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Smart Utility Systems: Helping Utilities Improve their operational Efficiency through Smart Analytics

The utility industry is undergoing a rapid transformation with changing market dynamics, technological advancements, changes in regulatory requirements and an increased focus on reducing emissions. With this, they are increasingly becoming customer-centric with an increased focus on customer engagement. With changing customer expectations, utilities need to innovate and procure best practices to stay relevant for their customers in the future.
With industry leading products to support customer engagement, Smart Utility Systems, helps utilities improve their performance through analytical capabilities with key KPIs and helps in streamlining their business processes. This business model for utilities ensures that they plan, operate and manage their integrated customer operations better, even though; they may be on different business platforms.
Through single integrated platforms accessible anytime and anywhere from a smartphone device, SUS provides innovative strategies and approaches to maximize benefits of smart grid investments made by electricity, water and gas utility companies.
Company Recognized by the Utility and Technology Industry
Smart Utility Systems (SUS) is the leading provider of cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for Mobile Customer Engagement, Mobile Workforce, and Big Data Analytics to the Energy and Utility sector. They provide smart solutions to the electric, water and gas utilities that reduce operational costs of the utility and maximize their return on investments.
SUS has 3 flagship products. Their products have been globally recognized by the utility and technology industry.
Smart Customer Mobile (SCM®)
SCM is the #1 mobile and portal Customer Engagement Platform that provides self service capabilities and enables real-time two-way communication empowering the customer-utility relationship.
Smart iQ (SiQ)
The #1 Cloud Based Analytics Platform, SiQ, is a suite of data management and built-in predictive analytics tool that transforms data into actionable insights and increases the operational efficiencies of utilities. SiQ addresses the utility’s key KPIs and operational challenges and assists in streamlining the business operations more efficiently.
Smart Mobile workforce (SMW®)
SMW® is the # 1 Mobile Workforce Management Platform serving the utility industry. It is a single integrated mobile workforce platform that improves the productivity and efficiency of the field workers by providing them access to safety, asset and job related information directly from their mobile devices.  SMW® operates in both online and offline mode allowing the field workers to perform their jobs even when temporarily disconnected from the internet. SMW® is an invaluable tool that helps employers reduce operational costs and achieve greater adherence to safety and environmental compliance requirements.
With an objective to create an energy and water sustainable future with the focus on effective Customer Engagement and Operational Efficiency through Mobile and cloud technologies, SUS Provides highly acclaimed unique products that differentiate them in the utility market with configurable solutions, best in class tools and analytical capabilities, fast and agile data management methodologies, prebuilt integration with utility backend systems and deliver pug-and-play experience.
Pioneer of Smart Utility Systems
Deepak Garg, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Smart Utility Systems is responsible for the innovation, vision, strategy, and leadership of SUS, and has developed high-powered business and technology teams that have successfully developed SUS’ platforms addressing key challenges in the areas of Customer Outreach/Engagement, Energy Efficiency, Demand Response, Smart Grid Reliability, Work Efficiency, Field Mobility and Big Data as it relates to the utility sector. Deepak has held several senior executive positions with Fortune 500 companies focused on Energy & Utilities, where during his tenure he developed new direct and in-direct market business solutions adding billions of dollars to those companies’ bottom line.
Being a seasoned professional and having a deep understanding of the Utilities sector, Deepak identified a major gap within utilities – this being the need to enhance the customer-utility relationship through deeper engagement. Deepak has helped utilities in their journey of digital transformation while addressing the global challenges of energy sustainability and water conservation.
Maximizing the Conservation Efforts
Besides their core utility solutions, Smart Utility Systems is addressing the California drought situation helping customers with their latest innovative Smart H20 app providing anyone with the ability to report violations related to a water leak and waste water. Through this app, SUS is also educating customers with water conservation programs advising them to minimize the use of their water usage and adhere to water use state mandates. They have successfully deployed their solutions at their client site enabling and providing customers with the most efficient saving tips to save energy and water. On the utility side, they reduce the operational costs and help complex IT integrations. With their innovative products, SUS stands out in the industry as a role model, emerging as the #1 technology company to address Energy and Water Sustainability, thus, helping utilities in achieving their business objectives while educating customers to maximize the use of efficiency programs and increase potential savings.
Expanding Geographic Footprints
SUS is driven by a vision to help revolutionize the way the world approaches energy efficiency and water conservation. Thus, product innovation and development is a key focus area for them. They are also assessing and weighing various factors in high potential markets with the objective of expanding their geographic footprint.
Referring towards the future, Deepak Garg asserts, “We will continue to strive and develop innovative solutions that will contribute to achieve a sustainable future. Further, as part of our long-term strategy, we also look forward to strengthen our partner eco-system to build upon our delivery capabilities and be able to leverage opportunities in new avenues.”