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SECURaGLOBE : Protecting Your People,Property and Information

Crime prevention”, “Technical surveillance counter-measures”, “Forensic investigation”, It sounds like a cop show, but it’s all in a day’s work for security specialist Rene Beaulieu.
A security professional for over 25 years, Beaulieu has seen it all. He can talk about everything from why a structure is vulnerable to break-in, to how to tell when a witness is lying, to the best way to protect a visiting rock star.
Internationally certified in investigation, protective services, tactical communications and video surveillance, Beaulieu is also a highly sought-after speaker, and shares his experiences with security organizations, training colleges and universities across North America.
Rene Beaulieu: Security Virtuoso behind SECURaGLOBE
Rene Beaulieu, Founder of SECURaGLOBE Solutions, started his company in 2001 with headquarters in the United States and Canada. The outfit grew steadily, and now employs a full team of certified protection professionals, fraud examiners, and forensic video technicians. These experts allow SECURaGLOBE to cover the entire security spectrum -from security systems, CCTV, and environmental design for crime prevention, to threat risk assessments, investigations and forensics. The company now provides solutions for businesses, celebrities, and government agencies around the world.
Vendor-agnostic Experts
“Our goal is to reduce an organization’s risk vulnerability,” says Beaulieu. “Because we implement solid contingency planning, we ultimately lower their overall costs. It’s a big value-add.”
The company’s strategy is simple. The team first assesses the client’s situation, analyzing not only the physical layout, but also the emotional and behavioral environment of the organization. They then evaluate existing and emerging technologies to devise a specific solution that addresses the client’s unique needs.
“With the depth of our team and the breadth of our training, we’re able to offer ourselves as vendor-agnostic experts,” says Beaulieu.
Future Vista
In recent years, the global demand for court quality video evidence spurred SECURaGLOBE to launch a specialized video unit. Beaulieu believes that video represents the future of good security, given that society is quickly adopting images as the greatest form of individual accountability. The key is to provide good quality images, and Beaulieu says that’s what sets SECURaGLOBE apart from its competitors.
“We see far too many six o’clock news stories where police are trying to identify an individual but the video quality is just too poor,” says Beaulieu. “In those cases, little or no consideration was given to proper system selection, placement and installation, and the client was left with disappointing results.”
Suggestions for Startups
It’s been nearly 15 years since Beaulieu launched his company, but he still remembers the lean years. He’s full of optimism for new startups, however, and believes there is room for anyone with a passion for success.
“My advice for new startups is to focus your business,” says Beaulieu. “Clients these days are looking for expertise, and they’ll pick a specialist over a jack-of-all-trades.”