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Shayne R. Neuwirth, Owner-Operator | the Shayne R. Neuwirth CPA | PLLC.

Shayne R. Neuwirth: Fearless of any Failures in Finance

Starting your business comes with several different aspects, and finance is one of the major ones. If you plan to run any business, there are concerns about personal exposure to lawsuits and debts. That’s where a tax accountant can help advise you and manage the financial security of your business. Shayne R. Neuwirth is a Certified Public Accountant who provides outstanding tax, accounting, and consulting services to individual and business clients. She is the Owner-Operator at the Shayne R. Neuwirth CPA, PLLC.

Shayne has a high knowledge of individual and small business income taxes, the loan process, and building professional careers for others. When it comes to building customer trust, she is at the pinnacle of her professional ability to deliver the best services for clients. Having such a brilliant financial leader around is a true blessing. We at Insights Success are proud to interview her and get to know more about the Tax, Accounting, Consulting industry.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Tell us something more about your company, its mission and vision.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of professional services for our clients. We aim to be our clients’ resource for tax and accounting services. Our firm’s core values are extremely knowledgeable, ultra-responsive, and very approachable. We want our clients to feel comfortable with us so that the tax process does not have to be complicated and daunting.

Enlighten us on how you have made an impact on financial services through your expertise in the market. 

We are a full-service CPA firm for small businesses and individuals. We offer various services so that different departments in our firm handle everything. One of our specialties is working with single-member S Corporations and helping them mitigate taxes. We are able to establish their entity, set up payroll, and provide monthly accounting services. Clients can also schedule consulting appointments throughout the year through our simple online scheduling system. We have also found that as a women-owned and operated business, other women are drawn to working with our firm because of our unique approachability.

Undeniably, technology is playing a significant role in almost every sector. How are you leveraging technological advancements to make your solutions resourceful?

Our firm uses multiple services to help improve the process for our clients. Clients can schedule video appointments. The CPAS will often share their screen, so it’s like the client is sitting right at their desk.

We have a secure portal for each client where clients can safely upload documents to our firm, and we can also send them documents securely. Clients are notified immediately when documents are uploaded. We offer digital signatures for engagements and e-filing. All staff is set up with a remote computer set up so they can work from home. We have a few remote employees who work exclusively at home. We also work in QuickBooks Online for accounting clients, so clients have access to their accounting information on the cloud. Clients can schedule their appointments online at any hour of the day with our online booking software. Our typical client really enjoys having the ability to do things remotely and on their own terms.

If given a chance, what change would you like to bring in the financial services industry?

I want to create an opportunity for more women to run their own businesses and have financial independence by doing so. I can be a strategic partner for them to build their business and have my firm handle accounting and taxes so that they can focus on operating and growing their business.

What, according to you, could be the next big change in financial services? How is your company preparing to be a part of that change?

Technology will drive accounting and financial services for clients. More robust programs and software that integrate with businesses. We are flexible and tech-savvy, and very quick at adapting to new technologies and helping clients to implement them into their business.

Where do you envision yourself to be in the long run and what are your future goals for your company?

Over the next 5 years, I will continue to grow the firm; we have experienced substantial growth over the last few years and don’t see that changing. More and more people are venturing out and starting their own businesses and need assistance from CPAs that are reliable and responsive. I hope to expand the practice and develop a plan to add partners. I want to continue to have great relationships with clients and continue to provide outstanding service.

What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the business sector?

I would recommend setting up your business today how you want it to be in the future. Find the best tools so that you can work smartly. Work with people who make you better and who teach you. Use the early stages of your business to learn and make mistakes.