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Singletree Technologies: Trailblazing The PLM Domain

Marching on with a mission to provide efficient and innovative software products, Singletree Technologies provides high-quality software products and consultancy services to address business challenges, increase value and improve the Product Lifecycle. Their products are helping clients to manage complex, cross-functional processes, coordinating the efforts of distributed teams to consistently function with efficiency.
With professional expertise and ten years of experience in product development IT systems, Shane Walters, Founder & CEO and “Captain of the Ship” inaugurated Singletree Technologies in 2001, after seeing the need and opportunity for add-on functions to existing PDM applications. He started in the apparel industry straight out of college with a Business Administration degree, and an emphasis in Computer Science. His first assignment was to work on a database application for the apparel product development domain of the business.
“We strive for configuration over customization in everything we do. Intellimas for example, is configured from the ground up, very quickly, for each client.”
Singletree realizes that, to outperform the competition, customers must optimize the software development or vendor selection methods that will deliver on their business initiatives and strategic goals. And to accomplish this, enterprises need the right technology and tools which will allow them to improve operations. Keeping that in mind the company has strived to resuscitate PLM implementations with emphasis on usability and flexibility. Shane further added, “from a software standpoint, we provide solutions that fill the gaps that enterprise systems leave behind. Intellimas is our flagship software and has the look and feel of a spreadsheet, but is a strategic solution, with a back end database and comprehensive configuration engine.” Singletree solutions are tailored to each customer instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.
The company’s biggest challenge was sales and distribution. In the beginning, Shane was a one man show.  Luckily, he came to work with a larger technology company who started to resell his software. So the core value that he instilled in this business, which is ingrained in the company to this day, is to always be open to other ideas and new ways of working to grow the business.
While throwing some light on the upcoming releases, Shane shares, “the future looks bright and exciting for us mainly because more clients and large corporations are trusting us to deliver our promise.”  He adds, “Intellimas’ new single page architecture will be released this summer which will give browser users the same capability and ease-of-use as our Windows client. In the near future, Intellimas will also connect to more PLM/ERP systems via standard web API’s.”
Customer’s objectives and interests are invariably at the forefront of everything Singletree does. Their clients gain speed to market almost immediately after the implementation because they can input data faster than virtually any other enterprise system. Shane says, “If Intellimas is replacing spreadsheets, customers receive an application for which they can write endless standard reports, and they can now manage the business by exception, so they are working smarter. Also, with Intellimas, our customers quickly respond to changing business requirements without asking for customizations or development from us. The best gauge of how our product is doing at a client site is when they ask us to solve more business problems. This happens most of the time with our customers.”