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Setting up Gold Standard in Telemedicine Industry

The adoption of Telemedicine is rapidly expanding across the United States. The increased need to close gaps in the industry’s lack of physicians has led to an escalated number of Telemedicine startups trying to offer solutions. Since its adoption, Telemedicine solutions and services surged from 54 percent in 2015 to 71 percent in 2017 according to a 2017 HIMSS study.
Healthcare SaaS provider PatientClick, Inc. is revolutionizing the way healthcare institutions provide the highest quality of care in The United States and worldwide.
PatientClick is facilitating medical organizations and helping solve some of the most critical issues: Shortage of physicians and clinicians, communication barriers, lack of office efficiency and difficulty engaging with patients. The software, an Electronic Medical Record provider with integrated Practice Management and Telemedicine solution, helps healthcare institutions provide patient care without losing revenue or practice efficiency.
PatientClick offers a one-of-a-kind solution; an integrated live, video-based Telemedicine, EHR/EMR, and practice management platform. The all-in-one software allows healthcare providers to optimize appointment reminders, payment collection and patient engagement in the same care delivery model.
Fastest growing Telemedicine SaaS Platform
Without a doubt, PatientClick’s platform is the fastest and most cost-effective way to provide Telemedicine services. San Diego, California based company has been providing SaaS solutions for many years, expanding its services to serve most specialties in the industry.
For years now, PatientClick has been offering innovative SaaS solutions designed and built specifically for physicians. Many healthcare organizations prefer this platform because PatientClick handles all the technical implications of handling, operating and maintaining of the system. The company has been able to quickly scale and supply the demand of healthcare organizations in need of reliable software.
A Cutting-Edge Telemedicine Platform
PatientClick’s dynamic and powerful platform allows physicians to focus on patient care without losing any revenue. This software comprises the most customization, integrations, and dependability of any software in the industry.
This true cloud-based SaaS solution requires no on-site servers, no heavy capital investment, with an easy to install solution that helps clinical staff to focus on patient care.
The multi-platform application is easy to navigate for both; customer and provider, includes customizable dashboards, integrated patient portal, and multi-provider communication tools.
The Software has Artificial Intelligence (AI) built in the platform allowing providers and care management team to make better-informed decisions based on overall information about a patient from a clinical as well as from a medical perspective.
The platform is available for multiple devices laptop, desktop, tablet, smart devices, and smartphones with a published mobile application on Apple and Android app stores. It also allows the patient to access the portal through their smartphone, tablet or desktop computer to enable better patient engagement and involvement in care management.
The patient engagement tool allows for a diverse use such as a request for an appointment, real-time and scheduled education material, online bill payment, ability to upload documentation, finish intake form from home or office, email and text-based reminder for same day appointment and future appointments.
Physicians are able to securely exchange health information since the software is certified to use both Continuity of Care Document (CCD) and Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) standards.
Key features:
All-in-One Platform: The platform includes live, video-based Telemedicine Solution integrated with EHR/EMR and Practice Management.
Ease-of-use: The software is designed as easy as possible for the practitioner to use, to reduce data entry, and to consume as little of their time as possible. It is also designed to provide practitioners with the information they want, when and where they want it, from Meaningful Use data to patient information, to financial graphs/reports.
Meaningful use compliance: This software is Meaningful Use Stage 1, Stage 2 complete and Stage 3 modular to ensure data confidentiality, interoperability to share data among other functions.
EHR solution: The electronic health record solutions include integrated e-Prescription, electronic lab interface, and electronic signature capability.
Practice Management Solution: Integrated clearing house, patient statement, data analytics, and management dashboard.
Faster treatment for patients: PatientClick’s iOS and Android apps enable physicians to enhance their practice while connecting with their patients in real-time face-to-face. It also allows patients to access their information over their cell phone.
Geo-location Tracking: This location-based ability allows patients to connect with the provider based on their location. For example, they can set up reminder alerts to go off at a specific place.
Automated patient reminders: The reminder system allows physicians to remind patients about appointments through email, app push-notifications, text or auto-voice calls. They are easy to implement without straining office staff resources, reducing the number of no-shows, and increasing patient satisfaction.
Patient portal: patients are able to request appointments online, review visits summary, edit demographic information or medical history before virtual visits, request medication refills, and access educational material.
PatientClick’s platform has continuously been rated by clinicians and physicians as a top SaaS software for its convenience and simplicity, features and functionality, customer support and its affordability. Clients appreciate the adaptability and flexibility of the platform and as well that is HIPAA compliant and Meaningful Use certified.
With the ever-changing technology in the healthcare industry and the rising cost of care, PatientClick strives to connect people, process, and technology without the burden of high costs. Despite the many solutions available in the market, they are not cost-effective. They may not offer services which are customized to ACOs, Medical Groups, and healthcare institutions, unlike PatientClick. The company believes is their primary responsibility to bring the innovative next-generation tools to doctors’ offices. These solutions are fully scalable and can meet the demands of today’s healthcare consumer.
About the Author
Ashish Mehta, is the CEO of PatientClick Inc., a web based electronic health record system. He has served as an advisory board member, executive and project engineer in various sectors such as healthcare, renewable energy, petro chemicals, Information technology and business consulting. Mr. Mehta has served as Ambassador for World Trade Center in Cleveland.