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Silent Circle: Securing Enterprise Communications in the Cyber-Espionage Era

Endowed with some of the best minds in mobile technology, encryption, security, and privacy, Silent Circle is the leader in the privacy and security of enterprise communications. It helps to keep conversations between employees, customers, and partners private.
Silent Circle provides secure business communications in the cyber-espionage era, by delivering SaaS and hardware solutions in conjunction with its proprietary ZRTP cryptography. It helps companies and firms in managing their critical information ranging from desktop messaging to portable firewalls, with its products like GoSilent; and specializes in making data in motion incredibly safe.
The answer to Cyber-criminals
According to Silent Circle, mobile devices are an integral part of everyday human life, wherein people uses these devices 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Smartphones have already replaced computers, cameras, and is also helping humans in completing various day-to-day works like emailing co-workers, messaging friends, and in making phone calls.
With so many smart devices performing mission-critical functions and transferring exabytes, if not zettabytes of data, mobile platforms and their vulnerabilities have become prime targets for cyber-criminals. These malicious actors use cellular monitoring, intercepting, and data exfiltration techniques and run its entire spectrum of criminal activities all across the nation states.
To cope up with growing threat of enterprise data breaching, Silent Circle innovated Blackphone, which was created solely for the purpose of providing businesses with a completely secure mobile device communication. Blackphone offers a seamless user experience, familiar Android environment, and frequently used apps and services. Additionally, Blackphone provides complete control over when and how data is shared.  Its sequel of development – Blackphone 2 – offers additional support for MDM services and Android platform for work purposes. The Silent Phone software is designed to provide a fail-safe method of secure communications and file transfer on any device. This software and hardware combination is helping organizations in gaining greater technology integration, securing data, and communication in a variety of mobile environments.
The Veteran in Mobile and Cyber-security
Gregg Smith, CEO of Silent Circle, is a veteran in the mobility and cybersecurity space. He joined Silent Circle in January 2017 and has, since then, leveraged his massive experience of more than twenty-five years to steer the company ahead. Gregg is a much sought-after speaker at mobile, wireless, and security industry events, and brings-in his thought leadership and expertise to the Silent Circle team.
Prior to Silent Circle, Gregg served as the President of Aether Systems, which is one of the largest and most successful enterprise firms in the region. In recent years, Gregg has also lead teams at Koolspan and OptioLabs as its CEO, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Datatribe—an early stage venture capital firm focusing on cybersecurity. However, Silent Circle was founded by Phil Zimmerman—a legend in the cryptography world and the creator of PGP and ZRTP. He has been inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame and is named as one of the ‘Top 50 Tech Visionaries’ of the last 50 years as well as one of the ‘Top 10 Innovators in E-business.’ On the other hand, Mike Janke, Co-Founder of Silent Circle, is a noted privacy advocate and a former US Navy Seal.
Technology to Tackle Future
The biggest challenge society is facing in this cyber-crime prone era, is the failure of software or hardware as independent solutions for cyber-security from a compliance or regulatory perspective. Silent Circles’ goal remains the same, wherein it wants to help people in managing and controlling their content, conversations, and data. Silent Circles’ platform can serve any device type across an entire organization, which is in a fixed location or with a mobile workforce. It brings the combination of hardware and software to effectively check all the boxes a business client needs, especially in a regulated industry like finance. With its history being a handset manufacturer, it knows a lot about what is possible and not, as all software resides on hardware or is accessible via the web. Silent Circle has already paired up with Cog System to create and provide the most-innovative mobile security solution for enterprises available till now.
The Long-lasting Relationship with Clients
The market is flooded with companies providing cyber-security solutions, but Silent Circle stands apart with a shining badge of Silent Network; it protects video and voice call data from eavesdropping and interception on Wi-Fi and cellular networks. The Silent Phone has already set a standard for protecting confidential & private communications and is recognized for its peer-to-peer encryption protocol and its impeccable user experience.
The new partnership of Silent Circle and Cog Systems aims to provide an in-depth mobile security defense through combined encryption technology on D4 Secure architecture for mobile; to protect voice and video call data on cellular and Wi-Fi networks from interception and eavesdropping. The technology works by combining the Silent Phone software on the HTC, secured by D4, which was designed to protect organizations and their users with an unparalleled level of data and system security. These technological advancements are helping the company to remain competitive in the market and in sharing a strong bond with its clients.
Values and Attributes in Success and its Future Down-the-line
Data security has been the hallmark for the company since its very inception. Whether it was helping consumers or helping businesses, the fundamental principle has not changed.
It strongly feels that Silent Circle is positioned for more growth.  Gregg Smith concludes by mentioning, “Data loss and breaches continue to be a problem. What is less reported on but happens very often is data loss for mobile devices. That is an area the company has always had a focus on giving our solution(s).”
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