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Mr. Ninaad Mehta | Founder and President | Brindley Technologies

Brindley Technologies: Delivering Holistic IT Consulting and Outsourcing Services

Whatever area one is working one should make sure it brings him or her joy before investing time, energy and dedicating one’s life to it. One should enjoy the journey and be prepared to learn, unlearn, and relearn.
Every person deserves joy and purpose through their work, and Mr. Ninaad Mehta, Founder and President of Brindley Technologies feels that companies that enable this will prosper and grow with a competitive advantage through their people.
Ninaad loves what he does, and he does it remarkably well. He began his career as a consultant providing IT technology consulting services to many of the customers in the USA, Mexico, France, UK, Europe, UAE, Oman, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and many more.
He learned the complete process of IT consulting service provider from pitching for the project, interviewing, sales & marketing, presales, Architecture, software development & support services and program management for past 25+ years. Based on this after couple years later Brindley Technologies Inc. was formed and started providing full services to various customers in the USA and across the globe.
Thoughtful and Competent Leadership
Ninaad did not set out to create Brindley Technologies. He simply followed his passion to help clients understand the importance technology can play in developing a strong business. Today Ninaad is a successful entrepreneur and a technology industry innovator who is dedicated to helping small to big-size business realize their potential through their employees.
Ninaad has been building Brindley Technologies from the ground up ever since. What makes him approach so unique, he says, is that he begins with the business’ vision and creates applications that are completely integrated with that vision. From presales to support and services, the programs Ninaad creates are designed to further the business, boost productivity, and help employees understand why and how their contributions are meaningful. Today, Ninaad does his best to represent his industry, not just as a senior executive, but as a, thought leader and board member.
Fastest Growing Global Group
Brindley Technologies is one of the renowned brands in the IT Sector. It is a multinational Global Systems Integrator with world HQ in the US. The services & solutions provided by the company are:  IT / ITeS Services, IT Consulting, Outsourcing, Offshoring, Technology, BPM & Automation Solutions, IOT, Data Science Analytics, Robotics, Embedded Solutions, Product Engineering, Infrastructure Services, Data Center Services, Payment Services, ATM, FOREX & KIOSK with unique offering and customer centric solutions; with  global headquarters in Bombay, India and Delaware, USA and near shore delivery center across Mexico, Latin & South America with customers in more than 51+ countries across the globe with wide range of sectors like Bank, Insurance, Financial Services, Retail, Engineering, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Government, Telecommunication, Aviation, Defense, Shipping, Logistics, Ports and Warehouses companies providing services to Tier 1 and Tier 2 customers. Brindley Technologies is also one of the fastest growing group across the globe.
Uniqueness of Brindley Technologies

  • Customer first and customer centric policy,
  • Stringent information security management (ISO 27001 certified),
  • PCI DSS compliance and certified for any banking, insurance & financial institution requirement for various projects,
  • Well-defined process methodology and quality management (ISO 9001 certified for quality management, SEI CMMi level 3),
  • It partners to many top IT companies in the world.
  • Worldwide member of the Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC),
  • One of the top partners of IBM Soft layer, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle Cloud helping many of the organization to migrate their applications and infrastructure to cloud and its data centers across the globe. It also has its own Data Center Services across the globe.
  • A large client base including established companies.
  • Products and Solutions which are easy to operate and customize,
  • Highly skilled teams with onsite, near-shore offshore model, delivery centers and management by seasoned IT experts,
  • Lowest pricing for the IT services & consultancy services than tier 1 and tier 2 IT companies.
  • It is the manufactures of various ATM, KIOSK, POS devices providing complete end to end ecosystem solutions.
  • Manufacturing of KIOSK like ATM, BNA, Payment KIOSK, FOREX, Ticket, Information KIOSK and many others under LIONiX brand.
  • It provides complete KIOSK testing services.
  • It provides KIOSK software solutions.
  • Manufacturing of custom servers for customers as per their configuration under LIONiX brand.

Acquiring and Enabling Skilled Talent
 As the business grows, challenge of resources just increases in scale. Brindley Technologies also believes they need both strategic and tactical resources at the same time. Like any business, talent is critical to growth and skilled talent is critical to business of Brindley Technologies.
As a result, company has reinvested in its talent and its approach to not only acquire talent but enable it. Company has also been careful to listen to its clients, their experience, and ways it can better serve them. Brindley Technologies delivers skilled talent, solutions, products, and support services to its clients. Company’s flexibility and custom approach to how it works with clients, has fueled company’s growth and success.
Unique Shared Services Approach
Brindley Technologies is providing technology consulting expertise that is not typically available in the middle market. Most of its executive level talent would not work for a small business full time. The middle market needs an alternative and Brindley Technologies believes its shared services approach to the market is the PEO Alternative. It is company’s unique shared services approach that keeps its talent engaged while providing services to its clients at their pace and budget. The convenience approach of consumers is not lost on business owners and Brindley Technologies feels its approach caters to its customers desire to want what they want, when they want it and how they can afford it.
Expanding Outreach of Services
Brindley Technologies is investing around USD 20+ billion in the USA, India and other countries with the approvals from local government to setup a research & development center in the USA, Manufacturing & Services technology campus in India and other countries for ATM & KIOSK, POS, Industrial Robots/Cobots, Microprocessors and Data Centers. It is also looking for merger and acquisition to acquire couple of key technology companies to expand its geography reach to provide its products, services, and consulting.