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Simpson Healthcare Executives: Delightfully Sharing Scientific Stories and Therapies to All in Need

Scientific information provision and seamless communication are the most important things to drive forward the innovations that will disruptively transform healthcare worldwide and lead the industry into the future. To serve for this cause, the inception of Simpson Healthcare Executives took place.
At Simpson Healthcare Executives, they challenge the key stakeholders in the healthcare industry to think disruptively about scientific breakthroughs, discovery, and the patient experience to pioneer the future of healthcare. For the past 20 years, Simpson Healthcare Executives has been working with global biopharmaceutical leaders and has focused their innovations on supporting their clients in the development of new therapies.
At Simpson Healthcare Executives, they believe that the scientific expertise and disruptive thinking methods and behaviors among the elite members of their organization span across a broad array of major disease categories, including: respiratory, oncology, immunology, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, neurology, rare diseases, gene therapy,and adult vaccines, to name a few. This has given their medical and strategy teams the ability to be the catalysts of industry innovation as they connect and communicate with the larger context of healthcare for their clients, while keeping the patients at their center of focus.
As a leading global innovator, Simpson Healthcare Executives is working on some of the most cutting edge science and disruptive brands. Their transformative vision for the healthcare experience accelerates scientific advancements in the industry as they catalyze disruptive innovation for their clients. Simpson Healthcare Executives expands medical conversations and proliferates scientific information to key healthcare stakeholders.
The Disruptive Leader 
Kelly Simpson-Angelini, Founder and CEO of Simpson Healthcare Executives, formed the company in 1998. Kelly began her scientific career at Pfizer as a Research Scientist and worked for 4 years before becoming immersed in the field of scientific communications. It was during this time when she realized her passion for scientific communications and went on to find her own pharmaceutical communications agency, i.e., Simpson Healthcare Executives. Most recently, Kelly Simpson- Angelini was honored with the “2017 Healthcare Transformers Top 10 Innovation Catalyst” by Medical Marketing and Media (MM&M), the media agency of record for the past 50 years in the medical marketing industry. Those who were designated as “Innovation Catalysts” in this prestigious Healthcare Transformers program have catalyzed game-changing innovations for their pharmaceutical and healthcare clients that are transforming the healthcare industry. Last year in 2016, Kelly was also designated as a “Women of Innovation Honoree” by the CT Technology Council for her entrepreneurial vision and leadership. In addition to her role at Simpson Healthcare Executives, Kelly is also the Chairperson of the non-profit organization, “Can Do Multiple Sclerosis.” Her passion for creating positive healthcare experiences for patients and her desire to be the change that she wants to see in the world carries into every aspect of her as a person, as she activates leadership teams, brings people together, and drives forward transformation in healthcare.
Kelly is committed to Simpson Healthcare Executives’ purpose – to develop the scientific stories of therapeutic brands in collaboration with their clients, and share that story with the key influencers and stakeholders in the industry, using a broad array of marketing platforms and channels. 
Kelly’s disruptive vision for the future of healthcare encourages leaders across the world to think about what healthcare will look like in the decades to come. As a prominent healthcare industry CEO, Kelly believes; “we live in a world where our ideas and values are changing the way that people think about our health futures; our voices are challenging current healthcare expectations, and our actions are driving forward a vast array of improvements in the healthcare experience in our nation and in our world, both for ourselves and for the generations of tomorrow.” 
Values that make Simpson Healthcare Executives Outshine Others 
We believe that the real value of Simpson Healthcare Executives resides in our ability to create value for both brands and patients by translating science to earlier diagnosis and precision therapy – the right therapy for the right patient at the right time. We understand that the role of the disease or product is one piece of a larger story that includes the patient and their caregivers, the healthcare providers, the health system that must be navigated, and the client’s strategic intent. Along with our clients, we keep the patient firmly in our sights as a core element of the story. Our offerings include traditional medical and scientific communications, but the diversity and experience within our organization allows us to bear the larger context of healthcare that facilitates high-level, strategic consulting as an important part of what our company delivers for every project we work on with our clients. – Asserts Kelly.
Taking the Client Experience to a New Level 
At Simpson Healthcare Executives, they pull through the story of why their clients’ therapeutic brands matter for patients and how they can improve their patients’ lives. They strive to dig deeper into the science of the therapies that their clients are developing and what it means for the patients who could be benefited the most from their therapy.
At Simpson Healthcare Executives, every project is unique and they work with a unique strategy for every new project. With the start project, their internal team aligns with their client on strategic vision, project management details, and the long-term value that will be added to the healthcare industry throughout the entire therapeutic brand lifecycle. After working with their clients to clearly define the problem or opportunity, they outline their objectives and timelines and move forward in a collaborative path. They ensure that they have the right members in their team who think innovatively about the delivery of their story to their audience, which means they would pull through the experiences of their organization with similar, previous challenges.
Kelly always emphasizes on her team that they should know their client’s goals and how their scientific story will support it, using a wide range of lenses and perspectives across a broad array of marketing and communications platforms. As a team, they work together to connect key healthcare providers and stakeholders to the therapies they need in order to treat their patients and help improve their lives.
Bridging the Gap between Solution Providers and Patients 
Our clients include “big pharma,” as well as smaller pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, some of which have smaller and more targeted portfolios of products. We believe that it is essential to think disruptively in order to understand and discover what patients may be expecting and experiencing as they receive care and undergo treatment. Our ultimate goal is to create more positive healthcare experiences so that patients can feel better and have brighter health outlooks. It is our privilege to work with our prestigious clients as we understand and develop the scientific story that our client needs to tell. Internally, we collaborate to drive disruptively innovative solutions that challenge current expectations in our industry, using a wide array of marketing and strategy lenses and perspectives as we unlock our clients’ full potential to positively impact the patients who will benefit most from their therapies. 
Future Perspectives 
Simpson Healthcare Executives is believed to be a value- and belief-driven organization that thinks disruptively about the healthcare industry. They embrace their core values: maintain passion about making a difference by pushing the boundaries to create unique strategic value for their company, clients, and community; keep it real by developing strong, authentic relationships internally and externally with their clients; look to the future by never losing sight of the larger context and bigger opportunity. They know they are better together and dedicated towards a collaborative teamwork to ensure the highest quality work product; and finally, they bring their best selves to work every day, which means that they are committed to achieve personal balance and strength, both at work and in their own lives.

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