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Jacine Greenwood, Founding Chief Cosmetic Chemist and CEO, Roccoco Botanicals

Skin-Deep Resilience: Jacine Greenwood’s Path to Glowing Success

In the sun-kissed heart of Yatala, Queensland, amidst a vibrant landscape, the story of Roccoco Botanicals unfolds. It’s a tale intertwined with determination, passion and a profound understanding of the skin’s intricate secrets.

A visionary leader—Founding Chief Cosmetic Chemist and CEOJacine Greenwood, whose mission transcends the ordinary. Her journey began with personal struggles—battles against acne, eczema and dermatitis that also afflicted her children. Frustrated by the lack of effective solutions, she embarked on a relentless quest.

In the quiet corners of her laboratory, amidst vials of botanical wonders, Jacine found her answers. With her expertise, she crafted Roccoco Botanicals, a sanctuary of skincare where science meets nature. Her creations, inspired by the resilient beauty of the skin, have garnered global acclaim.

Beyond the accolades and the bustling headquarters, Jacine’s world is adorned with love and her family stands as her strongest pillar. When the lab coats are hung, she immerses herself in the company of pets, finding solace in their unconditional affection. Amidst her busy schedule, Jacine finds time to pour her wisdom into pages, authoring a book titled ‘Just Go for It.’

Let’s explore the horizon where Jacine envisions a future—every skin finds its radiance and her botanical miracles continue to weave tales of confidence and beauty!

Background and Inspiration

Jacine is a passionate entrepreneur who has carved her niche in the world of skincare. Her journey, marked by personal struggles, led her to a revelation that sparked her entrepreneurial spirit. “I didn’t want my children to experience the same blow to their self-confidence that I did,” she shares, her eyes gleaming with determination.

Jacine’s own battle with persistent cystic acne and eczema served as the catalyst for her brand. Commercial acne products, laden with harsh chemicals, only exacerbated her condition, leaving her frustrated and desperate for a solution. “Genetics dealt me a hand with severe acne and eczema,” she confides, her voice filled with resilience. “I had to find a way to make peace with my skin.”

Driven by her determination, Jacine embarked on a quest to create products that not only healed but also nurtured the skin. Her brand became a sanctuary for those grappling with various skin issues. “My clients affectionately call me The Fairy Godmother of Skin,” she chuckles, the warmth in her smile reflecting the trust her clients have in her expertise.

What sets Jacine apart is not just her profound understanding of skincare but also her empathy. She listens intently to the concerns of her clients, tailoring her solutions to suit each unique skin type. “I’ve been able to address every skin condition they’ve presented to me,” she says, her eyes lighting up with pride. “It’s about more than just selling products—it’s about empowering people to feel comfortable in their own skin.”

Her brand is a haven for those seeking solace from their skin-related woes. With a heart full of compassion and hands skilled in the art of skincare, Jacine continues to make a difference, one radiant complexion at a time. “I want everyone to embrace their natural beauty,” she affirms, her words echoing the very essence of her brand. “Because everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable in their skin.”

Roccoco Botanicals

Roccoco is a living example of acceptance and individuality. With a heartwarming mission, the brand strives to dissolve the feeling of being an ‘outsider,’ embracing everyone for who they truly are. “It’s about celebrating individuality and championing the wonderfully unique,” says Jacine. In a world fixated on perfection, Roccoco offers a refreshing choice—the choice to be your favorite version of yourself.

Roccoco’s commitment goes beyond societal norms, it’s about empowering individuals to define their own standards of beauty. Jacine’s words echo their special focus: “We put a special focus on acne and sensitive skin.” For those often plagued by skincare challenges, Roccoco emerges as a savior. It’s a celebration of diversity and evidence of the power of self-expression. Roccoco invites everyone to revel in their uniqueness, offering a sanctuary where every skin type is not just accepted but cherished.

Career Path

In the heartwarming tale of entrepreneurial spirit, Jacine’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. Armed with a clear mission and unyielding determination, she transformed a modest divorce settlement of 120K into a thriving empire. “I began with nothing more than a clear mission and sheer determination,” she recalls, her eyes reflecting the fire that fueled her success.

From the simplicity of her kitchen sink, her brand embarked on a remarkable odyssey, reaching the bustling streets of New York and spanning across three countries, all without the crutch of paid advertisements. The zenith of her career arrived with the prestigious Allē Awards from Cosmetics & Toiletries reflecting her innovation in the cosmetic world. Yet, Jacine’s heart swelled with pride when she was crowned the Most Influential Woman at the Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards in September 2023. “These accolades held greater significance to me,” she admits.

For Jacine, success was not merely measured in numbers or rankings. It was the recognition as the Best Beauty Brand and the title of Most Influential Woman that truly resonated with her entrepreneurial spirit. In a world driven by growth and numbers, Jacine found her greatest achievement in the impact she made, one that echoed far beyond the financial pages and into the hearts of those she inspired.

Innovations and Formulations

In the realm of skincare innovation, Jacine’s approach is truly groundbreaking. “What sets us apart with innovation is we look for gaps in the market where no products exist,” she explains.

Roccoco’s brilliance lies in creating multifunctional products, a game-changer for consumers. “Our products are novel and unique,” Jacine emphasizes, “solving problems that no previous brand has been able to do.” It’s this dedication to filling gaps and providing effective solutions that have captivated consumers. Roccoco offers revolutionary answers to skincare dilemmas, simplifying routines and enriching lives.

Trends and Challenges

The current trend in the skin care industry are personalization of skin care. However, she recognizes a common challenge: “Custom products can be less effective due to limitations in formulation.”

Roccoco takes a different approach. “We provide multifunctional products, some with up to 30 cosmetic actives,” she reveals. This unique strategy sets them apart, defying industry norms.

Moreover, Jacine believes in empowering consumers: “We educate consumers so that they can make educated choices.” Roccoco not only offers effective solutions but also imparts knowledge, ensuring customers can confidently navigate the complexities of skincare trends.

Clean Beauty Movement

At Roccoco, we’re champions of sustainable beauty,” Jacine asserts. Their commitment extends beyond products—they support indigenous cultures with environmentally conscious ingredient sourcing.

Jacine dismisses the concept of ‘clean beauty’: “It’s often misunderstood. Many think it means acne safe, but it doesn’t.” Reflecting on a department store encounter, she explains, “Clean beauty is so misunderstood. Even silicones are considered clean.”

To Roccoco, it’s about products that truly deliver, unburdened by vague marketing jargon. Their dedication to genuine effectiveness speaks louder than industry buzzwords, offering consumers a clear and trustworthy choice in the complex landscape of skincare.

Entrepreneurial Challenges

In the realm of entrepreneurship, mindset is key,” Jacine emphasizes, her words carrying wisdom. She acknowledges the hurdles of self-limiting beliefs: “We often hold ourselves back without realizing it.” Jacine’s transformative journey involved rewiring her thoughts. “I immersed myself in books and affirmations,” she shares, her eyes reflecting determination.

These efforts were more than just habits—they were catalysts for change. “Over time, it changed how I viewed things and the way I thought,” Jacine states. This mental shift has profoundly impacted her business. Through her story, Jacine inspires, highlighting the transformative power of a positive mindset in the pursuit of dreams.

Leadership and Team

In Jacine’s world, ‘everything is possible.’ This belief is the driving force behind innovation. “Without this belief system, you won’t experiment or try new things,” she explains. For Jacine, questioning the norm is key. “How can we do things differently? How can we innovate?”

These queries, she believes, spark the mind’s creativity. It’s a simple yet profound approach—asking questions opens doors to unexplored possibilities. In her philosophy, every challenge is an opportunity and every question is a pathway to innovation, inspiring readers to embrace a world of endless potential.

Passions and Hobbies

Jacine’s world is a blend of passion and purpose,” she shares. For her, work isn’t a chore but a calling: “I don’t really feel like I am working most of the time.” Beyond her business, Jacine finds joy in animals and nature. “I have 8 pets, 6 of them rescues,” she says. Animal protection is a cause close to her heart, motivating her to make a difference.

Nature is her muse and sanctuary. “Nature and country drives relax me and unleash my creativity,” she reveals, her smile reflecting the tranquility these moments bring. Rainforests and mountains hold a special place, embodying her love for the wild beauty of the Earth.

In her downtime, Jacine’s culinary skills shine. “I love making meals from scratch, especially Indian and Asian food,” she confides, her passion extending to the kitchen. For Jacine, life is a harmonious blend of work, compassion, creativity, and flavors, inviting readers into her world of genuine pursuits and simple pleasures.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

In the world of skincare entrepreneurship, Jacine offers sage advice. “Don’t just bring another product onto the market,” she cautions. For her, a brand should have a clear purpose and vision. “Know what your brand stands for and why you want to start a skincare brand,” she stresses. Overthinking and Procrastination are potential dream-killers. “Just go for it and start,” Jacine urges, her voice brimming with encouragement. Taking the first step can illuminate the path.

Perfection is not the goal. “Not everything needs to be perfect,” she affirms. Learning the basics of marketing and business is invaluable, especially for those starting on a tight budget. “It will stop you from making costly mistakes,” Jacine says. Her words resonate with aspiring entrepreneurs, offering a practical roadmap to turn dreams into reality in the ever-evolving world of skincare

Future Plans

Exciting news on the horizon,” Jacine shares, her eyes sparkling with anticipation. Roccoco is unveiling an Indigenous Day Cream in 2024, a product crafted with care and purpose. “We designed this product with a high SPF, ensuring no white cast on the skin,” she explains, her voice filled with pride.

What sets it apart is its natural, synthetic-free composition. “It feels fantastic on the skin, non-greasy,” Jacine adds. This project holds deep meaning as it symbolizes collaboration. “We partnered with an Indigenous company for this project,” she reveals, underscoring the significance of this venture. This upcoming release not only promises skincare excellence but also embodies the spirit of partnership and inclusivity, marking a milestone in Roccoco’s journey.


Jacine’s wisdom shines through: “Follow your passion. If you love what you do, you will never feel like you are working a day in your life.” Her advice resonates universally, emphasizing the transformative power of passion. It becomes the driving force, propelling individuals through challenges.

Jacine’s insight serves as a guiding light, reminding readers that genuine passion has the resilience to overcome any obstacle, inspiring them to pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.