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SilexPro: Optimizing the Experience of Visual Communication

SilexPro is a technology innovator in the field of visual communication and group collaboration. It offers a unique Center of Table (CoT) concept that makes the group collaboration experience feel more natural. The company is actively promoting the Silex PTE series which is agnostic all-in-one Center of Table (CoT) visual collaboration systems.
SilexPro’s vision is to merge Innovation, Technology and Elegance to create a unique engaging meeting experience, virtually involving all senses with the mission to allow its customers to enjoy a better meeting experience. The company has designed the Silex PTE which are unique all-in- one group collaboration systems to be used in the center of the table. The Silex PTE video agnostic systems offer a single hardware for all platforms and are currently the only devices that provide a truly natural group collaboration experience while leveraging the video client of user’s choice.
All Encompassing Solutions 
SilexPro attracts its clients with its innovative solutions, their unique designs and the advantages they offer. Its products offer solutions to traditional problems encountered in regular meeting room setups such as the eye contact and the ‘tiny head’ problem. Customers who are associated with the company, like the innovation they are getting and the cutting-edge advantages SilexPro can offer, be it with the Silex PTE Center of Table solutions or with the customized room solutions. Long story short, the maintenance of a Silex PTE system is as simple as the maintenance of any PC nowadays.
The Silex PTE new generation endpoints were designed from scratch to include multiple interactive touch screens providing a seamless multi-sided white boarding experience, and an exceptional viewing experience; multiple cameras (3 or 4) for a 360 degrees coverage of the room from the center of the table; central speakerphone for radially symmetrical coverage; intelligent 360 degrees voice tracking; wireless presentation system based on market standards like Miracast, Airplay, ChromeCast; one button session recording and facial recognition. The Silex PTE systems leverage group collaboration experience on any platform and add the following advantages:

  • Agnostic videoconferencing (gives greater compatibility)
  • Zero installation required Win 10 based (allows an intuitive usage)
  • Excellent room coverage from the center of the table with a perfect framing of participants (up to 360 degrees – no more partial coverage problems)
  • Perfect Eye contact People perfectly framed by the cameras (and they all look the same size on video)
  • Intelligent 360 degrees voice tracking from the centre of the table (covering all directions of the rooms)
  • Effective Center of Table collaboration and annotation without leaving your seat

Innovator Beyond Imagination 
Ronald Hajj is the CEO and founder of SilexPro. He invented and patented the Center of Table concept for natural collaboration. He believes that his mission is to enhance the way people communicate and collaborate remotely over video, and to make group video meetings more natural and more enjoyable and certainly more productive. According to Ronald, one should dream and stretch ones imagination and creativity beyond traditional boundaries to create the required positive force to drive innovation. To which he asserts “With my great team at SilexPro we created the Silex PTE revolutionary products to serve this purpose. ‘Innovation beyond imagination’ is the mindset by which we will positively disrupt and change the way people collaborate!”
Getting Ahead of The Curve 
SilexPro had a proven experience in designing and integrating customized complex full-fledged smart conference rooms. Then with the change and evolution of the market trends, it saw the need to create a new generation of visual collaboration endpoints. The experience it has, gives SilexPro an edge to create advanced solutions combining the technologies already available in the market and the ones it already owns. Thus, the company invested its ability to integrate advanced personalized features into large complex environments in creating its unique Silex PTE Center of Table video collaboration products.
Offering Compatibility
According to SilexPro, the current trends in video space are enabling huddle rooms for group collaboration. New technologies such as WebRTC and standard wireless display protocols are emerging and are expected to be very widely used soon. Soft / web / cloud based video clients are taking over legacy video conferencing systems, and customers are looking for easy all-in-one solutions to deploy.
To align with this market transformation, SilexPro has created a new generation of Uniquely Designed Center of Table endpoints; the Silex PTE Trio and Silex PTE Quattro that not only fits the new market trends but also fixes some of the inherited discomfort and challenges it faces in traditional meeting rooms.
Natural Experience is The Key
One of the many factors that differentiate SilexPro from the competition is natural experience. SilexPro is the first company in the market which dared to defy the traditional ways of conducting video meetings by introducing its disruptive true all-in-one Center of Table concept. SilexPro believes that meetings can be conducted more naturally, and people can be much more engaged during video meetings when the remote participant appears in the center of gravity of the meeting (which is the center of the table). It’s a complete mindset shift and the company didn’t see any other competitor enter the market this way so far.
Aspiring Global Expansion
SilexPro’s main goal is to enhance and promote the most natural video collaboration practices and experiences. It aims to become the leading company in video collaboration across the world. The company is aspiring to spread its new collaboration concepts and technologies and to conquer the 40+ million huddle rooms and smart spaces across the globe.
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