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Secrets Of Optimum Return On Investment

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, you hit the wall with your arms, then it returns with equal pain and heat. The universe is like an uncompleted building if you find yourself in this place and echo a word or two, for example, “I love you”, the same voice will return the saying, “I love you”. Sometimes you may be asking, why you were not able to get an equal return on your investment, to interfere with your thinking, but with glare of ease; Did you take enough time to calculate the possible requirements, hurdles and time it will take to reach your destination, prior to venturing into your goal?
If yes; then you need to understand that, the universe always answers every request but most of the time, it may come late, only then, you are expected to learn to exercise patience.
Learn to work for the future, decline instant gratification for long-term gain
Plan with a Learning Spirit:-
When setting a goal, the first action to deal with should focus on active and well-outlined planning. It’s known that “He who does not plan to win, is planning to fail”. The most effective form of planning is such where you remember to keep a room for improvement, there must be righteous criticism which will only cause the betterment of your goals more than it can cause a loss.
Focus On Your Potentials:-
Invest where you feel competent to face the challenges, nothing harms business like being “jack of all trades”, learn to channel your resources to the current goal, finish one thing before trying another.
Be the best in one than half with many
The most successful people in life had one thing in common, all were constantly ready to exploit their potential abilities, they took the time to realize what they are very good at, then tried to develop them very well. Since it worked for them, it will work for you as well.
Optimism In Impossibilities:-
Though it may sound odd, but it’s the practical way to the line. No one said that it will always go smooth and as expected, a time will always come when the difficulties will set in, you will be hit with a heavy punch, failure will knock frequently on your door post but how you handle this failure is what that matters and likely makes the difference.
Expect the best in everything, even when there is no promise of betterment
The moment you learn to always be optimistic, then you will have a limited number of hurdles to face in the course of full realization of anything you plan to do. Investment most times looks so promising at the starting point, but tend to swerve in-between, so it’s more advised that you keep the end-time expectation at the forefront at all time, this will go a long way in showering you with motivation to keep thriving.
Exercise Patience and Be Diligent: – The most common melting point of most investment is the time, the investor, is waiting for a long time with no returns, then he/she feels depressed and at times regret sets in. The excelling point is to keep the spirit high if it always goes well then it doesn’t worth. Every investor must be ready to wait years without a single return because the time it takes to mature most cases determines the duration of its existence. If your investment grows quickly today like the beauty of women, then it will fade away tomorrow under the flair of the slight sun. Keep the hard work going and remember that every effort counts, if not now, then one day.
Invest Time In Prayers: – The hardest task for most businessmen is the time for prayers. They are always busy, the thoughts within their mind always go like; if I work more than 10 hours a day then I am sure, my business will excel. Hard work and more time in your business are very much welcome, but if you involve the supernatural being who knows tomorrow, then I think, you will have better and flourishing experience in your business.
Imagine, you know how tomorrow will be? Then I believe you will plan smart
This concept is what we try to do each time we involve the supernatural, he knows tomorrow, he is there before us and can help us experience a more fruitful moment in case he is involved.
Investment differs according to people. What I value most might be categorized minimal in your list, so whatever is your most critical point in life, learn to implement most of the above-listed suggestions. The interesting thing is that they have been put into practice and the returns were amazing.
We live only once, so let’s live life fully and be fruitful.

By – Chidiebere Moses Ogbodo