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She Rises to Conquer

Impactful leadership is the ability to be flexible with your style and approach. Every single person is unique in how they learn, respond, grow, etc. You can’t be effective and impactful to every one of these individuals with the same leadership style. Some people thrive under a more democratic style, others need a more structured transactional approach. A strong leader is able to dip into each of these buckets to meet their team where they are while also staying true to themselves.
Women in business should especially use emotional intelligence to lead. They use the same skills as any good leader: visionary, strategic, innovative, good communicator, trustworthy, problem-solver, accountable, empathetic, transparent, humble, and resilient. There are two traits that women leaders need to have in order to be effective: humility and inclusiveness.
When you are humble, you are able to acknowledge and recognize your mistakes. When you don’t center yourself in your leadership role, it creates trust. By being inclusive, a leader is creating a culture of belonging – where people feel safe to be authentic and have their voice heard. Numerous studies have shown that when people feel like they are valued, not only are they more engaged in their work, but the company experiences increased productivity and profitability.
Impactful businesswoman leadership empowers others and encourages everyone to bring their best. An impactful women leader values building relationships and understands how to grow authentically. They feel privileged to play a role in helping others grow their careers. As with great privilege comes great responsibility. Their responsibility includes identifying opportunities for team members to grow, learn, and become confident in their contributions, and support them along the way.
A great leader surrounds themselves with “GREATER” people. Accordingly, women leader is open to diversity and inclusiveness in the organization. Because there are studies that confirm diverse teams are most innovative. A women leader knows how to authentically leverage diverse talent, backgrounds, and skillsets to drive business growth and empower her team to be successful. Particularly in business, where it is being highly focused on solving customer’s needs.
Every leader no matter their gender should place integrity, honesty, and client needs ahead of any profit motive. So, women should demand excellence and hold each other accountable for success. Women face challenges in personal and business life, but the ability to persevere is the difference between success and failure.
Identifying this change and focused on building such a culture – Insights Success comes up with a list of such women-leaders in its edition – The 10 Most Inspiring Women in Business 2021. These businesswomen have been an inspiration to many and helping others to grow in their careers. They have become the epitome of leadership with their qualities and skills.
Featuring this edition are businesswomen like Rebecca Baumgartner – Sr. Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Ogletree Deakins. Sandrine Desbarbieux-LloydEuropean Vice President of Digital at Samsung. Tahisha Pearson Fugate – Sr. Manager DEI Client Development. Michelle Drolet, CEO at Towerwall, Inc, and others.
Enjoy the journey!