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SENSORO: Unifying the Physical and Digital Worlds

New inventions and latest technology is making human life a lot easier than before. A new-fangled pieces of cutting edge technologies are radically altering the use of it in today’s world. One such technology is IoT, which is connecting the world. Here comes SENSORO, with a great vision to help the human being towards the advancement with the help of cutting age, long-range low-power IoT technology. SENSORO collects offline Big Data and instruments Beacon Technology, while interacting with a mobile app.
SENSORO, a young, energetic, and innovative company perceives a global vision for leveraging the IoT to create a smarter way of living by building a more efficient and safer world. SENSORO is dedicated to deliver tightly integrated solutions to its customers around the world.
Committed to the convergence of the physical and digital world through the application of sensing technologies, SENSORO’s Alpha Product Suite delivers a comprehensive solution for implementing an easily managed and monitored IoT sensor network.
SENSORO Acknowledged the Extraordinary Value of the Technology
It was in 2012, before BLE beacon technology became popular; SENSORO recognized the extraordinary value of the technology and its ability to unite the physical and digital worlds.
And by the dawn of 2013, SENSORO was officially founded in the Microsoft Accelerator Program, becoming one of the earliest beacon technology players in the world. Shortly after Apple announced the iBeacon protocol in late 2013, SENSORO became the first company in China to be iBeacon certified. SENSORO continues to improve its beacon technology and global market sales.
SENSORO, a global leading beacon provider was one of the first batch among other beacon company supports the Google’s new Eddystone beacon protocol. SENSORO claimed day-one support of the protocol and announced compatibility with Eddystone, simultaneously with Google’s public release of the product.
SENSORO has expanded its proximity technology offerings and introduced long-range and low-power network technologies for applications collectively referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT). These include wireless environmental sensors and asset tracking devices for smart city, smart building, and industry uses.
Taking the Challenge of Offering Solutions from Scratch
SENSORO manufactures beacon devices that collect and send information via proximity interaction with mobile apps for commercial and industrial applications as well as low-power; long-range wireless sensor networks that aggregate digital data from the physical world for IoT applications like smart cities and smart buildings.
After an intensive R&D, SENSORO has developed a Series of Sensors for Environmental Monitoring, including those for detecting and monitoring a variety of air quality metrics like CO2, CO, NO2, and PM2.5. Additionally, the sensors are having the capability to detect and adjust according to the temperature, humidity and lights. They are also offering a remote water leak detector for building and irrigation applications and an asset tracking system for indoor and outdoor positioning in addition to smart building, smart city, and asset tracking solutions.
SENSORO’s Alpha Product Suite provides long-range, low-power capabilities for IoT sensor networks. Unlike other solutions that are difficult to manage and configure and are limited in range, the Alpha platform is simple to implement with an easily managed network that can span over 120 square miles while supporting thousands of sensor devices.
The network architecture is configured in a simple star topology with the base station relaying information between deployed IoT sensor devices and the centralized management platform on the network backend. The system uses a long-range, low-power IoT-WAN for exchanging data with the sensor devices, and Ethernet and 3G to exchange data with the management platform residing on the Internet or internal network.
Customer on Top of the Priority Charts
‘Customer is the King’ for SENSORO. The company offers IoT solutions to governments, businesses, individuals, and other entities, which are looking to leverage smart building, smart city, and asset tracking technologies to optimize their operations. SENSORO offers its products to city, state and federal organizations, manufacturers, and various other clients including oil and gas, warehousing and logistics, fleet management, and retail.
Unlike other solutions that are difficult to manage and configure, and that are limited in range, SENSORO’s Alpha Product Suite is a simple to implement and easily managed network that can span over 120 square miles while supporting thousands of sensor devices.
Vivian Li, a Visionary of SENSORO
Having more than 4 years of experience in C-level headhunting for Fortune 500 companies, Vivian Li, Co-founder of SENSORO is the visionary leader of SENSORO. Being the Co-Founder of SENSORO Inc. in Seattle, WA, Vivian is responsible for global sales of entire product line and, to date, has grown sales in over 75 countries.
Vivian was responsible for project recruitment at the Microsoft Accelerator in China from 2012-2014. During this time, she was on-board for more than 2,000 venture capital projects. Additionally, she continues to build and strengthen partnerships with large technology firms such as Microsoft and Google.
In July 2014, Vivian joined SENSORO as a Co-founder and managed the global market development. In the following 2 years, SENSORO partnered with more than 75 international brands, such as Sea-Tac International Airport, Microsoft, Google, MIT, and China Railway High-speed. Its products have been shipped to 75 countries.
When asked about the strategy of SENSORO for handling the competition, Vivian elaborates, “We at the cutting edge of the IoT market trends and technology developments to facilitate a quick response to any significant changes. We also maintain an efficient, flexible team and a global strategy that includes rapid product integration.”
SENSORO’s goal is to offer solutions to customers that are looking for increased revenue, better management, safer environments, less waste, and more actionable operational intelligence. “As an example, we have recently delivered environmental monitoring and asset tracking technologies for Manchester City Verve, STORM, Putrajaya – Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), and Fire Safety Department of Nanjing China. These solutions provided our customers the means of reaching a variety of different goals – from health and safety to business efficiency,” added Vivian.
IoT Industry Scenario from the Expert’s Point of View
Unlike other traditional industries, IoT is rather new. “Nevertheless, from buildings and agriculture to manufacturing and city infrastructures, IoT is changing our way of living by integrating physical “things” into a digital network where we can see them in a totally unique light,” says Vivian. The IoT industry is also facing many problems, such as a general misunderstanding of its value by traditional industries, lack of technical expertise, shortfall of governance and supply chain management, etc, she further explained. On this ground, SENSORO’s goal is also its strength – making IoT technologies more cost-effective, simple to deploy, easy to manage, and scalable with a user’s operation.
The IoT is synonymous with prosperity. Considered the next industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, it will dramatically alter manufacturing, energy, agriculture, transportation, and other industrial sectors of the economy. It is predicted that the IoT market will reach 75.4 billion in 2025(IHS forecast).
As an essential part of the IoT ecosystem, the demand for sensors will largely increase together with the whole IoT market. Meanwhile, the standardization of IPv6 and the unprecedented consumer experience that an IoT ecosystem promises are also main drivers of this industry. “SENSORO has been and will always be playing an active role in the IoT realm by staying current with market needs, technology innovations, and driving use cases that showcase our capabilities and the value of IoT applications to industries and societies globally,” asserts Vivian.
SENSORO’s Futuristic Aspect
While marching towards its glorious future, SENSORO has plans to target the smart agriculture sector. The company is expecting that its technology will cover a wide range of verticals and bring more industries and people into the world of Smart Things. In the long-term, SENSORO will also be building out their own specialized end-to-end IoT packages that include end-devices, gateways, network connectivity, as well as mobile and web-based application platforms – providing further value to IoT customers and making the technology more accessible.

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