You are currently viewing Seceon: Empowering Enterprises and MSSPs to Proactively Detect and Stop Known and Unknown Threats in Real-Time

Seceon: Empowering Enterprises and MSSPs to Proactively Detect and Stop Known and Unknown Threats in Real-Time

Today’s organizations are too slow to identify and stop cyber threats from inflicting damage once the organization is breached. The demand to detect and respond to breaches in real-time spurred development of Seceon’s innovative Open Threat Management (OTM) platform and the company’s mission to empower enterprises to detect, respond to and eliminate all known and new cyber-threats.
Seceon developed an automated approach that deploys analysis of all traffic, flows and processes in and out of the network and correlates them near-simultaneously with behavioral analytics, recognized and zero-day exploits and policies to identify threats and proposed responses in near real-time. Moreover, this approach can easily be deployed within a few short hours in any size organization with little to no cybersecurity expertise required of an enterprise or service provider staff.
Introducing Highly Reliable Safety Solutions
Seceon is focused on enabling organizations to see cyber threats clearly and quickly, stop threats from inflicting extensive damage through surgical containment and elimination and to predict insider attacks through behavioral threat detection modeling and machine learning.
Seceon’s OTM Platform empowers Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) and enterprises to detect and eliminate or contain all known and unknown threats in real-time. The platform consumes raw data (packets, logs, flows and identities, etc.) and extracts features from it all to provide;

  • Comprehensive visibility of all the assets (applications, services, users and hosts)
  • Proactive threat detections (driven by dynamic threat models, machine learning and AI with actionable intelligence)
  • Automated containment/elimination of threats in real-time
  • Continuous Compliance and Reporting

Innovator of Seceon
Chandra Pandey is the founder and CEO of Seceon. He is an expert in data center architecture and highly scalable network solutions, and a proven business leader with more than 20 years of experience developing and marketing innovative technology solutions. Before founding Seceon, Chandra was General Manager and Vice President of Platform Solutions at BTI Systems. He led a global team through the creation, development and launch of the Intelligent Secure Cloud Connect platform to more than 20 Web 2.0-focused customer deployments in less than 18 months. Chandra has also held senior leadership roles at Juniper Networks, Internet Photonics (Ciena), Lucent and 3Com (HP).
Chandra is an inspirational leader, empowering his team to take on the continually evolving cybersecurity challenges facing businesses today, creating a new market category in the process. Chandra has recruited some of the best talent in the industry with the passion and drive to build “Cybersecurity Done RIGHT,” assembling experts in machine leaning, AI, big data, networking, security modeling and user experience.
Source of Motivation to become Cybersecurity Expert
Personally affected in 2015 by a data breach and the loss of private identity and credit card information, Seceon’s founders were quick to realize that conventional perimeter and half-measure behavioral cybersecurity approaches were incapable of protecting the enterprise from inevitable attack. A new approach was needed to help organizations see and stop threats the moment they happen instead of hours, days or months later.
Unmatched Offerings that Put Seceon Apart
Seceon’s OTM Platform provides the industry’s first and only fully-automated threat detection and remediation software system. Its subscription-based, environment-agnostic solution detects all forms of threats as they happen, without the need of human intervention, and automatically stops them in minutes.
Seceon’s solutions are unique in the following ways:

  • It can detect known, as well as never seen zero-day threats leveraging an advanced data collection and analysis, machine learning, patent-pending predictive and behavioral analytics.
  • Its architecture can process billions of inputs and generate correlated outputs of all related threat behavior in seconds. Allows for improved threat detection while minimizing false positives, it also reduces the number of threat activities that have to be analyzed.
  • It’s fully automated, utilizing dynamic rule sets, meaning it never needs new rules to be added, never needs tuning, and never needs to be monitored – it does the analysis and reports the findings automatically in emails, texts.
  • It stops the threat. Dynamically writes rules to firewalls and switches to stop connectivity of compromised devices. Disables compromised or malicious insider’s credentials, as well as isolate the device with exfiltrated data.

Benefits for Seceon Clients
Gaining notoriety as an affordable, comprehensive solution that detects, responds to and eliminates threats in real-time, Seceon is suitable for organizations of any size or security expertise, providing:

  • A single application that identifies both known and zero-day threats.
  • Automated detection and response – automatically detects and stops threats as they appear, while filtering out non-critical issues.
  • Human-independent operation –automatically notifies staff of critical alerts, directs actions, or automates actions to contain the threat.
  • Immediate-ROI – by stopping attackers the same day they begin their active attack, Seceon can save companies tens of millions spent annually addressing data loss while dramatically reducing the number of cybersecurity tools required.

Future Roadmap of Seceon
Seceon will continue to provide the ability for a company of any size or technical talent, to have access to its technology to better protect critical data from loss or damage. As Seceon evolves as a company, it will continue to develop as a leader in cybersecurity, while empowering its customer base to detect and stop all known and new cyber threats. The company will continue to innovate and expand its solution, investing in an approach that involves a combination of machine learning and SaaS model, to stay one step ahead of the challenges in the security industry’s future.
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