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Shamrock Consulting Group: The Single Resource for All Your Connectivity Needs

While the outside world may see telecom as a rapidly changing and evolving industry, Shamrock Consulting Group can’t help but notice how slowly many elements of the industry are moving.
The extremely high barriers to entry have hindered new providers’ ability to come in and compete with the big players. On the contrary, though, new technologies being driven by Software Defined Networks (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Cloud Computing have allowed new niche players to enter the market and deliver Products-as-a-Service (XaaS model), which has delivered a huge value to driving new innovation within the industry as a whole.
Customers are able to get better products and services for less money than they have ever been able to before, and Shamrock is uniquely positioned within the market to capitalize on it.
Key Points About Shamrock
Founded by Paul Cooney in 2008, Shamrock Consulting Group is a full-service telecommunication and IT master agency based in El Segundo, CA and serving clients across the globe. Shamrock facilitates solution procurement for thousands of products related to telecommunications, data communications, data center and cloud, and they offer best-in class network design and support.
As a veteran of the telecom industry who achieved great success as a Sales Manager at AT&T, Paul knew he would need a team of highly capable and driven individuals to help achieve the success he envisioned for Shamrock. So, Paul brought in Ben Ferguson, who is now Shamrock’s Executive Vice President. Ben quickly became the driving force behind Shamrock’s industry-leading business practices and their continued push towards innovation.
Shamrock’s expert team develops a deep understanding of network strategy, inventory, current pricing, contract expirations and people to deliver customized solutions for any business.
As a vendor-neutral consultancy, Shamrock acts as a firewall between their clients and the providers. They manage the entire lifecycle of every deal, from the initial research, analytics and pricing for RFPs, to installation and renewal, regardless of provider.
Best of all, through the company’s direct partnerships with over 250 major and niche service providers, they guarantee the best price point on any product from any provider.
Best-In-Class Telecom & IT Services
Shamrock Consulting Group specializes in all industry-standard products related to telecommunications, data communications, data center and cloud. But above and beyond that, Shamrock has long been at the forefront of ingenuity for building customized new products in Software Defined Networks, Network Function Virtualization, Cloud Orchestration and Cloud Cost Management.
Building a Culture of Success
As a top-rated consulting group for medium and large enterprise clients, Shamrock solves many of the most challenging technology problems companies face on a daily basis. For the most complex issues, Shamrock tends to favor a divide-and-conquer approach. They divvy up their team of experts to where one member handles overall management, another addresses engineering and technical aspects, and one or more of their analysts takes care of all financial matters.
They’ve built a culture where everyone has the ability to run with their tasks while holding both themselves and others accountable. It works well because at the end of the day, Shamrock employees are not competing against one another, like many other agencies – instead they all works towards a common goal. Taking this approach gives Shamrock the ability to allocate resources effectively and attack every aspect of a particular issue simultaneously, ultimately providing their clients with faster and more accurate solutions compared to any of their competitors.
Guaranteed Best Pricing for Any Product
Shamrock Consulting Group focuses primarily on mid-to-large enterprises. Their core approach is simple — superior service, best-in-class technology, and guaranteed best pricing for any product or service from any provider.
Quality is a Shamrock Cornerstone
A consulting group isn’t like other companies that can grow with capital and head count. A consulting group is only as good as the ideas and strategies that its team is able to produce, and as such Shamrock has placed their focus on building a team of quality professionals capable of adapting to any situation or circumstance.
The Winning Formula of Putting Customers First
Shamrock operates on a fiduciary model. As a completely neutral agency, they put the interests of their customers first; everything else falls into place in the process. That’s why they are consistently winning deals and beating their competitors, many of whom simply try to peddle whatever products or services have the largest commissions attached to them.
Shamrock Welcomes Future Innovation
Shamrock Consulting Group will continue to grow methodically and keep its core principals intact. While other companies get scared by market disruption and innovation, they welcome it with open arms.

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