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Aaron Breuer | Founder & CEO | SelfCAD

SelfCAD: Create Simple to Complex 3D Designs in a Jiffy

Any new technology needs patrons who understand it, can make others understand and work on it proficiently. If a technology needs to stay mainstream, it needs people who can learn and work on it. For learning, there are multiple ways like books or tutorial classes. And in today’s digital world, the best mode is to learn online through specialized software which give hands-on experience.
SelfCAD is an online CAD program that was designed for beginners in 3D Modeling,  intermediate users, B2B and B2B2C.The software was founded in 2016 and in June 2017 SelfCAD partnered with Myminifactory to allow users to have access to 3D models and also upload their designs directly from SelfCAD. By November 2017, SelfCAD was being used by hundreds of schools in the United States and the users had access to more than 25k ready to print models. Currently, it’s being used by professionals of all levels. Ranging from the beginners, intermediate users and professionals in 3D modeling not leaving behind those who import meshes and files into SelfCAD in order to modify to suit their needs.
SelfCAD has been featured as one of the best 3D modeling and design software of 2020 by All3DP. And in the list of the Best 3D modeling Software by, SelfCAD has been listed as one of the best 3D modeling software for beginners. Other popular 3D printing websites have reviewed SelfCAD and given  positive review like,, and also

We hope that most people with 3D printers will be using SelfCAD because they can design any type of 3D model and slice it too.”

Sammy Ekaran, Digital Marketer of SelfCAD explains how the company has become the go-to platform in all these years.
Brief us about the services and products that the company offers.
SelfCAD offers a professional CAD program that is easy to use and learn. With SelfCAD, you don’t need additional software for a 3D printing job to be done. Users can model, sculpt, and even slice all under one program without the need for additional software or extension. SelfCAD provides simple and easy to customize in-built Slicer that allows one to slice their designs in the cloud.
What are the unique propositions that the company offers giving it an edge over competitors?
SelfCAD is the only 3D modeling software that has combined artistic, technical and 3D printing tools in one affordable online software. Users don’t need to take weeks or months of learning SelfCAD. You can get started quickly.
SelfCAD has several unique features and tools that allow both novice and professional users to create simple and complex designs. For example, the Image generator that converts any type of Image into a 3D model. There is also the magic fix tool that automatically fixes your model to make it printable. SelfCAD also has an in-built slicer for slicing the model to prepare it for any FDM printer. It’s easier to customize the support, infill, quality, and material in this slicer based on the model being sliced when compared to other slicers. You can access your preferred 3D printer easily.
3D printing being a niche area, what are the challenges that this sector poses?
The professional CAD software is hard to learn and get started. Usually, you have to take weeks if not months before you’re to design something useful in the software. Moreover, simple and easy to use CAD software available are limited in functionality and laggy. And both of these types of programs need you to have access to multiple programs in order to have a 3D printing job done. SelfCAD has bridged this gap by being easy to use professional CAD program that can be used by professionals of all levels. It has consolidated all the features necessary for 3D printing under one program and you don’t have to switch to other programs.
3D printing is utilized by various industries. Are there any specific sectors that the company focuses on? Please share.
SelfCAD targets intermediate users in 3D modeling, hobbyist, Business to Business and also Business to business and consumer to consumer industries. It’s also being used in STEM education for teaching and learning 3D modeling. Additionally, SelfCAD is also being used to modify STL files and meshes imported from other programs. The users who need a simple and easy to customize slicer to generate the G-Code to send to their 3D printer. This is because SelfCAD runs on the cloud and there is no need for downloading.
What would be your advice for the budding start-ups and entrepreneurs in the 3D Printing industry?
3D printing is an industry that is growing very fast and in a few years almost every household will be owning a 3D printer, we predict 3D printers to be as common as paper printers. So there are a lot of opportunities people can tap. Additionally, just the way Canva has made it easier for graphic designers and Wix in web development, SelfCAD is doing the same to the 3D modeling industry and even novice users can get started easily. So this should be an encouragement to the start-ups and entrepreneurs in the 3D printing industry as this industry is advancing each day.
According to you what is that one recent development in 3D printing that could possibly be the next big trend?
Increase of 3D Printing Speed. 3D printing speed is expected to increase by 50-100X.
A major challenge in 3D printing is usually time taken for a design to be 3D printed. Depending on the type of model being 3D printed, most usually take many hours. But with the recent developments, it will be much easier to 3D print any model. This will be very useful to the hobbyist who designed models for personal use. You can easily design their models in easy-to-use programs like SelfCAD, slice them and 3D print within just a few hours.
Brief us about SelfCAD’s future perspectives.
We’re still improving SelfCAD. In a few weeks, we are adding a rendering feature.  Additionally, we are currently working on SelfCAD courses to make it easier for beginners to get started easily. We are also looking forward to more schools coming on board and using SelfCAD.
About the Leader
Aaron Breuer is SelfCAD’s President and CTO. He is the brains behind SelfCAD and directs all development. His deep understanding of the 3D modeling space and exceptional technical ability helps set SelfCAD at the head of its class.