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Richard Blech | CEO & Founder | Secure Channels Inc.

Secure Channels Inc.: Enabling Authentic Data Security Solutions for Everyone

Privacy has always been crucial subject of discussion and data privacy is the main concern for today’s advanced world. From saving data to cloud storage to send a simple office/personal mail, everything which consists information is data and data could be used in favor and against of anyone. Recognizing the importance of data security and with the intention to bring innovative solutions, Secure Channels Inc. is enabling enterprises to protect their data in more secure way than ever before.
In today’s data-centric world, Secure Channels’ mission is to provide users access to the latest and most innovative data protection and user authentication tools and make them easy to access and use. The company wants organizations to be able to confidently control the security of their data to protect against today’s threats and those in the not so distant future – such as Quantum Computing. Its offerings agnostically protect any and all forms of data, whether in-transit or at-rest, not just build a fortress around data. The organization appeals to enterprise IT administrators by making user experience as simple and seamless as possible. It thinks of this as “no friction encryption”.
Efficiency through Proficiency 
Secure Channels in a leading-edge software development firm focused on innovation and the research and development of new methods of data protection and secure access to data. Its portfolio includes a number of patented encryption and data security processes. The company’s quantumresilient encryption is stronger, lighter, and faster and provides superior flexibility in being able to user and deploy encryption in almost any environment. Secure Channels approach is to “secure every channel” of digital communication and develop easy-to-use products that secure computers, email, file systems, streaming media, databases, and IoT devices. Secure Channels has been at Black Hat, RSA, Oracle and Sundance as well as a dozen more trade shows. Speaking and presenting at events and demonstrating use cases. The company has received awards locally as well as internationally against much bigger companies.
A Visionary
Everything starts with the technology. Small steps, talk to the market, listen to the market, build the tech, prove the tech and the rest will take care of itself. This is the work module followed by Richard Blech, a visionary, who is the CEO and Founder of Secure Channels.
The news of Edward Snowden’s revelations back in 2012 that National Security Agency was spying on American citizen gave Richard great cause for concern, as they likely did to every American, with regards to the people’s inalienable rights to privacy. With those revelations and concerns about what governments are capable of, he felt strongly that there needed to be more innovation in the field of cybersecurity and specifically around cryptography. Ultimately, a person or organizations ability to control their private data should be in their hands and not that of any government body.
Passion Driven Workplace 
Richard loves coming to work and tries to lead by example. He aims to hire people who are passionate about technology and understand how they can use it in order to protect themselves from cybercrime. As a company, Secure Channels tries to foster a very collaborative atmosphere and one that rewards a competitive spirit. Its softball team made the play-offs last season and it has some great ping-pong matches late on Fridays.
Spreading Awareness 
Secure Channels is continually approaching to educate the general public on the importance of cybersecurity regardless of industry or size. It is constantly posting articles on its website for the purpose of awareness. Education and training are critically important in the fight against cybercrime, as well as having the tools at disposal to make a significant difference. Reinforcing that prevention is still the best medicine is something the company advocates consistently. At CloudEXPO this year, Secure Channels presented on the topics of Cloud Security and IoT security with the goal of educating its audience on the risk and best practices associated with securing each of these environments.
Compatible Solutions 
Secure Channels’ solutions enable organizations to better protect their data from cybercriminals and breaches. Its solutions offer superior post-quantum resilient encryption, key management, and identity & access management options to organizations, which value their data, and their customers’ data, and would prefer to invest in prevention than remediation. The company makes its solutions available to both OEM Software/Hardware manufacturers as integratable components, and to end users as SaaS or downloadable packaged solutions.
Secure Channels allows businesses to fully embrace their move toward digitalization and secure both their data-inmotion and data-at-rest with stronger/faster post quantum resilient encryption, encryption key management, and identity management and access solutions. The solutions also address today’s existing and forthcoming data security and regulatory compliance requirements, while being built with future threats in mind. To make its solutions available to the widest possible audience Secure Channels makes its OEMintegratable solutions available for Java/Oracle Runtime, C++ and Microsoft. NET environments and compatible with IBM Aspera and FPGA-based hardware. Additionally, it leverages services from multiple public cloud providers to maximize redundancy and availability. The company’s technology is providing an immediate point of competitive differentiation in securing streaming media and IoT devices.
Stepping to Lead
Innovative software development and solid ecosystem partnerships drive Secure Channels’ strategy to become a leader in its space, and at the forefront of securing data in a post-quantum world. Strategically and tactically, it is taking the approach of partnering with major enterprise companies that it aligns with, such as IBM, Thales and Amazon Web Services in a bi-directional relationship that enable robust delivery of the company’s solutions and services on a global scale. By providing both packaged solutions as well as licensing integratable security components, the company is able to maximize the Total Addressable Market for its products and make anyone a Secure Channels customer.
Peer Review Comments Regarding Patented Technology XOTIC® 
“The design of XOTIC is quite original…we conclude that the substitution table generation of XOTIC has no weaknesses.” – KU Leuven University
 “The large key size of the XOTIC encryption algorithm results in a large security margin. In order to break the XOTIC cipher attackers would need insurmountable computing power which nobody will be able to demonstrate in our lifetime or come up with new, effective attacking methods which nobody has demonstrated to be close to having at this point of time.” – Cryptographers: Dr. Lars R. Knudsen, Professor Department of Mathematics, Technical University of Denmark & Dr. Bart Preneel, Professor at Katholieke University Leuven
“Furthermore, the key sizes considered remain extremely high: we do not foresee the brute-force search to become a threat of any practical importance, even when the dial is minimum.” – Dr. Leo Perrin and Dr. Alex Biryukov