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Dr Rajesh Joshi, Chairman and Managing Director,Skynet Experts Pvt Ltd

Skynet Experts: An Emerging Name at the Forefront of a Digital Revolution

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact so significant that its ripples are still evidently visible even towards the end of 2020. The world of business has also been at the receiving end of this impact. Industries across the world had to endure lockdowns and restricted operations.
This led some companies transition to remote working while others, unfortunately, had to shut down operations. Those companies that survived the pandemic induced lockdown and restrictions, could achieve so because they strived to deliver the best of their innovation and potential.
This edition, The 30 Best Companies To Watch, highlights those organizations that have leveraged every opportunity to relentlessly serve their clientele and have also emphasized on employee safety at the same time.
In our voyage to seek such companies, we came across a prominent name, Skynet Experts Pvt. Ltd. a leading and globally operating technology management consulting company.
Headquartered in Maharashtra, India, Skynet Experts strives to be a resourceful continuous development partner. Its intent is to evince a digitally transformed platform for its clients and its mission is to be the most successful consulting company, abiding by its principles – Knowledge, Effectiveness, Reliability, and Integrity.
Skynet Experts has been combining classic management consulting with high technological competence for over 04 years. Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, it possesses extensive experience in the field of consulting, technology, business incubation, education, and training.
The focus of Skynet Experts’ activities is on digital transformation – in education sector, supporting companies from all spheres of business to adapt their business models and operational processes to competitive conditions, and requirements of the digitalized, globalized economy with state-of-the-art communication and information technology.
Skynet Experts encompasses a highly competent team, possessing decades of experience in technology, management, and skill development and evaluation field. It works with leading universities of skill, states, and competency councils in the education sector. Using latest technological tools and AI based assessment, the company assesses talent and helps clients in selecting perfect workforce which will act as a business growth catalyst.
Skynet Experts also recently accomplished a profound feat by setting a record in the ASIA Book of Records and India Book of Records for evaluating 3000 candidates in association with Agriculture Skill Council of India (ASCI) and Maharashtra State Council for Vocational Training (MSCVT), in a single day on 15 July 2019, on the occasion of World Skills Day.
Exhibiting Unparalleled Excellence
Skynet Experts holds strong expertise in diverse verticals. As a technology company, it provides skill development and vocational career guidance, certification, and an assessment solution platform.
“As of today, we have issued more than 2 million evaluations in 200+ districts in 20 states of India. Our three-dimensional work style helps our corporate partners to reduce the frequency of interviews using our central evaluation platform. It also helps our institutional partners in measuring and improving employability and help candidates to move ahead on their career path,” says Dr Rajesh Joshi, the Chairman and Managing Director at Skynet Experts.
Skynet Experts also laid the foundations of (translates to Rural Seller), a digital platform to encourage Indian farmers to adapt to the digital era and become part of it. The company achieved this through ‘Mission Agro Aisle’ which is a gateway for Skynet Experts into the eCommerce sector.
Additionally, Skynet also works as a consultant for the criteria of skills training and business evaluation for various governments and private entities, viz. Govt. of Nepal, Govt. of Thailand, Govt. of Malaysia, and corporate clients i.e. TATA Institute of Social Science (TISS), Skills Guru HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd., RozgarKhoj, RT Divine Pvt Ltd, City Translink, Abhinav IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, Sai Social Mirco Finance Foundation, Vedone Foundation, Shri Shankara Bahuuddeshiya Sevabhavi Sanstha, Acumen Healthcare and Wellness Pvt. Ltd., and so on.
The Guiding Light
At the helm of Skynet Experts journey towards zeniths of success is Dr Rajesh Joshi, the Chairman and Managing Director.
Dr Joshi is an IIT, IIM alumni and also a PhD holder in IT and operations. He is a PRINCE2® Certified and PMP Certified professional, and has worked also for HCL, Microsoft on development of native tools; and designed and deployed a plethora of large-scale projects.
For the last ten years, he has been focusing on policy designing for the central and state governments of India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. He is an expert in Project Management in the fields of entrepreneurial assistance, information technology, training, and regional development in the Private and Public sector.
Being on a leadership position at Skynet Experts, Dr Joshi considers it as his responsibility to enable digitalized transformation for clients’ businesses. The automated processes and tech-based solutions that he and his team have developed, helps for the growth and revenue generation.
“When it comes to innovative solutions and offerings, certain unprecedented disruptions require transformations i.e., building customer base, reinventing core operations and partners’ experience as well. It has been more alleviated by the trend of focusing on smart, connected and AI-powered products. Today’s digital turbulence is driving a major pivot to as-a-service and other new business models,” says Dr Joshi.
In addition to Dr Joshi, Skynet Experts is also blessed with a rational core management team including Dr Firoz Syed, Head of International Business, Mr Devdatta Sathe, Head of IT Department, and Dr Rupali Joshi, the Head of Operations.
We asked Dr Joshi, what advice he would give to the emerging and budding entrepreneurs who wish to start their own venture, on which he said, “Starting a new venture is not difficult but to sustain it and run it successfully is a bit challenging. It is not your regular nine-to-five job. Running a successful business means having a vision, taking bold decisions, facing consequences of your decisions and actions, managing energies, investing time, and delivering more than expectations.”
“While venturing into the assessment solutions, rather I will say, in technology and consultation profile, one should be very innovative and have a mind-set to adapt to the global trends. You should not resist or limit yourself with certain things and opportunities. Sometimes, for opportunities to come knocking, you need to build a door. The bottom line is – planning, focus, commitment, and dedication should be the only motivational factors for any entrepreneur,” he adds.
Offering Only the Best
As diverse is Skynet Experts’ expertise in the industry, so are its services. The company caters to clients from both, public sector – providing Regional Development and Innovation, and private sector – providing advisory services.
Skynet’s primary set of services include:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Informatics and Technologies
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Education and Training
  • Research and Development
  • International Collaborations and Programs

Additional set of services include:

  • Government consultant on Educational Changes and Policies.
  • Career Mapping of ideal career for children aged 12 to 17.
  • Gap identification of the criteria of educational skills and industry.
  • State professional training and business evaluation needs consultant.
  • Business placement of qualified candidates.
  • Use of the latest technologies such as AI, cloud computing, chat bots, proctoring, face recognition, visual analysis, and machine learning.
  • Online Marketing Solutions, Web based Application, Mobile Application, E-Commerce Platform for SHG’s, Bachat-Gats and Farmers of India
  • Content designing and content development, as per client’s requirement.
  • In-house developed LMS and AI based assessment tool available and can be customized as required.
  • VFX, 2D, 3D, Audio-Visual Content development as per client’s requirement.

Conquering New Horizons
When asked about how he plans to spearhead Skynet Experts to another successful year, Dr Joshi says, “We understand our purpose which helps us to stay motivated and also to withstand the test of time. We work on social culture; we believe in developing each and everyone around us. Our unique formula RIMV i.e., Research and development, timely Improvements, Multi-plan approaches, and Valuing resources is key for sustaining in the market. For the next five years, we have strategic objectives and choices. We intend to establish our brand in European and western countries by leveraging our deep expertise and substantial experience in consulting and technology arena.”