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Secured2 Corporation: Going Beyond Encryption to Secure You

The Cyber Security Industry is in the toughest spot more than ever, and below statistics complement the fact; 56000000 from the large retailer, 145000000from the large online retailer, 76000000 from multinational bank and 70000000 records were stolen from the large consumer store. The problem promoted by today’s security firms are simply not working. Enters Secured2 Corporation.Founded with the mission of securing their customers’ data and developing cutting-edge solutions that prevent data theft, Secured2 has achieved a significant feat over the years.
Based out of Minneapolis Minnesota, Secured2 has created the new paradigm of data security that addresses current threats (over the wire & at rest) and prevents emerging threats like (Hacking with Quantum Computing & advanced Super Computing). A patented ‘Shrink, Shred, Secure & Restore’ methodology at the heart of Secured2, makes data impossible for hackers to access or penetrate because the data is ‘shred & spread’ in many locations of a customer’s choosing (multiple clouds, hybrid or local using multiple VM’s).
Flexibility at its Best
Built into the largest cloud platform in the world; Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, the company’s data security advantages are flexible at its best and from which it provides groundbreaking security to the apps that customers use from Microsoft each day. Secured2 is integrated into Office 365 email, Exchange Email, older versions of Outlook / Outlook 2016 and they have just launched a new product with Microsoft called DepositBox. Depositbox is an easy to use drag & drop storage container and is your ‘digital safety deposit box’ where data simply cannot get hacked. It’s the ideal application for wills, trusts, family pictures, and your financial information. Whatever you don’t want anyone to see, access or hack. As well, Secured2 just launched a new Data Security API that allows Microsoft Azure customers to build Secured2into their own applications. Both Secured2Depositbox and the new Secured2 API can be found in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.
A High-tech Industry Leader of Action
Daren Klum, the Founder and CEO has been in the high-tech industry most of his career. He is known for his innovative thinking, problem solving and ability to develop solutions to problems most say are impossible. Daren’s brilliance in software & hardware has been behind the companies he’s founded. Daren’s first startup Hardcore Computer (now LiquidCool Solutions) is where he invented & developed the fastest PC in the world Hardcore Reactor with over 10 industry firsts, the world’s fastest server the LSS 200 and developed a submersion cooling system that eliminates the air-cooling infrastructure found in today’s data centers.
Daren and his business partner worked for over 5 years developing the core concepts, technologies, patents, and security platform that is behind Secured2 Corporation. Daren prides himself on being a data security outsider, because he believes the establishment is a big part of the problem. Change can’t happen in big machines where the status quo lives. It must come from the risk taker, the innovator and the team willing to do what it takes to make the impossible, possible. That’s just what Daren and his team have done.
Keeping up to Speed with the Market
Secured2’ strategies revolve around keeping up to speed with the market and their relationship with Gartner. It’s literally yet truly impossible to stay on top of all the trends, threats, problems, and that’s the reason one needs to lean on companies like Gartner that can do the research for you and help you quickly understand where things are heading and why. AtSecured2, their uniqueness comes from their approach to the problems they solve for the customers and that’s why Secured2always goes for innovative solutions and things that nobody has done before, and this includes going in a totally opposite direction from the market.
Building the Very First Solution with Proof
Today, there is no existing solution which can ‘prove’ that it’s secure and even encryption is not exceptional. So to build the first solution with ‘proof’ is a very, very big deal, and this is what Secured2 has done. “So I think the fact we think out of the box, can prove what we do is secure and that it can be built into any platform in the world is pretty dang unique. Especially, in a market that keeps regurgitating encryption systems that are not working,” asserts Daren. Other than a layer of AES encryption, Secured2 has built every tool from the scratch to meet today’s security standards like HIPAA. Given the ability, they have to prove that something is secure and the only ‘risk’ ultimately becomes the person who you give access to the data. To solve this issue, Secured2 has partners that can do user monitoring and for this there are alarms if behavior falls out of the norms or location of doing business.
Promising Future of Secured2
With the pace, Secured2has been growing, the future holds a promising picture for the company. “The future of Cyber Security is going to be our technology married with Artificial Intelligence. By adding a layer of intelligence to our solution we will be able to start having a gate keeper that can watch users like a baby sitter. The only difference is this babysitter can know in a nanosecond if something is right or wrong. So we see artificial intelligence playing a big role in upcoming solutions we develop and this is on our roadmap as we grow,” concludes Daren.

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