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SEW: A Global Smart Energy & Water Cloud Platforms Provider

Headquartered in Irvine, California and founded in the year 2012, Smart Energy Water (SEW) aims to continuously lead the industry with its innovative solutions. These solutions are easy to use and integrate seamlessly with the existing back-end systems. SEW displays its uniqueness in leading the industry with innovative solutions that are used to increase the operational efficiency while reducing IT costs by leveraging advanced technologies such as Cloud, Mobility, Analytics, AI, Machine Learning and IoT.
At present, SEW is well-known as the #1 global energy and water cloud platform focusing on providing digital customer and workforce engagement and smart analytics to the energy and utility sector. It harnesses the power of technology to simplify, automate and integrate various aspects of activities to create a modern workplace that is productive, secure, creative and responsive. At SEW, innovation comes from developing a collective sense of purpose by unleashing the creativity of teams throughout their organization and empowering them to act on new ideas to recognize unconventional opportunities.
A Comprehensive Growth Strategy 
With an objective to promote and improve employee effectiveness, SEW works together as a team to plan, monitor and review an employee’s work objectives and their contribution to the organization’s vision. Empowered by the vision of the company, the leadership team connects the need for innovation to SEW’s strategic goals and corporate values. Following the lead, the team runs internal campaigns that have been proven to be incredibly successful in generating new and meaningful ideas.
Additionally, being a forward-thinking company, SEW focuses on creating a better employee environment to increase the level of innovation in terms of new products and services and deliver better customer experiences. SEW teams are empowered to embrace a workplace culture that necessitate a new approach including the need for greater agility, innovation and increased collaboration. To align employee’s day-to-day actions with strategic business objectives, provide visibility related to performance expectations, support in future planning and decisions and skill development and learning choices SEW conducts an effective performance management process. This enables team leaders and managers to evaluate and measure individual performance and optimize productivity thus augmenting and amplifying the capabilities of the employees at a large scale.
The evolving workplace strategies opted by SEW enable employees to stay engaged and walk an extra mile to accept true ownership of an issue and deliver on their commitments to both internal and external stakeholders. The organization is passionate to develop a truly customer centric business by delivering innovative solutions with best services and support while addressing the social and industrial challenges. More importantly, to engage employee’s talent towards a productive culture of success, it conducts team gathering sessions like smart hangouts, knowledge and training sessions, internal campaigns and focus on work collaboration.
A Passionate Leader 
Harman Sandhu, as the President of the organization, leads the strategic growth initiatives at Smart Energy Water. He has extensively advised energy and utility companies on commodity management, regulation, smart grid, metering, and information technology projects. Prior to SEW, he worked with PwC and KPMG for over eleven years where he led the delivery of business strategy and technology consulting services to Fortune 1000 companies. He is passionate about developing technology products and scalable SaaS business models. Harman holds a BE degree in Computer Sciences and MBA.
Software-as-a Service Platform 
SEW has developed a wide range of cutting-edge products to address the challenges of utilities and customers. The primary areas include digital customer engagement, mobile workforce, energy efficiency, water conservation and big data analytics. This suite leverages technologies to facilitate the modernization and digital transformation utilities. Some of the mentionable award-winning and innovative industries proven solutions are:
Smart Customer Mobile (SCM®) – The Digital Customer Engagement Platform 
SCM® provides self-service capabilities to utility customers enabling real-time two-way communication. It is an integrated comprehensive solution with native mobile app functionality which is user friendly and delivers meaningful customer insights by providing in-built configurable modules. From usage consumption to bill payments, service requests, outage reporting, online energy/water auditing, home energy/water reports and program enrollment, SCM® provides a 360-degree view of all customer interactions on a single integrated platform.
Through in-built analytics, SCM® also provides actionable insights on consumption patterns that help utilities manage demands, and educate their customers about controlling their usage, minimizing consumption, advice on various conservation and efficiency programs. It helps utilities offer personalized services, enable effective customer engagement, and deliver enhanced customer satisfaction. It enables citizens and communities to contribute sustainability globally by leading a sustainable living.
Smart Mobile Workforce (SMW®) – The Digital Mobile Workforce Engagement Platform 
SMW® is a single integrated mobile platform designed for the utility mobile workers and management to increase efficiency, productivity, compliance and safety by enabling real-time two-way communication between the field workers and dispatchers at the back office. With one touch intelligence and accuracy, it provides end-to-end workforce management, user-friendly interface and real time updates which allow mobile workers to continue working on wireless coverage.
Smart iQ- The Energy and Water Analytics Platform 
Smart iQ is an intelligent analytics platform with built-in customer and operational analytics. The platform provides real time data analysis on Peak Load Management, Leakage Analytics, Customer Segmentation, Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation and Performance Evaluation to improve the operational and workforce efficiency along with Customer Service insights. It uses leading mobile & cloud technologies in most secured environment which provides predictive analysis in artificial intelligence.
Future Expansion 
SEW is driven by a vision to create value for the citizens to help utilities and government addressing the global challenges of sustainability by leveraging technologies to achieve environmental efforts and contribute to environmental stewardship. The goal is to sustainably develop smart communities for citizens who work on smart, connected and integrated digital network with a common goal of conservation and efficiency. The goals set by SEW is within a SMART framework which includes open communication channels across all teams by expanding offices globally through increasing employee engagement and use of new tools and technologies.