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Sedicii : Security With Convenience

Consumers want control of their identity. They want the ability to easily see where their identity resides and then to manage and curate it. Waterford-based, Sedicii is the allied solution over it. Sedicii has developed and patented a technology that eliminates the transmission, storage and exposure of private user data during an identity verification or authentication process. This reduces identity theft, impersonation and fraud. Its technology enables users to consume digital services without having to share or expose their private data unless they choose to.
Rob Leslie, Maestro Behind Sedicii
Rob Leslie, a serial entrepreneur, is an electronics engineer by profession. Just after his graduation, he went Japan to learn how the Japanese developed and manufactured some of the best technology products in the world. For the next twenty years he held senior management positions with Datacraft Japan as Director of I.T., and as a partner in PTS Ltd. where he was Director for Systems Integration Services and also in Dell Japan, where he was part of the initial management team that launched Dell into the Japanese market and grew it to be a $300million business by the time he left. He has interests in a number of other technology and biotech companies and is also a mentor with Enterprise Ireland’s mentor network, which provides advisory services to high potential start-up companies in Ireland.
Most Secure Services
Sedicii’s protocol eliminates the need for enterprises to store user passwords. By eliminating the storage of this sensitive data, a potentially huge liability has also been removed from the enterprise. Whether it is digitizing and making the authentication process for a contact centre completely self-service, or reducing cost to the enterprise by eliminating hardware based, one-time password tokens, or through the provision of a platform that will comply with the new EU Privacy Directive, Sedicii is changing the way they deal with identity, personal data and user authentication.
Sedicii is positioning itself to take advantage of the regulatory changes so that it can leverage the benefit its technology delivers to help organizations become compliant with the new laws. By helping consumers preserve their privacy while at the same time allowing them to interact successfully with the organizations that they need to interact with, Sedicii is differentiating itself from its competitors.
Mission and Vision
Sedicii’s vision is to create a world where it is extremely hard to commit fraud on the web and get away with it. They want to make the web “trusted” by default rather than untrusted which is the way it is today and getting more so by the day.
Sedicii’s business is based on trust. To establish trust, you must build a reputation. Reputation is built on confidence.
With a very bright future ahead, Sedicii is excited to help in the fight against fraud, preventing identity theft, helping people go about their daily lives without being exposed to the risk. With the help of technology developed by Sedicii, they want to make this world a better place for everyone.
Suggestions for the New Startups
Most of us have to try doing something a number of different times before we figure out what is right. Don’t give up, keep on trying until you get succeed in it. Always invest only when it is necessary.