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Search Goliath Offers Printing Subscription for your Photos

A new subscription service from Google Photos will print and mail you a selected photos each month, according to various reports. The service costs you $7.99 monthly fee for 10 automatically selected 4×6 inch prints. The photos will be selected from the snaps you have taken over the last 30 days. Google is currently offering services in the US. You can sign up from a promotional banner that’s appearing for some Google Photos users.
According to various reports, the algorithms will select the photos to get printed, rather than relying on you placing individual orders. You have the option to prioritize the photos with “people with pets,” “landscapes,” or “little bit of everything.” You are also provided the option of editing your selection before they get printed every month.
At this price, the photos work out at $0.79 per print, which is more than double the starting price of $0.25. Photos will be printed using Google’s partnership with CVS or Walmart. However, the subscription service is requiring less effort than picking individual photos to print yourself.
The idea was pitched for those who want to frame their snapshots or use them as gifts to important ones. In the world of digitization, physical photos can help us create the magic of seeing photos in an album turning the pages over and over and just not swipe on our mobile screen. With that said, this may be a tough sell in its current form. You not only need to take at least 10 photos per month for this to make sense, but you also need to capture photos you’d be happy to print for posterity.