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SnoopWall : Protective Shield for Your Net, Mobile & Apps

Helping organizations to stretch finite budgets to deliver mission-critical security capabilities with a simple to manage set of complementary products, SnoopWall, offers compelling solutions that complement existing security investments, solving the ‘last mile’ of information security. Its core product family, the NetSHIELD appliances enable agentless internal access and connectivity controls that ensure the fixed and mobile assets that exist behind perimeter firewalls that store, transit and access critical company information are secure from unintended malicious and accidental access.
Gary Miliefsky, Innovator behind SnoopWall
Gary Miliefsky, founder and CEO of SnoopWall, is a consumer advocate and a cyber security expert who appears frequently on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, CNN and many other media outlets. He is a member of ISC2, CISSP® and Advisory Board of the Center for the Study of Counter-Terrorism and Cyber Crime at Norwich University. He also advised the National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) which operates within the U.S. DHS for the National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace. Gary is a Founding Member of the US Department of Homeland Security, served on the OVAL advisory board of MITRE and is a strong supporter of the CVE Program and is a founding Board member of the National Information Security Group.
Why Enterprises Need SnoopWall Solutions
Almost all enterprises are running firewalls and antivirus solutions, yet the number of breaches, the cost of damages and the amount of data theft continue to grow exponentially. SnoopWall leads us to the obvious conclusion that these countermeasures are not enough. In today’s hyper-aggressive cyber-landscape a comprehensive security infrastructure must include locking down the “trusted” internal LAN that recent and ongoing news has shown to no longer be secure. NetSHIELD works in conjunction with MobileSHIELD which ensures mobile devices, including those owned by employees (BYOD), visitors, contractors, etc are granted access to corporate network assets and resources as defined and controlled by company administrators. For those deploying mobile apps, SnoopWall offers the AppSHIELD SDK-a developers’ toolkit for making secure, bulletproof mobile apps.
Ultimately, from your network to your mobile devices and mobile apps, SnoopWall has a unique, compelling, cost effective, powerful, advanced, patented solution to help you secure your organization behind your corporate firewall and against threats that circumvent it and your existing endpoint security solutions.
Future Direction
SnoopWall has a very clear cut and focused growth strategy. They intend to continue to expand their product offerings into the smaller to medium sized Enterprise (SME) markets, which need their solutions, are completely under-served and extremely vulnerable. SnoopWall continues to build its organization, organically and fuels its capital requirements with product revenues, which is helping them scale into a bright future. They expect to see SnoopWall expand their SME offerings with new and improved features and functions that truly secure networks and mobile devices, from the inside-out.