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Seven Advantages of a Self-Hosted LMS

Are you trying to find the best learning management system for your company and getting confused between choosing a cloud-based or a locally installed solution? Do not worry; in this article, I will highlight some surprising benefits of self-hosted learning management systems.

Benefits of Self-hosted LMS we generally overlook

Instead of using cloud-based servers, locally installed LMS solutions are hosted directly on your company’s server. But are they genuinely a good investment for your online training programs? Are online LMS solutions better than these local systems? Let us explore some of the most overlooked benefits of using self-hosted LMS.

Better Personalization

Self-hosted learning management systems usually offer more customization options and features. For instance, you can customize various things on your user dashboards or fully integrate branding into your online course. Many cloud-based LMSs enable you to personalize your training platform to a certain extent, but not more than these self-hosted learning management systems. So, Having your own LMS hosting can help you in creating a better-personalized experience for the users.

For most self-hosted LMS doing these personalizations is even more convenient and takes less time. It allows you to build a consistent brand image through your training content.

Execute Your Own Data Security Measures

Of Course, most LMS have some level of data security, and each of them has its protocols to ensure information safety. But a self-hosted learning management system enables you to adopt extra security measures for the data. For instance, you can limit user access to specific sections of the training platform or adopt an advanced encryption system to prevent hacking.

Less Continual Costs

Most cloud-based LMS generally need you to pay as you go and involve a monthly or annual subscription fee. On the other hand, these self-hosted LMS are a one-off purchase, and you need to pay for the licensing and have full access to the system. Of course, there are some upgrade or add-on costs to consider, but all in all, locally installed LMS have lower continual prices.

You get Full Control

With these self-hosted learning management systems, your team has total control over it. They can personalize it or sign up for additional support services. For instance, your IT team can call specialists to help if they cannot solve a problem. You can also consider an ongoing support package if your LMS vendor has that option.

Full Integration with System

With these self-hosted learning management systems, you can fully integrate your new system with the existing tools and other software. On the contrary, if you use other LMS, you have to foot the bill to get replacement tools or overcome any technical obstacles. A self-hosted LMS empowers you to merge all your tools effortlessly.

Set the Storage Capacity

A self-hosted LMS allows you to choose how much data or information you can store, and it also lets you decide where you store this data. The standard cloud-based CAPs use remote servers for the same.

But to be on the safe side, it is advised that you store your data on a secondary server for a backup.

Easier to Budget Expenses

With most cloud-based learning management solutions, you have to tackle the monthly skyrocketing expenses once you pay the initial costs. This disrupts the whole budgeting process for your training program.

With a self-hosted learning management system at your disposal, it becomes a whole lot easier to calculate an accurate budget for online training. For instance, you can plan ahead of the regular maintenance fees and updates that come over time.

All this leads to better utilization of resources, and you get higher returns on investment with your online training.

The Conclusion

As you can see, self-hosted LMS has a lot of perks for your organization and your training programs. They enable you to make full customizations, enhance your safety measures, and perform system integration, to name a few.

Of Course, sometimes their upfront costs get a bit higher, but they save you a lot of money and time in the long run.

So, these were just some of the benefits you get by choosing a self-hosted learning management system. I hope this article helped you in some way or the other. Thank you for reading.