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Seven Dreamers Laboratories, Inc.: The world’s first fully automatic laundry folding robot

Where there is science and technology, there is innovation. With innovation, comes an enormous amount of options and so does scopes and opportunities, irrespective of the field it belongs to. When one talks about robotics, the branches are widely spread, and yet there is always the room to grow. The current scenario suggests that a huge number of companies, engineers and researchers are pursuing new technologies for a better product. While some say that artificial intelligence or robotics is being processed beyond the imagination at a considerable speed, the entire scene is going to change.
Like every coin, any innovation in science too has two sides, one positive and one negative. Undoubtedly, the evolution into the world of technology and science has made human lives much more convenient and easier to live. Industry pioneers say that the relations between human beings and robotics or many other outstanding technologies existing today will coexist in the future too, with their roles being the same as they are today.
Seven Dreamers Laboratories Inc. is a leading group of technologists who are dedicated to creating entirely novel concepts, offering the world with products which no one has witnessed before. This company is known to create milestones in the world of robotics and automation. The company believes that the innovation begins with the picking up of right theme. Following a strict criterion, Seven Dreamers develops products ensuring that “things do not exist”, “Improve people’s lifestyle”, and are “technically highly sophisticated”. Seven Dreamers’ product, laundroid is one such product which meets these criteria.
Seven Dreamers innovation, dedication and hard work has earned them various recognition around the world including Innovation Showcase, Japan-US Innovation Awards, Special Jury Award from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan, WIRED Audi INNOVATION AWARD, Excellence Award from Nikkei Business Publications at the 15th Japan Innovators Award, “Start-up Challenging to the World”, Morning Pitch Special Edition and many others.
Innovating and Creating Things Which Never Existed Before 
Seven Dreamers, dream is not only in their name, it’s in their vein. They dream about innovation and creation that will make human lives better and richer. They believe that true innovation involves the creation of something that has never existed before, meaning creating “1” from “0”. Everybody wants to fly in the direction of the wind, but Seven Dreamers consists of a group which find it more attractive to accomplish while dealing with the most challenging factors. By overcoming difficult times and countless errors with a passionate mind towards success, the company is creating products of their real innovation.
First project being the use of an original 3D measurement system to manufacture totally order-made action carbon golf shafts, the company received a huge response and began working on their second project, which was also a great success. The second project of Seven Dreamers was the development of nastent™, a tube-shaped medical device that is inserted into the nasal passage to aid breathing during sleep by preventing obstruction of the airway. The history was made with their third project, laundroid, world’s first fully automatic laundry folding machine.
About the Man behind this Innovative Company 
Shin Sakane, President and CEO at Seven Dreamers Laboratories Inc., is a highly educated man with an immense level of work experience in leading corporations. He has completed his doctoral program (Ph.D.) in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Delaware and his excellent performance in academics has helped him to earn the Glenn Skinner Award. Soon after completing his academic career, Shin joined various enterprises like I.S.T Corporation and Super Resin Inc., at the top management level positions. It is after which the visionary entrepreneur started climbing up the ladder of success. He is a man with a clear motive. Even engineers objected and criticized, Shin believed in himself and finished it even though it took 12 years to develop laundroid.
Always self-motivated and self-inspired Shin always says, “the higher mountain we climb, the more difficult issues are likely to happen. But that has a sense of accomplishment and that proves to be an innovation”. 
Overcoming Hurdles and Moving Close towards the Desired Destination 
Seven Dreamers is highly evaluated as a tech company, but at the same time it is often said to have outstanding skills in marketing and PR. The team has expressed that in the beginning, there was hardly anyone who had deep knowledge or experience in corporate branding in the business. The pillars of the company including Shin were primarily from BtoB Technology business backgrounds, where corporate branding is not as important as in the BtoC business. Having a partner with the authority of marketing and branding in Japan, it learned from zero and improved marketing skills quickly to reach its desired goal.
Viewing Future with a Binocular 
Goals are high, but not far from where Seven Dreamers is standing now. They set a goal, work hard and succeed each time in fundraising and obtaining their stakeholders. Currently, they are working on two more products which are expected to get released soon. In the land of the rising sun, Seven Dreamers is known to be a prominent name assigned with the words technology and innovation.

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