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Victor Fredung | CEO | Shufti Pro

ShuftiPro: Making KYC an Easy Affair

Shufti Pro, a global AI-based identity verification service provider, delivers seamless KYC/AML solutions to its diverse clientele. With clients from every corner of the world, it offers a range of services like document verification, consent verification, ID verification, face verification, address verification, and supports 150+ languages. It provides quick results with 98.67% accuracy using a hybrid of Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence.
Shufti Pro envisions to become the leader in the global identity verification industry and contribute towards making cyberspaces fraud-free. It provides low-priced highquality services and continuously updates its databases and services to achieve its long-term objectives.
Programs that are Constantly Being Updated 
Shufti Pro remains updated with changes in global due diligence, KYC/AML, and data protection regulations. It stays in touch with regulators to deal with unprecedented issues in global compliance. Its exhaustive databases are updated every 15 minutes, with global sanction lists, watch lists, PEPs lists, etc. Moreover, Shufti Pro constantly improves its services through technological advancements. For instance, in 2019, it enhanced its API integration by providing Auto Code Generator for swift and seamless integration.
The Skipper 
Victor Fredung, the CEO of Shufti Pro, is a fintech innovator with significant experience in the industry. He knows the financial domain inside out. The organization flourished under his supervision and became a remarkable name in identity verification and fraud prevention. Victor enhanced the customer base of Shufti Pro and developed a team of experienced and dedicated professionals.
The Great Journey 
The company gained global acclaim in a short period, increasing the value of the company manifolds.
Shufti Pro practically bridged the gaps between global economies by serving businesses in developed countries like the USA and un-recognized countries, such as Sealand. It served clients by verifying people in more than 230 countries and territories within two years of its foundation.
Technological advancements and product enhancement is a continuous process at Shufti Pro. In 2018, the company started utilizing OCR technology for data extraction and expanded its services to AML/PEP screening. The industrial challenges motivated Shufti Pro to deliver services more vigilantly. By serving a diverse clientele, the organization also learned new ways to secure the cyber world. Shufti Pro has been represented at several global expos and developed good relationships with businesses and global organizations.
Tackling Challenges and Preparing for Better Future 
According to the organization, cybercrime is the biggest challenge, and it aims to provide an exceptional fraud prevention solution to tackle it. For Shufti Pro, understanding the regulations is not enough, and software must be enhanced with regard to the latest technologies and techniques used in cybercrime.
Another challenge for the company is the lack of awareness among businesses regarding the need for KYC and AML compliance. It is vital to improve apprehension among the masses regarding the significance of digital KYC/AML compliance and fraud prevention to achieve its long-term goals. The best part is, Shufti Pro stands out among its competitors due to its unparalleled services given at competitive prices. It delivers quality services at more affordable prices as compared to its competitors. The low price does not affect the quality of Shufti Pro’s results, it delivers them in real-time with 98.67% precision.
The Middle East Market and Arabic OCR 
The Middle East offers a plethora of opportunities for banks and fintech companies but Arabic is one of the most difficult languages for optical character recognition (OCR). But Shufti Pro loves challenges and provides state of the art Arabic OCR with incredible accuracy. Only a handful of identity verification services cater to The Middle Eastern Market, and Shufti Pro is among them.
Shufti Pro envisions itself as a leader in the global identity verification and fraud prevention industry, playing a remarkable role in making cyberspace fraud-free.
It aims at enhancing services to an extent where no competitor could match its quality. Reducing the time span of verification process and securing a bigger share in the global market are its two major goals.
Satisfied Clientele 
We have a diverse clientele. Kindly visit the ‘Press Release’ page on our website ShuftiPro(.)com to read the testimonials of our satisfied clients.