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Snype: Specializing in the Treatment of Data Analytics

“What’s get measured, gets managed”
The utilization of statistics based data insights and the striking realization that the information gathered from the same can be of utmost value, has and will continue to cause a serious ripple effect in the business world. It has been proven for decades that being smarter translates into success, and data analytics has had a big role to play in ensuring competitive business advantages, as far back as the 19th century.
But over the years data has radically evolved, whether it is in terms of type, volume, or velocity. The rapid transformation in the ‘data world’ is attributed to the surging pace of digitalization of business processes across the globe, making data the new business currency. It is expected that the percentage of digital data produced will exceed by 40 zettabytes (one sextillion bytes!) over the next eight years, which would mean 5,200 GB of data for every single person. Translating this ginormous amount of data into valuable insights is where the main concern lies. The potential value of Big Data is reaped only when it is accurately extracted into information, which would then have the ability to deliver radically better business outcomes.
Standing out from its crowd of competitors, Snype is one company which specializes in the massive treatment of data especially in telecommunication, banking and fintech verticals, among others. With over 10 years of experience in Big Data, Snype is referenced today along with major operators across Europe, Africa, and LATAM regions, and provides all kinds of analytics on top of the data treatment. The company has developed applications which allows customers to have a simple access to all the information and provides its customers with all the requisite knowledge regarding the overall business unit.
Knowledge is Power
Snype’s unrivaled knowledge enables it to boast the ability to tell its clients where opportunities will lie tomorrow. It does so by analyzing gigantic amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations, and other mandatory insights. The company not only has the capability to manage billions of tickets and millions of files per day but it can also verify, classify, and provide significant information on all aspects of the business. Snype helps business units to know predict and anticipate action and control and quantify the effect of decisions. The experts working at Snype add on top of the big data treatment a fantastic value to the data itself.
Core Composition
Offering modular scalable and non-intrusive solutions with fast implementation, Snype’s core services are composed with:
1. Data Collection Engine
1.1. All Network Elements & Operational Systems
1.2. Scalable, Distributed and Parallelized Processes
1.3. Full traceability; Detects late, Missing or Corrupted files
1.4. Billions of Tickets and Millions of Files Processed per day
2. Data Visualization Engine
2.1. Secured Web based Reporting system with Geographic Information Capabilities
2.2. Automated Publication and Export options to XLS, PDF, and PPT via Email
2.3. Competitive Licensing Model
3. Central Monitoring Engine
3.1. Web-based Transparent Interface
3.2. Process Automation and Recovery
3.3. Process Supervision: Execution and Performance Monitoring at every step
Product Package of Snype
The Commercial Pack: This pack optimizes the clients’ investments, improves sales quality, allows tracking of sales, customer segmentation, facilitates customer satisfaction, market share, distribution channel and commissioning, and inventory and churn analysis.
The Marketing Pack: This pack provides key valuable knowledge to the clients’ agents to improve customer satisfaction. It includes know your customer’s device, and propose of the adopted VAS and campaign management. All usage is tracked and classified in this pack, as well as revenues on all components, and the profitability per offer, prediction model and performances, and top-up booster and campaign management.
The Financial Pack: This pack secures costs and revenues, eases monthly closings, ensures 99.99% accuracy on prepaid revenues, and all the needs are covered regarding fraud and revenue insurance on all business lines, including prepaid.
The Technical Pack: This pack optimizes the clients’ CAPEX, secures upgrade and migrations.
The Mobile Money Pack: This final pack secures the financial flows and prevents occurrence of frauds.
Some of the Additional Services of Snype includes: Installation & Integration, Providing and deploying hardware (servers, switch, or SAN), Installation and configuration of System & Database, Adaptation to clients’ environment, Performing Parameterization (offers, VAS, cells, region, etc), User Training, Maintenance & Support, System and Database Administration, Daily operations and minor evolutions, Support Level 2, Upgrades & Patches, Ad-hoc operations, Training, Specific developments and major evolutions and Ad-hoc Analysis.
Overcoming Market Changes
Snype has been consistent in using the best of each technology to optimize its own solutions; so that any new and efficient tool or technology will always be analyzed and integrated if it makes sense or if it is optimizing the end result.
With its customer base rapidly evolving across different environments, Snype has developed a greenway to develop Big Data as the solution needs less server space and electricity to operate in, rather than having your own in-house premise.
More than what it seems!
Snype is more than a database vendor, like Oracle or Hive, as it provides the data model. It is more than a Business Intelligence vendor, like QlikView, Tableau or Business Objects, as it provides the included dashboards. It is more than an ETL vendor, like Datastage, Pentaho, Talend or Informatica, as it provides ready to use and optimized data management processes. The company is more than a data-mining vendor, SAS, SPSS, KXEN or R, as it integrates them in an optimal manner into the data management processes. Lastly, Snype is more than other well-known IT integrations and consulting companies, as it makes its clients gain time and control costs with its end-to-end product based approach.
Planning a Future that Brings Success
The coming years will see a bloom in the usage of analytics across all sectors, as information will start to be a key factor behind the success of organizations in different industries. Analytics provide that much-needed knowledge, security and verification of information, which is needed to take the correct decision. Being an expert in Telecommunications and Banking, Snype is ready to apply its knowledge across other sectors, like transport, health, security and others. Although the amount of data is less significant in these sectors as compared to the Telecommunication and Banking sector, but the need to identify and verify is of optimal importance, as well.
A Leader with years of Industry Experience
Loic Malassis, the CEO of Snype, is the leader who ably led the company on his shoulders towards success. Loic holds a master’s degree in engineering from both French and Japanese Universities. He has multiple patents in Data-mining and Machine-to-Machine. His experience portfolio includes Consulting for Ernst & Young, Gemini, with mission in the areas of Financial Audit, Risk Management, and HR automation and analysis. He has also occupied positions as the director of internal controls and audit, and has later served in IT Departments in a key telecommunication company, prior to founding Snype. His diverse experience has naturally provided a holistic view to develop and manage a Big Data Business Suite Solution for Telecom, Financial Institutions and Fintech.

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