You are currently viewing Sitetracker Inc.: A Global Platform Powering the Successful Deployment of Critical Infrastructure

Sitetracker Inc.: A Global Platform Powering the Successful Deployment of Critical Infrastructure

With an aspiring vision of powering the successful deployment of critical infrastructure, Sitetracker came into existence in 2013. Based out of Palo Alto, CA, the company provides the software platform that has become the global standard for delivering high-volume projects.
From the field to the C-Suite, Sitetracker’s software enables people to perfect how they plan, deploy, maintain, and grow their capital asset portfolios.
Sitetracker was established because the increasing volume, variety, and velocity of projects across critical infrastructure industries has brought them to a tipping point: incumbent tools and processes aren’t working and the only way to stay afloat, let alone lead, is to adopt a new way of working. Specifically, industry leaders are embracing the standardization, automation, and collaboration that Sitetracker brings to complete more projects on time and on budget, allowing them to continue growing quickly and efficiently.
The Leading Light
Giuseppe Incitti, the CEO of Sitetracker, is responsible for developing and executing Sitetracker’s corporate strategy as well as the management of all aspects of operations, business development, partnerships, corporate development, and corporate finance.
Giuseppe previously served as the VP of Worldwide Operations at MongoDB after joining the company’s Financial Planning & Analysis team. Before MongoDB, Giuseppe led TIBCO Software’s Corporate Development group where he led TIBCO’s acquisition and venture investing efforts. Giuseppe’s earlier career experience includes equity research, strategy, and merger & acquisition positions at Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, and Deutsche Bank.
Giuseppe holds a Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering and a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.
Maintaining Leadership in Global Market
The company ensures that the customers are growing and thriving because it keeps them top of mind at all times. The entire company is intensely focused on making customers’ lives easier with Sitetracker — they’re able to deploy more critical infrastructure and do it faster because they’re using the platform.
The industry-leading adoption rate of 92% is another success factor for Sitetracker. That means that 92% of its customers’ project managers and field workers are actively using Sitetracker on their projects and they’re seeing extraordinary results. Project managers are seeing 80% time saved on reporting because Sitetracker provides automatic reporting. Similarly, field workers no longer have to do double data entry because they’re inputting information in the field through its mobile app. Sitetracker attributes its incredible success to its satisfied clients.
Challenges of Sitetracker
The critical infrastructure industries are at a tipping point because of the exponentially increasing volume, variety, and velocity of projects they have to complete. That cuts across telecommunications, utilities, oil & gas, and other industries that heavily impact society. The challenge for Sitetracker is communicating this message widely enough: embrace change and a new, modern way of managing projects and deploying critical infrastructure or risk falling behind the competition.
Client Success Stories
The Sitetracker’s customers are market leaders in the telecommunications, utility, smart cities, and energy industries, including Verizon, Nokia, Cox Communications, Alphabet, and Tillman Infrastructure. They rely on Sitetracker to manage millions of assets and projects representing over $19 billion of portfolio holdings globally.
Sitetracker has helped these companies scale operations and find new ways to optimize their processes. To give a couple examples:
First, SAC Wireless is a turnkey service provider that helps their customers, the carriers, bring new cell sites on-air, starting with site acquisition all the way through permitting, construction, closeout, and commissioning. After implementing Sitetracker, SAC gained a 20% improvement in speed to revenue, saved over $100,000 from retiring legacy IT systems, made accurate forecasting possible, and was able to implement a performance management program with easily reportable KPIs. It’s been transformative for their business.
Second, ZenFi Networks chose Sitetracker to drive alignment across the company’s operations by gathering data and updates from the field as projects progress. ZenFi is especially interesting because they’re building the kind of new fronthaul fiber networks possible to make 5G a reality, all while managing their merger with Cross River Fiber. In both cases, the standardization Sitetracker brings has been a game changer in their operations.
What the Future Holds’- in the words of the CEO
“It comes down to deciding to embrace change — a better way of working — at this critical inflection point. The future for us is working with innovative companies so they can set an example of what success looks like: saving 80% on reporting, 92% of their employees working in one single-source-of-truth platform, reduced human error, 3X faster time to project completion and more.
We see a future in which the barrier to critical infrastructure deployment isn’t project management, but imagination,” concludes Incitti in an aspiring note.