You are currently viewing Sedicii has won the Overall 2018 BBVA Open Talent Fintech for Future Award

Sedicii has won the Overall 2018 BBVA Open Talent Fintech for Future Award

Sedicii is excited to be the overall winner in the 2018 BBVA Open Innovation Fintech for Future Award. This comes on the back of winning the BBVA Regtech Award yesterday and also being a finalist in the Fintech for Business category. This is considered to be the top Fintech competition in the world and is a tremendous commendation for the team.
The Sedicii Zero Knowledge Proof technology has clearly captured the imagination of world Fintech leaders. The technology will power the Kriptan Identity Network which will add key GDPR and compliant capabilities to public blockchains. This ground-breaking solution will facilitate fully regulated digital and FIAT asset transfers.
CEO and Founder Rob Leslie is a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer with a proven track record in start-ups. Speaking after the announcement Rob Leslie said –
“This is fabulous news and recognition for the hard work and dedication of the entire Sedicii team! Our unique solution enables the creation of a high assurance trusted Identity ecosystem that will power new digital innovations. This award from BBVA, will open many more doors and be a further catalyst for growth and penetration across the Fintech and Regtech sector.”
The BBVA seeks new ways of taking on the future challenges facing the financial sector. They are searching for initiatives with ideas to revolutionise the way people and companies manage their data and their money and to discover the fintech solutions with the most disruptive potential in the financial services industry. For Sedicii to be recognised as the overall winner is a high accolade indeed.
Sedicii was founded in 2013 has its headquarters in the South East of Ireland in what is fast becoming the ‘Crystal Valley Hub’ of Europe.
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