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Sigfox: Connecting the World through IoT Connectivity Services

Soon, billions of devices worldwide will be connected to the Internet; their data will be stored in the cloud and will participate in the digitalization of our environment. Having a global, simple, low-cost and low-power solution to connect those devices is fundamental.   This is the challenge that Sigfox is addressing by deploying a low bandwidth dedicated network, already present in 45 countries.
Inception Story of Sigfox
Created in 2010 by Ludovic Le Moan and Christophe Fourtet the company is a recognized global pioneer and leader in a sector that is already disrupting business models and will revolutionize the whole society. The ambition of Sigfox, embedded in the slogan “Make Things Come Alive,” is to give a voice to the physical world around us and to allow these billions of devices to transform our economy, society and the environment. Sigfox has 400 employees and has headquarters in Toulouse, Paris, Boston, Dubai and Singapore.
Why Sigfox?
Thanks to a Global Network: Sigfox delivers the network and the protocols required to allow an object to share its data from anywhere in the world.
A simple and low energy consuming technology: The simplicity of Sigfox’ technology means that it is possible to provide the best possible user experience and lowest maintenance costs while allowing a device to consume very little energy and last on the field for years.
Collecting data at the lowest cost: A module on Sigfox network can cost from as little as a few dollars to cents– at this cost, it is possible to economically connect virtually anything. Sigfox’ services allow to collect data which was in the past uncollectable and thus bring value to companies.
Meet the Trailblazers of Sigfox
Ludovic Le Moan co-founded SIGFOX, the first and only company to provide global solutions to power the Internet of Things (IoT). In order to support SIGFOX’s global expansion, he has raised a total $280 million round of financing from strategic and financial investors in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. Le Moan has been involved in the machine-to-machine space since 2000, when he co-founded Anyware Technologies, which enabled the connection, management and monitoring of remote equipment through a Web interface. After selling Anyware Technologies to Wavecom in 2008, Le Moan co-founded Goojet, a B2C services company that offered a simple, personal experience of the mobile web and allowed users to share and exchange messages and content. He served as COO of the company, now repositioned as, from February 2008 to March 2011. Le Moan is a serial entrepreneur who also founded the “IoT Valley” an association offering mentoring, networking and other support for startups in the field of the Internet of Things. Apart from these responsibilities, Le Moan is also involved on a day to day basis in the monitoring of Sigfox’ operations. He is also leading the innovation teams by bringing its vision of the future of the Internet of Things and evangelizing about how the IoT will be a game changer not only for the economy but also by transforming society and the way we monitor our environment.
Sigfox’ co-founder Christophe Fourtet, is an avid philanthropist. He set up a Foundation ( which acts on urgent causes with three priorities: health, living, and the protection of the planet. The Foundation uses the Sigfox technology and connected sensors to solve major problems, that were too difficult to address before the Internet of Things revolution.
Leaving no Stones Unturned
Sigfox was the first company to open the era of “massive IoT”, that is to say, the ability, at a very low cost, to collect data from millions of sensors. Sigfox had to go through two major barriers at initial stage:
Advocate Sigfox’ complementarity with existing technologies: Sigfox is not a telecom company and had to demonstrate that its technology is not competing directly with existing services but offering a complimentary solution to existing problems met by clients.
To build a brand-new ecosystem: From developers to devices and chips makers, academics, Sigfox had to build a full ecosystem to support the development of the massive IoT Market. As an example, in the past 5 years, for 1 dollar of funds raised by Sigfox, 1 dollar was raised in parallel by its ecosystem and there are now more than 400 companies in partnership with Sigfox.
Future Prospects
Sigfox has an intense R&D activity and is continuously improving the quality of its services and preparing new offers. Sigfox is at this time working on the launch of its new service allowing to connect disposable objects with a new service offer, which allows chips – costing less than 50 cents – to send Sigfox messages. Sigfox is looking forward to launch this revolutionary to the market before summer.
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