SignOnTheGO: An Extraordinary e-Signature Platform offering Affordable Solutions

SignOnTheGo® is a Blockchain based e-signature company designed to scale with the needs of its users. Whether you are an individual with minimal e-signature requirements or a major corporation with large teams and complex needs, the company provides an affordable and flexible solution, without sacrificing access to important features.
Users get full-access to our application and it’s features at all subscription plan levels, and there are no hidden/additional fees.
SignOnTheGo® is working to revolutionize the eSignature industry by providing a service that will give users the most-efficient process available on the signature market.
Extraordinary Services
SignOnTheGo is introducing a negotiation workflow with the ability to modify the terms and conditions that are intended for contract negotiation. If a potential agreement is cancelled, users can retract the agreement. SignOnTheGo adopts blockchain as an additional layer of security. This layer provides authenticity verification for signed documents. The company also provides a Pay-As-You-Go option to single users and small businesses, removing the burden of paying more than necessary.
Key Features of the App
The SignOnTheGo’s features helps in increasing efficiency and productivity while collaborating with your business partners. These features helps to create, review, edit, track, negotiate terms and conditions anytime; fully execute agreements in near real-time; send custom reminder to your business partners. Also its world-class features help to securely exchange documents and verify the authenticity of these documents through blockchain technology.
The core features of SignOnTheGo are:

  1. All feature-access
  2. Pre-Signature Negotiation Workflow
  3. Document Retraction
  4. Multiple Roles Process
  5. Editing Capability
  6. Unlimited Revisions
  7. Audit Trail
  8. Blockchain Authenticity Verification
  9. Multi-Signature Workflow
  10. Track and Compare Revisions

The Leading Light
Ray Sylvain, the CEO and Founder of SignOnTheGo is a service-disabled-veteran of the US Marine Corps for over 13 years. For more than 20 years, Mr. Sylvain has been providing superior results at every level in his career. Ray is an exceptional operations executive dedicated to continuous process improvement in the face of rapidly evolving and changing markets.
In 2007, Ray Sylvain left his position as program manager for SAIC, one of the top government contractors with billions of dollars in annual revenue to start Sylvain Analytics, Inc (SAI).
In 2015, Ray developed the concept for SignOnTheGo®, while searching for an e-signature platform to process an NDA quickly with his business partners.  After witnessing first-hand the exorbitant costs and poor customer service associated with existing solutions, he decided to do something about it. By 2018, a fully functional, blockchain-based e-signature platform launched out of beta.
The Evolution of eSignature Industry
As legislature for e-signature continues to grow and expand globally, the way we engage and access this technology will also expand.  In the last ten years the definition of a “legally binding signature” moved beyond wet-ink to include signing with the push of a button on any electronic device.
As more business is conducted online, technology companies are challenged with coming up with safe and efficient solutions for consumers to complete their transactions, feeling confident that their data is kept private and their partners and documents are authentic.
SignOnTheGo® has already made advancements in this area, leveraging the public Blockchain, Bitcoin, to authenticate executed documents. The company continues to improve and expand its technology to include the latest innovations in safeguarding our users and their partners, so they can feel confident in conducting their business in a secure environment.
Businesses of all sizes will need the best tools to remain competitive in a world where you can complete major purchases from your cell phone. SignOnTheGo® will continue to make those tools accessible, to help level the playing field.
Benefits for Clients
The users, whether they pay-per-document or for a team subscription plan, enjoy all-feature access. This includes the Blockchain Verification tools.  Currently, there is no other eSignature platform that integrates public Blockchain technology to authenticate the users’ signed documents. For people that don’t want to sign up for a subscription plan, they have the flexibility to pay-per-document, without the need to commit to a subscription or pay monthly access fees. Also, all of its plans are much more affordable than other eSignature applications in the market.
As the company does not rely on third party services to provide access to features like the multi-document send functionality, they are able to keep the costs down.  Everything is built in-house and is native to its platform.  Often times, when they integrate with a 3rd party source, the clients can give up the control of the costs that are associated with that service.  These costs are ultimately passed down to the consumer, making the feature an expensive add-on.
Obstacles Down the Road
SignOnTheGo’s biggest obstacle is overcoming the consumer mentality that “bigger is better.”  The company is so new to the market that not everyone is aware that there is an alternative to the big (and expensive) names out there in the e-signature market.  The platform is comparable to anything out there, and according to many of its users, far exceeds existing solutions.
The Promising Future
From inception, the main goal of SignOnTheGo® is to provide exceptional customer service and a quality product.  They make plans to continue expanding their clientele, as well as continuing to study the market to see what can be brought to the application that will make the users happy. They also plan to attending more tradeshows, mainly in the US and Europe, to promote their application in a more personal way.  It’s important to listen to what their customers are saying so they can fine-tuned their experience.  SignOnTheGo® has done a pretty good job of doing this, as the company has already made so many improvements to the platform just in the first year.
Happy Customers, Happy Words
“In my work the most important thing is not to lose the customer, that’s why the most valuable thing for me in the SignOnTheGo application is that I can send documents to the client electronically for signing. Using the templates, I am able to quickly prepare the document and close the deal during a single phone call.”
Mark C.
“We were looking for an affordable e-signature platform that could also handle our requirements. This app beats all the others in terms of bang-for-buck.
As a user, I would recommend this esigning tool. It looks like one of the best ones that people don’t know about. I really like their features. A lot of hidden ways that make my job a lot more efficient. I definitely recommend this tool.
Giselle B.
“Agreed! SignOnTheGo is a true Contender!
We process a lot of documents here. This app makes our daily tasks a lot easier. We also save a lot of money in the implementation and the yearly cost as well.
— Irene J.
“The Most Effective E-Signature App today!
We generate a lot of documents that need our clients’ signatures. This platform reduces the amount of time it takes to get these documents signed and processed. We could not be happier with the pricing structure as well. Very affordable!!”
— Shelly P.