SEO Strategies for Dating Niche that really works in 2020

SEO Strategies

What happens when a single man or woman considers joining an online dating platform? The first action they might take is to utilize a search engine, typing something suitable into their query such as ‘dating sites’ or ‘online matchmaking.’ A typical search with these parameters would take around 0.5 seconds to produce nearly 780 million results. For any website, getting near the top of this massive list should be considered quite an achievement. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in.

Where online dating is concerned, SEO is crucial for attracting potential customers. The strategies you adopt will determine why search engines should direct singles to your website before similar ones. As well as the desktop version of a site, web developers need to consider the fact that more and more netizens are using apps or platforms proposed on to meet new people online and build strong relationships. But for this, dating sites must be adapted to modern gadgets.

Site optimization for new technologies – voice search and apps.

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A recent survey revealed 70% of under-30s use voice searches on their mobile devices, so any SEO strategy in 2020 must include optimization for this latest technology.

Measure SEO Performance

You can track how effectively your SEO strategy is performing by ordering regular SEO reports. This will provide relevant information on when your site is receiving the most traffic, where this is coming from, which pages are most visited, and so on.

Why is it necessary to use SEO Strategies for the Dating Niche?

SEO strategies are the lifeblood of the Internet – without a competent strategy, you’ll sink in those search engine rankings and no one will find you. This is especially important in a lucrative but highly competitive arena like dating. So, what are the recommendations for an effective strategy?

SEO relies on certain principles, and one of the most important is the title tag and meta description. These are elements of HTML—hypertext mark-up language—the coding that creates the displays seen in web browsers (screens). The title tag is the title of each web page – the links to the relevant site appearing in search results. This tag should use keywords (dating, singles, etc.) reflecting your content. The meta description is a 160-character summary of your website, and should cover these attributes:

  • Your brand

  • Primary keyword (dating, matching, etc.)

  • Call to action (i.e. “find a single cougar here.”)

With dating sites, images play a major role in attracting customers. The key tips are to compress images (larger ones take longer to display), link smaller ‘thumbnails’ to larger images, and include ‘Alt’ tags (descriptions for search engines, and visually-impaired site visitors.)

Other SEO strategies:

  • Internal links

  • Ensuring the best possible user experience in terms of the overall design, streamlined navigation, and how quickly your pages display.

  • Inclusion of keywords, from your URL to headings, sub-headings, and text.

  • Headings must be concise and descriptive.

  • Articles should also include ‘long-form content,’ between 700-2000 words, containing in-depth information for your customers.

  • Backlinks (links from other sites to your own) should also be cultivated. The more backlinks, the higher a page will rate in the search engine rankings.

Ways to build backlinks:

  • Submit your dating site URL to free web directories.

  • Link exchanges (link to another site; in return, that site includes a reciprocal link).

  • Article directories (write an article for a different site, including a link to your own).

  • Linkbait (write articles or pages on your site intended to attract backlinks from other sites. Ideally, make these about subjects of high interest – easy where dating is concerned, or useful dating tools/advice).

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