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Secrets of success of top gambling site CEOs

Online gambling has become a huge success story in recent years. The industry is worth a massive $66.7 billion and is expected to continue its dramatic rise.

There are many compelling reasons for the industry’s achievements.
Chief among them is the convenience and security online gaming presents to its subscribers. Internet access and confidence in online activity have increased immensely in recent years.
But online gambling sites need to have practical and imaginative leadership to meet the ongoing demand for their services. Applied management, design skills and technical proficiency are all essential parts of the equation.
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The CEOs of top Gambling Sites
Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson is the CEO of Paddy Power Betfair. In the course of his work with the group, he aims to provide players with a complete entertainment experience.
Jackson has been chief executive since 2018 and has helped to keep the company on a steady track. With a background in banking and financial services, he has been perfectly placed to offer effective business leadership.
Jackson is keen to stress the importance of online activity sports entertainment. He has pointed to recent changes in the US that have cleared the way for states to legalize betting.
Paddy Power Betfair has taken advantage of this by agreeing on a deal with the New Jersey based Meadowlands racetrack and casino. This has widened the site’s potential reach and scope.
Visitors to the website can play a wide variety of games including classic casino games such as roulette and blackjack. The site also offers popular themed games like Rome: The Golden Age and Age of the Gods.
What we can learn
Successful business leaders need to have a combination of curiosity and confidence. This, plus an exceptional ability to get the best out of their team, will offer the most profitable results.
Jackson has displayed this in abundance and looks set to continue this demonstrably successful form of leadership.
Anyone looking to emulate him would be well advised to keep learning and provide diverse and innovative products and services.
Denise Coates
The CEO of Bet365 Denise Coates has enjoyed an excellent run of success with the company. Sharing chief executive duties with her brother John, she is known for her wide experience in gambling platforms and original ideas.
Coates first trained as an accountant before managing her father’s chain of betting shops and then selling them on. She was quick to notice the potential of online gambling business and bought the domain Bet365 in 2000 and launched the website the following year.
Despite strong competition from other gambling sites in the UK, Coates and Bet 365 managed to devise a strong strategy. They did this with compelling ideas such as welcome bonuses for new players.
The company also managed to instil a sense of confidence in players new to online gambling. This was due to the fact it was linked to land-based companies at a time when many online groups were not.
Tips to takeaway
Bet 365 is today one of the best-known names in online gambling. Much of its success can be put down to Coates. She is today worth around $6.5 billion, making her the richest British CEO.
Coates’s career to date has shown the importance of showcasing ideas that help to stand out from the crowd. At the beginning of Bet 365, she also showed patience and poise, securing bank loans to set the company up.
People looking to learn from her could pay attention to the fact that she is not someone who looks for the limelight. Instead, she works diligently, remains patient and creates incredibly successful projects.
Jason Robins
DraftKings’s co-founder and CEO Jason Robins is certainly someone on a mission. A recent surge in the value of the shares of the sports betting company saw Robins’ personal wealth top $1.1 billion.
Robins co-founded DraftKings with Paul Lieberman and Matthew Kalish in 2011.
A love of fantasy sports games provided the spark for the first inception of DraftKings.
After an unsuccessful merger with FanDuel in 2017, DraftKings concentrated its efforts on sports gambling. It was rewarded for this foresight in 2018 when it launched the first online sportsbook outside of Nevada.
The New Jersey based operation has since emerged as one of the leading sportsbook operations in the United States.
Lessons to learn
Anyone looking to emulate Robins’ success with DraftKings should remember that it pays to work on something you love. Robins’ passion for sports and fantasy leagues was the driving force behind the growth of the company.
If ambitious entrepreneurs apply an idea with firm belief and motivation, they have a greater chance of success.
Being a successful CEO, especially in the volatile world of online gambling, requires persistence and the ability to know when to take a risk. As all of these leading figures demonstrate, a belief in yourself and the central business idea is essential.

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