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Seppo Huurinainen: A Veteran Entrepreneur Revolutionizing Forestry and Biomass based Businesses

With the growing rise in the deforestation, rapid use of fossil fuel and making up of luxurious space for human beings, there seems to be the appearance of declination of the natural balance of earth. As people are now becoming a bit aware of the current scenario and its future outcomes, there arises the necessity of forestry and biomass based businesses. To enrich the industry with years of experience and to revolutionize the business of forestry, enters Seppo Huurinainen, CEO at MHG Systems Oy Ltd. Mr. Huurinainen is an expert in forestry and biomass-based business operations.
Apart from numerous years of experience in forest management, Seppo has a broad academic background in GIS, IT and silviculture with five university level degrees. In the year 2005, he founded MHG Systems which currently offers wide range of ICT solutions for forest and biomass supply chain management. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he has held several development and research positions within the forest and agriculture industry and has worked for organizations such as the Finnish Forest and Park Service, the Forest Center, Metsäliitto, Stora Enso, and the National Board of Education.
Immense Personal Motivation & Utmost Patience is what takes an Entrepreneur Forwards
Life and career of an entrepreneur is not at all easy and it requires immense level of personal motivation and utmost patience. Now, however the difficult a situation is, Mr. Huurinainen considers motivation to be the major contributing factor behind his company’s success. He had stated it like most successful businessmen on earth. Seppo continuously motivates his team and keeps product and business development rolling even in constrained circumstances.
Mr. Huurinainen is a veteran entrepreneur in developing and commercializing ICT based solutions for forestry and biomass based businesses. And, while talking about the challenges the company has faced during its more than one decade of industry experience, Seppo said, “At MHG Systems, we are developing visionary services, so sometimes we face problems with some prospective clients who are little hesitant to implement our services as they have to adopt new and improved operational practices by throwing old and orthodox methods away.
Seppo is a passionate man whose passion towards entrepreneurship and the vision to digitalize the forestry and biomass business is driving MHG Systems towards the growth of the company. He has clearly stated that entrepreneurship and managing his own as well as neighbors’ forest property of around 1000 hectares in total are his passions. With an aim to digitalize forest business along with tree-wise monitoring solutions and a goal to build a visionary e-solution, where all types of forestry data are available with just one click, Seppo is making multiple forestry data linked and processed into one web-service possible.
An Entrepreneur who turned a Problem into a Revolutionary Milestone 
Mr. Huurinainen was suffering from a problem of managing his 500 hectares of forest property in an easy and profitable way. Then, to kill his problem and revolutionize the forest and biomass supply chain business through digital services, Mr. Huurinainen founded this revolutionary enterprise.
While having a word with the CEO, Mr. Huurinainen shared his most remarkable and memorable moment of his life and said, “Birth of twins weighing only 1 kg each, raising them for half a year until full vaccination protection was covered and then moving to the poorest country, Mozambique, to work there for 2 years as a training expert under civil war circumstances.
About the Company Revolutionizing the Forestry and Biomass Industry
While innovating by integrating open software technology with years of field experience in the forestry and biomass business, MHG Systems is a pioneer in management solutions for forestry and bioenergy supply chain and logistics. With a highly committed team of eight to ten professionals including software developers, business developers and marketing professionals and under the leadership of Mr. Huurinainen, MHG Systems now offers forestry one-stop-shop solution:
Wuudis (Forest & Data): Full-service digital forest property management platform connecting forest owners with local contractors, timber/biomass buyers and authorities.
MHG Biomass Manager: The most complete solution for bioenergy production, procurement, managing, harvesting and logistics.
MHG Mobile: Mobile real-time management of forest assets, biomass and human resources enabling more productive business models.
MHG BioPlant Optimizer: Feasibility assessment service for Bioenergy Investment.
Apart from their strong commercial operations (i.e, development and sales of MHG Systems Services), one thing worth noting in their success rate is the way they are acquiring EU research projects. This apparently proves their capabilities of developing the most cutting edge ICT solutions for forestry and biomass industry. In this way, some of their achievements are successful funding injections from multiple EU research projects (LogistEC, CASTLE, SLOPE, DataBio) and EU H2020 SME phase I project.
A Veteran’s Advice to the Budding Entrepreneurs
In entrepreneurship, motivation and patience are the most important aspects. Any aspiring entrepreneur should have these two qualities at their highest level to achieve something extraordinary. In their initial days, it is quite normal that an entrepreneur fails in many projects/negotiations. But one needs to learn from failures and keep the courage to move on. Another most crucial aspect is the entrepreneur’s vision. An entrepreneur should have the vision and a clear roadmap for both product and business development of his/her business to reach their desired goal.

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