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Seceon: Cybersecurity Done RIGHT

We live in a world where almost every facet of our lives is connected to the internet to some degree. Unfortunately, this ubiquitous relationship with the online realm is an increasingly attractive target for individuals and groups with ill intent.
Cyber attacks have become one of the biggest nuisances and most potent threats that individuals, organizations, and governments have to contend with today.
Into this scenario comes Seceon, a company focused on empowering organizations to recognize cyber threats clearly and quickly, prevent damage using surgical containment, and to predict insider attacks through behavioral threat detection modeling and machine learning.
Its innovative Open Threat Management (OTM) Platform gives MSSPs and Enterprises the ability to detect, contain and eliminate all known and unknown threats in real-time.
The platform uses patent-pending predictive analytics, machine learning, and dynamic threat models to automatically generate threat alerts in real-time, giving IT teams the capacity to respond before critical data is extracted and damage is done.
Seceon’s OTM Platform proactively closes the threat loop. It is the industry’s first and only fully-automated, real-time threat detection and remediation system.
An Expert Leader
Chandra Pandey is the founder and CEO of Seceon. He is an expert in data center architecture and highly scalable network solutions, and a proven business leader with more than 20 years of experience developing and marketing innovative technology solutions.
Before founding Seceon, he was the General Manager and Vice President of Platform Solutions at BTI Systems. He led a global team through the creation, development, and launch of Intelligent Secure Cloud Connect Platform to more than twenty Web 2.0-focused customer deployments in less than 18 months.
He has also held senior leadership roles at Juniper Networks, Internet Photonics, Lucent, and 3Com. Chandra is an inspirational leader who empowers his team to take on the continuously-evolving cybersecurity challenges businesses face, creating a new market category in the process.
From the very start, Pandey knew that he needed talented individuals with passion and drive to create the OTM Platform. His solution was to hire some of the best minds in every field Seceon would be involved – Machine Learning, AI, BIG Data Platform, Networking, Security Modeling and User Experience.
A Laser Focus
The Seceon team finds its focus on the company’s motto, “Cybersecurity Done Right”.
It provides Comprehensive Visibility: Real-time visualization of all services, applications, users and hosts and their interactions; Proactive Threat Detection: Detection of known and unknown threats; Automatic Real-Time Threat Remediation: Elimination and containment of threats in real-time; and Reporting and Compliance: Assistance for HIPPA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, NIST, and ISO with real-time monitoring.
According to Seceon, there is no other platform in the industry which currently has these capabilities, but it acknowledges that others will soon follow its lead. Hence, the company works closely with partners and customers to maintain its advantage and continue to deliver the innovative and effective cybersecurity solutions for which it is known.
Seceon’s platform is unique in its ability to handle millions of inputs from logs and flows and correlating them into actionable alerts. Organizations can choose to program automatic responses to these alerts or opt for single-touch human intervention.
Because of its ability to scale at speed, the platform can process data in real-time, updating and activating these models within minutes through advanced correlation with intelligent application of machine learning and AI with actionable intelligence.
The organization’s in-memory, fast analytics processing enables a more global approach, ingesting and analyzing data in real-time while correlating it with information about existing threats and zero-day exploits. In this way, it delivers prioritized threat alerts to IT/security analysts or MSSP SOC staff.
Empowering Partners to be Successful
Being 100% channel-driven, Seceon puts significant emphasis on its relationship with clients. The company’s goal is to empower them to be successful so they can dominate their respective niches.
Over time, Seceon has learned how to better identify partners that are equally vested in the goals it is trying to accomplish. In that respect, Seceon constantly uses feedback from its partners to improve its processes, sharpen communications, and simplify onboarding. This enhances the entire partner experience from the introduction to demo to trial to training and, finally, to implementation.
Seceon’s MSSP program is aimed at channel partners delivering managed security services to Fortune 5000 organizations and SMBs. OTM was built using dynamic threat model engines, machine learning engines, and proprietary predictive and behavioral analytics, to provide what Seceon refers to as a virtual SOC.
MSSPs partner with Seceon because its system reduces the number of alerts per client and makes available the right information when an alert is processed; both factors reduce costs. There is also the competitive advantage of being able to provide increased business assurance to clients by detecting threats earlier and warding off attacks.
MSSPs expect to be able to monetize this with value-added service offerings.
Bright Days Ahead
As the world becomes more connected and system complexity increases, cybersecurity platforms will have to contend with increasingly sophisticated attacks. Attackers have access to more computing power and have developed the ability to go after businesses of any size, but focus particularly on small- and medium-sized enterprises that are not as well protected.
Traditional solutions and services from large vendors can neither combat this increasing sophistication of cyber threats nor could detect between perimeter and endpoints to the required level.
For cybersecurity solutions to be successful in these environments, it is critical that they run in real-time and have the ability to take immediate action to eliminate problems. Visualization, speed, and scalability are must-have characteristics of an effective system.
Seceon’s platform runs in real-time, has the ability to view the entire system, and can be applied by enterprises of any size.
Seceon will continue to innovate and expand its platform, investing in an approach that brings together machine learning and a SaaS model, to stay one step ahead of the challenges of the future.

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