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Silvian Centiu: A ‘Visionary’ Who Sees The Bigger Picture

Silvian Centiu, CEO of Transiris, combines engineering experience with go to market expertise at top technology companies such as Oracle, Sony, Cisco, and IBM, as well as at leading enterprises such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, Aetna, Bank of Montreal, and Vodafone. Leveraging education and research at Stanford University and the University of San Francisco, Silvian has contributed to numerous conferences, has been a keynote speaker at major events, and has taught at academic institutions around the world.
Silvian’s Secret of Globalization
Under Silvian’s leadership, Transiris has developed into a multinational company with offices in five countries. With a roster of prestigious Fortune 500 companies among its clients and major technology partners such as IBM, Adobe, Oracle, and Salesforce, Transiris was featured in Marketing Tech Insights’ as one of the Top 10 Marketing Automation Solution Providers.
This year Transiris added offices in Austria and Spain to its existing offices in the United States, Canada, and Romania. Revenue and number of employees have doubled in the last 12 months. With the foundation that they have built, they are on track to sustain the same level of growth for the next 12 months.
Transiris comes with a passion for developing innovative solutions to complex enterprise problems and devotion to assisting companies to reimagine their businesses. Silvian’s current goals are to develop Transiris further by continuing to provide strategic marketing technology expertise to top brands around the world. Silvian is leading the expansion of Transiris expertise to include Big Data, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence to augment its core Marketing Technology practice. A full-service Digital Marketing Agency is also being added.
Silvian: Making the Transformation Meaningful
As a business leader Silvian relies on his engineering background to provide a thorough understanding of technologies, on business acumen to develop optimal technology solutions, on management expertise to lead their global team through challenges and successes, and social science research to make it all work at the organizational and societal level.
Silvian says, “while my education at several leading universities around the world, and especially at Stanford, shaped my capability to handle complex challenges in a wide array of fields, it has been my belief that a constantly inquisitive disposition, hard work, and lack of fear provide the basis for innovation in any field.” Also, innovation across fields is of particular importance when applying technology expertise to solve business or social problems, especially when dealing with communication, psychology, and social change. “The most memorable incidents in my leadership experience are when customers or members of our team light up and say: “I really did not believe this was possible” – as it turns out, I had this experience many times since starting Transiris, and I plan to continue to lead Transiris to take the most challenging and innovative projects in our field,” asserts Silvian.
Transiris: Innovative Services and Solutions for Complete Marketing & Technology Transformation
Transiris currently provides innovative strategic and operational consulting expertise with complex technologies and platforms for large sales and marketing operations. The unique differentiator for Transiris is the capability to provide excellence in both marketing and technology, especially suited for large and complex enterprises. The capability to design and manage transformative digital marketing technology and business enhancements enables Transiris to assists large companies in advancing marketing capabilities and increasing revenue and market share.
Its upcoming services with emphasis on innovation include integration of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language capabilities into marketing technologies and processes to augment existing Big Data, Data Science, and Machine Learning expertise.
Driving for Top Performance with Uniqueness
Transiris combines the science of engineering with the art and creativity of marketing to provide well designed, holistic go-to-market solutions for the complex needs and opportunities of large enterprises. By implementing a combination of holacracy and McGregor’s Theory Y culture, they established an optimal environment for extraordinary creativity – leading to extreme innovation.
They are passionate, forward-thinkers who greatly value innovation, research, and leverage both academia and industry to ensure that their customers are one step ahead of their competition.
“We attract and develop top talent from around the world to devise global and local marketing solutions. By maintaining a strong culture of innovation, we assist customers in anticipating and addressing tomorrow’s challenges,” asserts Silvian.
Enthusiasm for Building a Talented Team
The DNA of their growing organization is a combination of technology insight and business acumen in every team member, a unique trait that few colleges put out. Their approach is to hire driven people who love what they do and make it a priority to continuously learn, grow, and improve their expertise. By engaging in both sustained research and challenging industry projects, their experts continually enhance their capability to innovate.
The Talented Mindsets ‘Waging the Waves of Excellence’
By leveraging their deep expertise with marketing and marketing technology, and by enhancing their capabilities to integrate Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Natural Language, Transiris is getting closer to getting machines to emulate human communication.
Their advanced expertise with marketing and AI technologies enables them to provide strong customer engagement, highly targeted one to one communication, and relevancy in communication typically only encountered with highly trained subject matter experts.
These innovative technologies and processes enable enterprises to employ machines to communicate the way humans talk: engaging, personal, and relevant – to provide customers with the best information at the most economical rates and achieve the highest competitive advantage technologically possible in the market.
Bright Future Upstream
In the next two years, Transiris is on track to grow by a factor of two every six to twelve months and will continue to lead the field in innovation. Transiris will sustain this change by attracting, developing, and empowering top talent around the world to engage in the most innovative projects possible for their clients. They plan to continue to partner with top vendors as well as with other innovative companies to contribute to societal change through the use of technology in communication in general and marketing in particular.