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Securonix : Security Analytics. Delivered.

Why do robbers rob banks? Because that’s where the money is. Just as financial institutions have always been prime targets for traditional heists, they are also bombarded by cyber-attacks, data theft, insider abuse and fraud. That’s why financial services organizations invest heavily in cutting edge, best-of-breed security solutions like Securonix. One in three Fortune 100 financial services companies are now Securonix customers.
Securonix Solves Critical Security Problems With Behavior Analytics
Securonix was the first to apply user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) to information security and is now the industry leader in the UEBA security space. UEBA is a machine-learning capability based on a number of technical components including data analytics, data integration, data visualization and source systems analyses. Securonix solutions analyze volumes of data-at-scale to establish baselines of normal user and system behavior, and flag suspicious behavior outliers that indicate high risk of a threat. The result is a sophisticated security analytics platform that detects cyber threats, advanced persistent threats, insider threats and fraud in near real-time.
Securonix is fast becoming the next big thing in financial services security because it answers the question chief information security officers (CISOs) have been asking since day one: How do I know when something is happening in my environment that shouldn’t be?
End-to-End Security
Securonix provides the industry’s first complete, end-to-end, UEBA cyber security solution. Securonix solutions are purpose-built to mine, enrich, analyze, score and visualize data into actionable intelligence on the highest risk threats from within and outside an enterprise environment, models threats and provide complete case management. That’s end-to-end security in one place, on one platform.
There is no Perimeter. Securonix Detects Any Threat. Anywhere.
Traditional information security measures such as firewalls, access controls, security event information management systems (SEIMs) and data loss prevention (DLP) solutions are marginally effective at logging malicious intrusions, unauthorized data exfiltration and other breaches to an abstract enterprise perimeter. But the fact is, there is no perimeter and there never was.
Securonix was purpose-built to detect any threat from anywhere using sophisticated behavior analytics. Its first big win was a solution to the critical problem of insider threats. Malicious or negligent insiders pose a particular threat to organizations because they enjoy the advantage trust, legitimate credentials, familiarity with security hurdles and inside-knowledge on how to circumvent them. To counter this advantage, Securonix applies UEBA to detect insider threats automatically and accurately in near real-time. It accomplishes this by mining and analyzing a diverse set of user, system, application, security log, physical access, and even telephone activity to identify abnormal behavior associated with data theft, misuse, fraud and IT sabotage.
Since then, Securonix has worked with its customers to understand their critical security problems and expand its use cases to applications that solve them. The core technology can ingest and analyze data from any endpoint and is flexible enough to adapt to the evolving threat landscape. The Securonix team has worked with the world’s leading enterprises in finance, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology to develop robust enterprise-class security analytics solutions for:

  • Insider Threat Detection
  • Behavior Analytics
  • Trade Surveillance
  • Fraud Detection
  • Data Security
  • Privileged Account Analytics
  • Application Security
  • Identity & Access Analytics
  • Cyber Security Analytics

Recent Advancements
This year, Securonix released SNYPR, a security analytics platform that transforms big data into actionable security intelligence. It delivers the proven power of Securonix analytics with the speed, scale, and affordable, long-term storage of Hadoop in a single, out-of-the box solution.
SNYPR fulfills the promise of big data for security by detecting the most complex, unknown, and impactful internal and external threats with a data-driven approach that is purpose built for security analytics. The result is a groundbreaking new threat detection capability that harnesses the power of big data environments.
Global Influence
Securonix is experiencing tremendous growth and expansion across the global market. This year, the company opened new offices in London and Bangalore, an Asian hub for many of the globe’s largest multinational organizations, one third of which are Securonix customers.
“India and the greater Asian region is one of the fastest growing markets in the world,” says Securonix CEO Sachin Nayyar. “As the largest and most influential global enterprises expand throughout the region, we’ll be right there beside them to deliver the threat prevention and detection capabilities they need to protect themselves against the most advanced threats.”
The Road Ahead
In July of 2016, Securonix announced the launch of its channel partner and alliance program, Cyber Path Alliance. The company will deliver its solutions to the market exclusively through Cyber Path Alliance member organizations.
The move to focus sales on a 100 percent channel-driven strategy comes after Securonix’s early success with solid channel partners. The company’s rapid growth is due in large part to its partner ecosystem that boasts some of the largest technology resellers and integrators in the world.
The White Hat Against Cyber Crime
Securonix was co-founded by CEO Sachin Nayyar and CTO Tanuj Gulati.
Nayyar drives the vision and overall strategy at Securonix. Previously, he was CEO of VAAU, a company he founded and led until its acquisition by Sun Microsystems. Nayyar is a renowned thought leader in areas of risk, regulations, identity and access, compliance and governance. In 2016, he was named “visionary CEO of the year” by the prestigious CEO World Awards.
Gulati is a thought leader in security applications of big data analytics. He leads engineering and product management at Securonix. Internally, he is known as the “Chief Inventor” of the company’s most innovative solutions.