover the most optimal ways at first, but if you put the pedal to the metal and you do research and discover ways to improve, you will eventually get there.

Another great way to gain experience is by going and working for an agency like ours, so you may strengthen your ability to see what works and what doesn’t,” adds Joseph.

He marks, “The power of knowledge will save you time and money, so getting an education in it from hands-on experience in the industry is the best way to get started. Learn from others and find your path to success.

Towards the Bright Future

For its growth plans, the team of Social Media 55 has put more focus as an agency on servicing enterprise-sized businesses. The experience that the agency has enables it to perform at the level of Fortune 500 companies.

This has allowed its team to expand, along with Social Media 55. They are able to offer a larger array of digital marketing and creative services. “As we expand, we will continue to open offices in as many major cities across North America,” concludes Joseph.

 The Prime Mover

Joseph Rothstein is the CEO of Social Media 55. He founded the company in 2014. The initial strategy to start providing service was to offer a 30-day free trial. This allowed the executive team to build a book of business right out of the gate.

The company’s retention from free trials to converting them into paying clients was roughly an 80% success rate through its first year in operation. This allowed the company to work on over 100 different files. It provided Social Media 55’s team with the means to create a wonderful portfolio where they had a track record and were no longer the new kids in town.

Joseph Rothstein was absolutely relentless when it came to building up Social Media 55’s online presence, from social media following to news articles and everything in between. By the middle of 2017, Joseph and Social Media 55 dug so deep that they had finally hit gold. The company was being revered as a leader in the industry, which was triggering businesses from all over to reach out in hopes of working with it.

The pandemic did not slow the company’s progress; in fact, it did quite the opposite. “We entered into an age where businesses needed to play catch up, and Social Media 55 was in the driver’s seat leading the charge like a champion Formula One driver,” notes Joseph.

Awards And Recognition

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Praises From the Clients

Social Media 55 grew one of my accounts from 3,000 to 17,000 followers in two months. According to Google Analytics, daily site traffic went from 200 visitors to approximately 14,000. Web-driven inquiries also jumped 400–500%. We now have around 50,000 Instagram followers and similarly impressive figures for Facebook. Consequently, brokers find our business’ growth potential exciting. Scott Hogan – Airbnb Services

User engagement has increased substantially, and sales have jumped up. Knowledgeable and professional, they go above and beyond to meet the expectations, while the responsiveness and personal attention they give to their clients contribute to long-term relationships. Frank Bergon – HGregoire Nissan

Social Media 55 managed to present all deliverables on time, all these being of high quality. Their strong communication skills and commitment to providing the kind of service they promised the client really stood out in this project. Angela Mustone – High On Love