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Anant Agrawal | Managing Director | Skillmine Technology Consulting

Skillmine Technology Consulting: Unlocking the Potential of IT

There are n-number of problems and opportunities to come up with innovative solutions in the cyber security domain.  So, there arises the need to transform businesses with cutting edge technologies and make IT run every day. By using cutting edge tools and techniques to always stay ahead of the curve, Skillmine Technology Consulting helps businesses with immense possibilities to maximize their success potential. It unlocks the potential of IT to push the boundaries of what is possible. Innovation requires a purposeful change at scale — not incremental approaches. Skillmine Technology Consulting thrives to break down the silos and connect the dots across enterprises and broader ecosystem.
Mr. Anant Agrawal, the Managing Director of Skillmine Technology Consulting comes with more than 25 years of experience in IT domain and has earned vast experience during his early carrier stages. He had been heading Global IT teams in Cap Gemini, Tesco & MSCI as to his latest carrier track before forming Skillmine. Anant has a deep technical vision and a strong emphasis on execution and customer satisfaction. While developing and operating Skillmine internationally, he encourages people around him to develop their skills technically to constantly improve their performance. Anant believes Skillmine is making its mark in terms of contributing to the cyber security.
Solving Technology Problems
Anant has been working in the IT industry from the last 25 years and has gained lot of experience being on the selling side and the buying side. One of the key gaps which he primarily identified was that, there is a big gap on the selling side or the buying side. whereby, a service provider is not objective. A lot of companies are either driven of their services by a product or a solution which becomes a little bit tilted towards a Technology or an OEM.
Skillmine always is vendor agnostic, technology agnostic; kind of an objective service in a Technology play and be the part of customers to solve their Technology problems beyond the scope. Services provider always try to operate within the scope. Skillmine agrees on a contractual perspective with the scope, but it wants to break the barriers to go beyond the scope to solve its customers’ problem. So those were Skillmine’s ethos with its basic spirit and that’s why it incepted and created this company. Company’s core mantras are all about making IT that work everyday for its customers. Skillmine’s value statements are Protecting its customers’ investments and ensuring Predictable delivery every time.
Agility and Customer Focus
Skillmine Technology Consulting  is a new generation IT Consulting & Managed Services provider, helping businesses to optimize their IT investments, while preparing them for the best-in-class operating model, for delivering that ‘competitive edge’ in their marketplace. Agility is its strength and customer focus is its guiding principles. The organization engages with customers to unearth bottlenecks in the current IT operating ecosystem- its consulting
practice enables the optimum use of current IT assets, tools, people and practices. It embarks further on a journey to prepare its customers for the adoption of the best fit models and technologies, depending on their industry trends– be it cloud adoption, digital transformation, process automation or Technology consolidation.
Skillmine helps to create an on-demand, elastic, obsolescence-proofed IT platforms with minimal assets on books – be it hardware, applications or SW licenses. It consults to build a well aligned IT strategy and delivery framework to meet the unforeseen market challenges of global organizations. Its security practice provides a robust framework to protect IPs and business data, by securing customer’s IT assets with the most up to date technologies and practices available globally. Its Application Management services help customers with life-cycle management of enterprise applications, custom development, and deployment, web-enabling businesses, and analytics. To compliment this, company also supports IT organizations with skill augmentation services, to meet the challenges of a complex IT environment. Skillmine’s automation services help to reduce downtimes while increasing the efficiency and productivity of IT assets.
Future, Three-point strategy
He explains that Skillmine’s first strategy is to grow geographically. It has expanded in Middle East and now it is aiming to expand in London to tap into the market, because company thinks it has a good potential. The second thing is currently Skillmine is an out and out services company, but it is also starting to develop its own product set based on the gaps which it has identified. One of the product, which Skillmine is developing is very innovative AI/ML based GRC tool which really brings down the complexity of Governance Risk and Compliance from a security perspective. There are certain other technologies which are confidential which Skillmine is working on.
Third major important part of company’s strategy is to grow through Partner Product strategy. Skillmine has identified some very good niche products through partners which are enterprise scale to solve problems for its customers. Some Example are VuNet, Heliocor, HxCentral, BluSapphire etc.
Precious Appreciations
“I was able to get a good insight into your operations and capabilities. We are glad in working with Skillmine on various initiatives going forward.” – American Express, Saudi Arabia
“Thank you very much for excellent work. It was great team coordination and I appreciate each team member’s contribution involved in this project.” – Amdocs, India
“Valued partners such as SKILLMINE have been instrumental to our growth and success. As such, we have included SKILLMINE in a select group of strategic partners.” – Altran Technologies, India