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Seceon: A Strong Open Threat Management Platform for Cyber Security

In an age of digital disruption, businesses are finding it more and more difficult to protect themselves against cybersecurity threats. Old methods simply aren’t sufficient in the modern era. One company that makes this much easier for businesses to accomplish is Seceon.
Seceon uniquely solves modern day cybersecurity challenges by providing complete visibility of all assets and its interactions in the organization, and rapid detection and elimination of threats, while minimizing costs, staff bandwidth constraints and performance impact.
Seceon’s platform uses patent-pending predictive analytics, machine learning, and dynamic threat models with behavioral analytics to automatically generate prioritized threat alerts in real-time, providing IT teams with both the ability to detect and respond to the threats before critical data is exfiltrated.
The company’s solutions are targeted at enterprises and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), the latter of which use Seceon to deliver affordable, integrated security services to small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) and enterprises.
An Inspirational Leader 
Chandra Pandey, the Founder and CEO of Seceon, is renowned for developing innovative cybersecurity solutions. With his team of experts in cybersecurity, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), fast/big data streaming and dynamic threat modeling, he has spearheaded development of Seceon’s award-winning, comprehensive cybersecurity platform for the digital era.
As Seceon’s CEO, he works closely with customers to define and address the problems, implications, and solutions of defending corporate assets in today’s highly-connected enterprise. Chandra holds multiple patents in application virtualization, highly scalable data center architecture, scalable multicast distribution and power optimization for high performance computers.
Before Seceon, Chandra was General Manager and Vice President of Platform Solutions at BTI Systems (now Juniper Networks). He led a global team through the creation, development and launch of the Intelligent Secure Cloud Connect platform to more than 20 Web 2.0-focused customer deployments in less than 18 months. Chandra has also held senior leadership roles at Juniper Networks, Internet Photonics (Ciena), Lucent and 3Com (HP).
The Open Threat Management Platform 
The OTM Platform is the industry’s first and only fully automated, real-time threat detection and remediation software platform empowering enterprises to respond to security threats in real-time and eliminate them in minutes.
It provides the zero-trust security businesses require in today’s digital era.
The platform uses elastic compute power to develop behavioral analytics, advanced machine learning, AI with proprietary feature engineering and anomaly detection algorithms, without a need to establish rules. Seceon OTM has been designed to work independently as well as a complementary to other security solutions, such as, nextgeneration firewalls, endpoint solutions, IPS, and so on. It is an integrated solution that covers a broad threat spectrum of use-cases, such as insider threats, ransomware/malware/spyware, denial of service, data/IP exfiltration, APTs, vulnerability exploits, web exploits, IDS, and more.
Seceon offers two solutions based on the OTM Platform:
Seceon aiSIEM™ goes beyond using log data, simple analysis for correlation of events, and applying rules to enhance an organization’s security posture. It ingests raw streaming data from a variety of sources to provide comprehensive visibility into an organization’s security posture at any time. Machine learning handles large data volumes in conjunction with contemporary big data frameworks efficiently and is able to adapt to any environment dynamically upon deployment for deep data analysis.
An AI algorithm helps to bolster cybersecurity by generating meaningful alerts with improved accuracy from scores of threat indicators analyzed by the security professionals and producing actionable intelligence for threat containment and elimination in real-time.
Seceon aiMSSP™ provides MSSPs the ability to offer outsourced security services, which includes 24×7 security monitoring, threat intelligence, detection and remediation in real-time, at nominal and predictable linear costs. It encompasses aiSIEMTM, aiSOCTM (security operations center) services and aiMDRTM for threat detection and response in a single solution.
The aiMSSP’s SOC-in-a-Box capabilities allow MSSPs to expand the service offerings while bringing advanced threat detection and mitigation capabilities to small-to-medium businesses. Additionally, its state-of-the- art distributed architecture runs at scale while automatic threat remediation and containment brings greater level of operational efficiency to the MSSP SOC team.
Initial Strategy 
As a 100% channel-driven company, Seceon faced challenges stemming from partners’ processes and approvals requiring longer cycles to reach customer engagement. Over time, they learned how to identify better partners that are equally vested in accomplishing Seceon’s goals. Working closely with these partners has enabled Seceon to improve their processes, sharpen their communications, and simplify onboarding.
Secondly, as a self-funded startup outside of the Silicon Valley and VC universe, it faced challenges generating visibility and credibility for their unique approach. However, because the company’s solution is fast and easy to deploy and incredibly effective at accurately detecting and stopping threats, customers’ responses are always overwhelming positive once they have an opportunity to access the product. Today enterprises of all sizes use Seceon to defeat known and new cyberattacks.
Future Roadmap 
Through customer research, Seceon has identified an enormous unmet need to protect small-to-medium-sized businesses of limited resources, who tend to be highly vulnerable to even the least sophisticated of attacks. Often, these smaller enterprises turn to MSSPs for expertise and protection.
In the coming years, Seceon will remain focused on providing the ability for organizations of any size or technical talent to protect critical data from loss or damage.