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SMAe-EXPERTS: Leader in the Field of Investigation and Field Verification

SMAe-EXPERTS is one of the leading Risk Management Company, founded in 2005, with a vision to attain global leadership in the field of Investigation and Field Verification. The company is in Bhubaneswar, Odisha and now it has offices throughout PAN India. A Company built on five planks that are IDEA, SERVICE, VALUE, TAT and QUALITY.
Mr. K Sanjeeb Patra, CEO of SMAe-EXPERTS, a great visionary headed SMAe-EXPERTS with an aspiration of making SMA a global company. He is having a decade of experience in the field of Investigations & Verifications. He has been awarded by many corporate and the company too honored by Corporate Odisha Awards-2013.
“Our Managers not only use the latest, most promising techniques, but they are constantly encouraged to develop new services, experiment with new processes, even think new thoughts. Our marketing team is energized by the desire to reach the customer in the most interesting and unexpected ways,” says Sanjeeb.
Sunita Mohanty, Associate Director of SMAe-EXPERTS, is having a decade of experience in the field of legal documentation, corporate laws, corporate governance, and secretarial audits. Prior to SMAe-EXPERTS, she was the Chairperson of EIRC of Company Secretaries of India. She holds the directorship in SMAe-EXPERTS PVT LTD.
“Contribution of every employee is accounted towards the growth of our company, our objective will be to develop professionals with a skilled background to “Renaissance Leaders” of tomorrow”, says Sunita.
With the decades of experienced staff, SMAe-EXPERTS offer services such as Employees Background Verification PAN India, Due Diligence, Contact Point verification, Insurance Profile checks, and Fraud Risk Management with 27×4 continual support. SMAe-EXPERTS’ experienced and well trained team is responsible for the driving success.
SMAe-EXPERTS had started their business with a pre-planned process model in Bhubaneswar, and gradually created their offices in WB, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, 7Sisters, AP, UP, MP, Rajasthan, Mumbai in last 3 years. Presently, the company is working for PAN India. The company’s employees are well experienced from the banking industry. The company is planning to make its own Mobile App as a startup, and ready to give a challenge to all upcoming startups with its high quality services, TAT, etc. All talented people are joining SMA to make it the best brand in the Risk Management Industry.
All Inclusive Services for Any Kind of Verification
SMAe-EXPERTS following key values: Clear vision, Turnaround Time, Best quality services, Market Leader, Commitment to client satisfaction, Continuous upgradation & updation, and focused goal.
SMAe-EXPERTS’ main focus is their client. SMAe-EXPERTS’ clients, utilizes the company’s all inclusive services for any kind of verification. The company’s PAN India services are available through one point contact. Instead of going for 100s of vendor, their clients can get their work done for themselves, which saves clients’ money, time and infrastructures.
SMAe-EXPERTS’ Upcoming Mobile App
As SMAe-EXPERTS already has a presence in PAN India, the company is planning to penetrate their offices outside the India in 2017. SMAe-EXPERTS’ best proven quality in TAT is the reason, experts from different Banking and BGC companies are joining the company. SMAe-EXPERTS is coming up with a mobile application on a background check, will be the only mobile app in India, which will help the general public, corporate sectors, even in retail business houses too.