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Six Critical things you need to know about GIBXSwap

Do you have investments in mainstream cryptocurrency? Are you planning to start crypto trading? If your answer to these questions is yes, GIBXSwap is the most reliable market leader among decentralized exchanges. To be the benchmark for all DEX platforms is what this platform aims for. Therefore, GIBX Swap is all you require whenever you want to do token swaps. The quality of services and products is evident in the investment indicators, real Forex value, and fair trading. Here are four basics you need to know about GIBX Swap.
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Setting up a personalized GIBXSwap

Anything new in the market needs a user manual to ease its use. Study the provided manuals for purposes of being comfortable with GIBXSwap. First, set up your wallet.
Click here to see available guides. In case you are not able to get the assistance you desire, kindly use the telegram channel. You are all covered.

  • How to Create the wallet
  • How to Get your BEP20 Tokens
  • How to Connect the Wallet
  • How to start trading
  • How to Add and Remove Liquidity
  • How to Stake in the LP Pool
  • How to Stake in a Single Pool

Creating the wallet
The most critical process on GIBXSwap is setting up your wallet. All need to confirm that the wallet supports Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Follow the guidance religiously and ensure backing up of your recovery phrases us in a safe place. Ensure the wallet and GIBX Swap are connected.
For desktop and web browser users, the MetaMask wallet is a great pick. For mobile users, these wallets are relatively easier to create.

  • SafePal Wallet
  • Trust Wallet
  • ONTO Wallet
  • MathWallet
  • BitKeep Wallet
  • TokenPoket Wallet

How to get Get BEP20 Tokens
All Binance Smart Chain (BSC) native tokens are on BEP20. To carry out many operations on Binance Smart Chain, you need paid gas provided in the BEP20 BNB form. It is also worth noting that all tokens need BEP20 versions to be able to transact.
To have BEP20 tokens, kindly create a Binance account if you do not have one. Follow up this step by the withdrawal of tokens in the BEP20 form. Alternatively, complete this withdrawal from other centralized exchanges that support BEP20.
Initial Lockup Offering (ILO) Participation
How to take part in ILO is another vital thing on GIBX you need to know. Start by selecting the farms you wish to stake. Follow up with approving the contract, then invest LP. Enter LP quantity followed by a confirmation. After this step, confirm your transaction in the wallet.
Claiming X and LP rewards is also a crucial step. You start by selecting the farms you desire to lay claim to after trading. You click to start the claim and confirm the progress of the transaction in your wallet.
Token swap trading fee
You are likely concerned about the trading cost on GIBXSwap. Any token swap on this inline trading platform attracts a 0.3% fee. The fee is divided into three categories as shown below:

  • Treasury demands 0.10% of the fee charged.
  • Liquidity providers get a fee reward of 0.15%.
  • X token burning consumes 0.05%.

Besides the above factors, it is wise to know more about trading and liquidity dynamics. Understand how you can add and or remove liquidity. The pool operations are also vital to you.

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