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Simply Hamper: Spreading Happiness to Your Loved Ones

“Every gift from beloved one is a wish for your happiness”.
Simply Hamper started as a packer’s dream to give back to the world and create beauty in a basket, and grew into a flourishing business. Their creative hampers come packed with produce carefully selected from top brands all over the world, masterfully brought together to suit any occasion and help you convey your heartfelt messages to your recipients in a warm and inviting way. Asides from hampers you can send to congratulate your recipient on one of life’s many wonderful occasions, they also offer bespoke personalized corporate hampers that make an excellent tool for business and public relations.
Simply Hamper’s next top product is their flowers series which is an extension of the spirit of gifting. Started with a humble dream to give back to the world using the very beauty of nature’s gifts, they also grew their expertise in flowers arrangements through hard work and dedication. They are commitment to be a company of a giving spirit, to be established on sound social goals that they find is important in this industry.
Simply Hamper’s Journey since Inception
They strongly believe that the spirit of gifting should be extended to the less fortunate individuals in their community, and not just the consumer and they also hope to inspire and encourage people from all walks of life to work together in building a better world.
Having the privilege to team up with social enterprises such as Faith acts, Stirring Hearts and Metta Café in sourcing products and handmade cards for their amazingly created hampers, they strive to meet a certain Corporate Social Responsibility goal that they think is essential in the gifting industry.
Awards, Achievement, recognition and client’s feedback
Over the last 3 years, Simply Hamper is proud that their products have been able to foster closer relationships. Through their hampers and flowers, businesses grew together, love becomes stronger and on top of that, the spirit of giving is extended to the less fortunate individuals in the community. All this is achieved through one motion.
Their corporate clients (both the senders and recipients) have been encouraging them to continue their phenomenal efforts. They find their mission meaningful and they would want to be part of it. Simply Hamper is also glad that their clients find resonance in their direction and would come on board together on this journey with them.
Makers of Simply Hamper
“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish,” is always what Alexis Tan, CEO, Simply Hamper, believes during his journey in pursuing his dream. This belief along with the earnings from his previous job has led him to another more inviting path- being a social entrepreneur! This decision has also led to the establishment of Simply Hamper, a company selling premium personalized hampers, exquisite gift baskets and floral arrangements. He devoted his time and commitment to accomplish the outcome which has made Simply Hamper what it is today. Being a down-to-earth individual , he would want the business to benefit not just the company, but the community as a whole. He set the company onto the direction which modify the perception of the gifting industry, elevates the life worth of staff, as well as contributing to the community.
Being primarily an e-commerce gifting company, the company understood it has to swerve from the traditional brick and mortar hamper company model.
“Trust is essential and product quality is a key for continuity of relationship with client”- Alexis asserts. Thus, his primary effort for the first 3 years was to  focus on building trust between the company and clients. Only with trust, the clients will entrust the reputation and faith to deliver the quality and design is at the top level required. Such message has been driven to every stakeholders of the company and he is determined to make Simply Hamper the standard bearer in the gifting industry.
Simply Hamper’s contribution towards the industry in terms of Business Solution and how Simply Hamper helps their clients in their business growth. The company aim to revolutionize the hamper gifting industry. From the start, they have operated as an e-commerce professional without any fleshly presence to compete with major players in the industry. Thus, their effort has been preserving the e-commerce system works to its optimal to bring no-fuss ordering process to the clients.
Simply Hamper offer personalization services to help its clients, especially for their corporate and event purposes. Each hamper is uniquely customized in its’ design and message. It makes the recipient feels warmth and with such attention to details, the recipient will not receive the hamper, they will receive the care that comes with the hamper. Such small differences bring the relationship to the next level and indirectly help its clients in their business growth.
Major Contributing Factors behind Company’s Success
In the starting phase of Simply Hamper, the company faced some concerns as Funding, which is the most major step to be taken for initiating the business. The company needs at least 3 years to produce results but they dedicatedly tackled this concerns with the help of its shareholders who believed in the company mission and vision. “I am thankful for them to be able to stand firm with the company to where it is today. Other challenges include competition from industry leaders. Well established industry players have wider outreach due to their ever-presence. It takes a lot of marketing effort to be able to stand side-by-side with these industry leaders, let alone overtaking them”, asserts Alexis.
Future ahead – Alexis and Simply Hamper
The company understands the market and fine-tunes its products to meet market needs. Alexis respects the presence of its team, stakeholders and clients by expressing, “we are where we today due to our shareholders” belief in the company’s vision, our staff’s commitment, and most important of all, our clients’ continuous support and encouragement! Without them, there will be no Simply Hamper. We thank them for standing by Simply Hamper during the tough times and we definitely will share the good times with them in the future.” For future advancement Alexis asserts, “It is my duty to lead the company in this journey. There is no shortcut to success. Every effort counts in the journey to success. I am committed to this cause and I will definitely bring the company to its desired position as the innovative leader in the gifting industry.”
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