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Signal 88 Security: The World’s Leading Security Franchise Offering Peace of Mind to Communities

The security services industry consists of companies which provide private security guards and patrol vehicles, as well as additional ancillary services such as alarm systems, cyber security, background screening, investigation, risk analysis and security consultancy services. Powered with an innovative approach, Signal 88 Security provides security services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients based on a fundamental belief that safety is a basic human right and need. Signal 88 Security recognize their clients have a purpose, which they can only fulfill if their physical environment is safe and secure. Hence, the company is committed to serve their clients through local ownership, professional service and innovative technology.
Signal 88 Security is the world’s leading security franchise, providing peace of mind to the communities. Since the Signal 88’s unique mobile patrol model is proactive, the presence of a trained officer behind the wheel of a high-visibility SUV prevent crimes and gives the community the peace of mind they deserve.
Additionally, being an industry leading technology provider, Signal88’s state-of-the-art 88Edge technology helps officers to patrol safely and effectively. The firm’s digital reports including photos, videos, and GPS data are always available to clients for total accountability. Presently, Signal 88 Security is guided by a set of core values which includes passion, honesty, integrity, relationships, serving, and learning.
A Dynamic Leader 
Signal 88 Security was founded in 2003 and began franchising in 2008 after Reed Nyffeler, now CEO, introduced the concept as a way to revolutionize the industry. Serving as its Chief Executive Officer, Reed oversees the overall direction and vision of Signal 88 as well as all new services. He also manages the research & development, administrative duties, sales and marketing strategies, and general operations. His key vision is to bring in new franchise owners, so he continued to introduce new ideas that helped the company scale and increase profitability for the franchise owners.
Prior to Signal 88 Security, Reed played a crucial role as the Regional Sales Manager at Black & Decker in the Midwest and later became the National Sales Executive for a prominent holiday lighting distributor and developed the distributorship program.
Measurable Benefits to Clientele 
Signal 88 Security has disrupted the industry with its franchise concept that offers the national brands with support and technology, along with the local owners that build community and client relationships. It is constantly innovating security services and utilizing innovative technology that implements GPS tracking & dispatch, video & photo reporting, customizable client dashboards, transparent, and searchable reports.
Signal 88 Security service processes are built around speed-to-action and transparency. This makes it easy for their clients and their residents or customers to provide an environment where peace of mind is a reality; not a goal. The company offers a proven model of success for its franchises based on continual innovation and improvement that creates a measurable benefit.
Cost-Effective Security Services 
In a rapidly growing industry, Signal 88’s franchise model creates sustainable and recurring top and bottom line growth for its owners. It offers an array of security solutions that help the clients with peace of mind to pursue their passion in life.
Recently, the experts have developed custom solutions to provide the clients with the best security options for the property, personnel, and other assets to protect. Signal 88 officers adopt a cutting-edge, proprietary technology, 88Edge, to view tour instructions, check in assigned locations, and file detailed reports.
The company’s patrol service is the most cost-effective security solution that currently offers GPS-tracked vehicles and time-stamped electronic reports ensuring quality services with verifiable performance. This offers the clients the flexibility of customized programs to address any security concerns such as maintenance, access control services, facilities checks, disturbance and alarm response. In addition, the dedicated services are designed to efficiently meet the required needs with professional security personnel. This provides the clientele with highly trained, highly visible, and highly effective coverage at businesses of any size.
Finally under the event services, Signal 88 security offers the patrons with peace of mind and recognizes the need for professionalism in creating a positive image through protection. With an extensive list of satisfied clients ranging from professional and college sporting venues to small, private functions, the team is prepared to protect the client’s investments, patrons and reputation.
Future Endeavors 
Currently, the security industry has been comprised of two main segments. The first segment is the large national companies who are successful on considering the technology, marketing, and scalability. The second segment is the small mom and pop operators performing a great job at community and client relationships.
Being that the franchise concept offers the best of both worlds, Signal 88 Security strives to become the largest physical security company in the world. Although the company has some ground to make up, it has grown rapidly and is confident to set up its franchise models for long-term and sustainable growth.
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