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Signs for an STD Test and When Do You Need to Go For It without Delay

It’s natural to feel unwell sometimes, and diseases show varied symptoms, be it high temperature, skin irritation, or fever. It could be the flu, the common cold, or for that matter, food poisoning. In the same way, STDs or infections that get transmitted through unprotected intercourse will manifest through different symptoms, and you need STD testing, depending on the symptoms.

According to an article published in Huffington Post, you will find no one test for all STDs. So, if you see some warning signs related to STDs, you must visit a doctor’s clinic for appropriate testing. Here are the common signs that you may have an STD:

Redness or swelling in the private parts

Did you know that certain STDs lead to pain within the human genitals, usually swelling and redness? Usually, men plagued with gonorrhea and Chlamydia have swollen testicles resulting in considerable pain and discomfort.

Women having Chlamydia too suffer due to swelling in their reproductive organs, so if these symptoms are troubling you, visit a local STD clinic immediately. Delaying will only aggravate the symptoms and the illness.

Rashes in the pubic area

Clusters of red and tender bumps or skin rashes are not uncommon. More often, they occur due to some kind of irritation from external reasons. If these rashes or bumps appear around a man’s penis or a woman’s reproductive organ, it is concerning.

The development of rashes on human genitals may occur due to allergies, fungal infections, parasites, and of course, STDs. The most common STDs that result in rashes are genital lumps and herpes. If you notice bumps on the skin surrounding your private parts, it might be due to an STD. That’s why you need to get STD testing in Oregon City at Obria Medical Clinics.

Painful intercourse

Do you have a painful sensation during intercourse? If yes, avoid having intercourse, as you might have an STD. The pain could be caused by various STDs like herpes, Chlamydia, and gonorrhea. Painful intercourse could also be due to general infection around the genitals or pelvic cancer. We recommend that you consult a medical expert for proper STD testing. If the test is negative, there is nothing like it. Else, you need to undergo appropriate treatment.


The most common symptom of HIV is a high fever. Normally, after a week of an individual being infected, he or she will have a high fever with temperatures soaring to 39-40 degrees Celsius. Most patients think that the fever is due to dengue. Then, you should get an STD test done to verify if the fever is due to HIV or other STDs. With a fever, the body will also feel extremely weak due to the HIV infection. Therefore, seek medical attention right away from a reputed clinic. Early treatment and medication make HIV patients live for a long time.


These are just a few symptoms of STDs and so if you notice these, visit your nearest STD clinic without delay. Try to visit the clinic soon for immediate treatment.

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