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Sightline Systems: Leveraging Business Intelligence

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the landscape of the U.S. manufacturing industry. The preeminent way for the manufacturing industry to capitalize on IIoT is to gather increasingly more data from sensors and systems and utilize it to make more data-driven business decisions. Sightline Systems is focused on collecting and analyzing the data made available during the manufacturing process and applying predictive analytics to significantly advance the manufacturing process beyond what it is today.
Sightline EDM’s cutting-edge technology enables manufacturers to collect the right data at the right time, and leverage that data to make proactive business decisions. By implementing advanced analytics solutions such as EDM, manufacturers will have more “a-ha” moments as they produce insights previously clouded by uncertainty or that were unattainable due to limited resources. Sightline EDM delivers these results and more, to enable manufacturers to craft new products and profit centers while simultaneously cultivating production efficiency, reducing costs, preventing downtime, ensuring quality and enhancing their overall ability to strategically plan business operations.
The backbone of Sightline
In the daily life of Brandon Witte, he pushes himself to be better, faster and stronger than ever. As a triathlete and Ironman competitor, Sightline Systems’ President and CEO  is driven toward success. Many people think that an Ironman is unattainable, but Mr. Witte says that simply is not the case. What it takes is persistence, determination and a commitment to excellence.
It is that same persistence, determination and commitment to excellence that makes Sightline the brand it is today. “At Sightline, we are committed to delivering innovative products that will help advance the manufacturing industry to achieve optimal results. By listening to our customers, we are always brainstorming ways to help manufacturers meet and exceed production demands while simultaneously reducing downtime and production flaws,” says Brandon Witte.
Witte also stated,“The importance of leveraging manufacturing data has the potential to transform the entire manufacturing landscape as we know it today. Data collection and advanced analytics present significant challenges for manufacturers as the amount and complexity of the data that is produced is immense. Manufacturers that use Sightline products have the opportunity to take advantage of immediate insight gleaned to enhance quality, ensure safety, lower production costs and gain a competitive edge.”
Exceptional solution to lead the manufacturing market
EDM collects thousands of data points to identify potentially costly abnormalities in the production process. As manufacturers gather more insight, they will be able to turn what was once a reactive process into a proactive scenario where they can understand detect potential flaws in the production system, optimize performance and increase the company’s profitability.
Sightline’s EDM can gather, correlate and analyze data points in a fraction of a second and deliver precise predictions based on time series data throughout any point in the production cycle. EDM has successfully predicted flaws in fans and other production components, enabling manufacturers to not only address the issue before it becomes a problem, but to rev up production and save millions for the company.
Sightline also has a strong belief that technology must be easy to use. Sightline believes that its unique offering differentiates from others in the market by providing business users with the results which are typically only imitative by data scientists. They strive to tame powerful technologies and provide them in a simple to understand way. Sightline makes big data easy, providing machine learning and powerful analytics without requiring the user to understand the advanced statistics and algorithms that are usually reserved for only the data scientist community.
Using Sightline, manufacturing gains a holistic snapshot that allows them to connect the dots between production processes, the supply chain and the back office, and all while increasing quality and reliability at the same time.
Future advancements for setting up the benchmark
Sightline Systems is truly a global company. Recently Sightline EDM was selected by a major global appliance manufacturer to provide real-time analysis of their manufacturing processes. The IIoT EDM software will be included in manufacturing operations around the world and will offer never before seen real time visibility. The manufacturer is planning multi-country rollout of EDM in Q3 of 2017 to help the company attain a substantial competitive benefit.
“The advanced EDM tool can analyze massive volumes of data created during the manufacturing process, correlate the data and provide highly sophisticated analytics in real time. The highly advanced processing ability allows engineers to quickly identify issues and make process improvements which can increase quality and reduce costs,” Witte added.
Sightline’s IIoT EDM solution has already topped the expectations of another global manufacturer, providing high speed data collection and analysis of manufacturing processes. Their EDM for manufacturing is simultaneously monitoring multiple PLCs, manufacturing sensors, IIoT devices, storage devices, network devices, peripherals such as cameras and door locks and more all in real time. The company was particularly interested in the millisecond analytics as it is critical for precision manufacturing, and EDM is specifically designed to provide the real-time data manufacturers with the need to make smarter, more cost effective decisions on the fly.
Sightline aims to be an industry front-runner in manufacturing operations analytics. They are continually investing in their software offerings and are committed to providing their manufacturing customers with the most advanced analytics platform available in the market today.

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