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Seceon: Detecting and Stopping Threats that Matter

Cyber security has now become one of the most discussed things in the digital universe. Despite investing vast amounts of resources on cyber security solutions, data breaches are increasing every day, and the traditional methods to solve these breaches are flawed, requiring people to use a variety of complex tools to identify and stop threats. The problem with this approach is that 95% of attacks exfiltrate or corrupt data within just a few hours of a breach, which gives hardly enough time for experts to react.  An advanced cyber-security threat management startup, Seceon, recognized this flaw and developed an innovative disruptive solution by establishing an approach that deploys analysis of all traffic, logs, flows, identity data and processes in and out of the network and correlates them near-simultaneously with behavioral analytics. The company recognizes threats, zero-day exploits and policies to surface threats and propose responses in near record real-time. Moreover, the security measures can be deployed within a few shorts hours in any size organization with little to no cybersecurity expertise required of enterprise or service provider staff.
A Proven Undisputed Business Leader
Chandra Pandey is the Founder and CEO of Seceon. He is an expert in data center architecture and highly scalable network solutions, and a proven business leader with experience of more than twenty years in developing and marketing innovative technology solutions. Before founding Seceon, Chandra served BTI Systems as a General Manager and Vice President of Platform Solutions for a brief period. He led a global team through the creation, development and launch of the Intelligent Secure Cloud Connect platform to more than 20 Web 2.0─focused customer deployments in less than 18 months. Additionally, Chandra has held senior leadership roles at companies like Juniper Networks, Internet Photonics (Ciena), Lucent and 3Com (HP).
While serving Juniper, he led the worldwide Solutions Architecture & Engineering teams and was also responsible for delivering integrated security solutions for Juniper’s enterprise, service provider, managed service organization and major OEM partners, driving billions of dollars in revenue for the company. Chandra is an inspirational leader, who is always empowering his team to take on the continually evolving cybersecurity challenges that businesses face nowadays and in the process created a new market category. As the CEO of Seceon, Chandra works closely with customers to define and address the problems, implications, and solutions of defending corporate assets in today’s highly-connected enterprise.
A Different Cyber Security Solution Provider
When it comes to tackling competition, Seceon’s strategy is to differentiate itself from others. Seceon’s Open Threat Management (OTM) platform provides the industry’s first and only fully-automated threat detection and remediation software platform. The platform helps customers detect threats as they happen and enables them to take immediate automated action on all those threats.  Seceon’s unique platform is also capable of handling millions of inputs from logs and flows and correlates all those together into actionable alerts that can be put into action automatically or manually. Thanks to its ability to scale at speed, the platform can process data in real time, ingesting and running threat models through DRAM; updating and activating these models within minutes through advanced correlation with intelligent application of machine learning—and therefore “see” how systems talk to each other. This capability allows the system to look for anomalies and correlate them to get full view while minimizing false positives and then triggers easy to understand alerts with associated appropriate actions for elimination and remediation.
On the other hand, Seceon’s competitors take a linear approach into ingesting and analyzing data. Seceon’s in-memory, fast analytics processing enables a more global approach; ingesting and analyzing data in real-time while correlating with information about existing threats or zero-day exploits to deliver prioritized threat alerts to IT analysts on staff or with an MSSP. According to the organization, there’s no other company in the market that can automatically provide threat alerts and immediate, automated remediation without any human intervention, thereby dramatically speeding up the time it takes to identify and stop an attack and prevent data loss with financial implications.
Empowering Enterprises to Detect and Stop Cyber Attacks
The company’s main mission and vision is empowering all its clients to detect and stop all existing and new cyber threats. Seceon wants all of its clients, regardless of their size or depth of technical talent, to have access to its technology in order to protect critical data from loss or damage. Seceon’s mission is as focused on creating and continuing long-term relationships with its clients as it is about empowering and protecting them.
Each quarter the organization launches a major release with improvement to the organization’s platform in order to meet growing needs of clients.
When the Culture and Leadership Team are the Two Biggest Factors
One of the biggest factors that can be attributed to Seceon’s success is the culture of the company. Seceon’s culture is one of passion for work and constantly striving to improve. This culture is embodied by its team of employees, and allows them to be motivated and make a difference. Another factor in Seceon’s success is the strength of its leadership team members, who have decades of diverse experience. The massive experience allows Seceon to move in the right direction and to be prepared for the future. The organization’s leadership coupled with its mission of empowering customers, drives Seceon to be successful.
Lastly, the organization attributes all its success to its approach in the industry. Seceon’s approach and platform is completely different and unique from anything else in the market, which will eventually allow the company to separate itself from the rest.
Preparing for the Future
Seceon believes that cybersecurity is one of the most prominent issues and concerns for organizations of all sizes, and for their customers as well. Businesses are challenged to address this issue by finding automated, affordable, fast and effective enterprise-class cybersecurity solutions that don’t require extensive and resource intensive human intervention to analyze, detect, respond to, remediate and report threats before they cause extensive damage and loss.
However, the good news is Seceon is well-equipped to address these issues and empowers enterprises of any size to have comprehensive cybersecurity solution for a digital era. With 12 patents pending, the platform automates data collection, analysis, and correlation with behaviors and threat models using machine learning for real-time detection and remediation. Finally, it provides companies with proverbial virtual security analyst, regardless of environment or technology experience. Seceon OTM Platform can see and stop all threats proactively without any human intervention.
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