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There is always a buzz in the media and entrepreneurial circles about a popular catch phrase called “Fintech”. Though the global population is getting acquainted with it, but still there are many companies which are relatively nascent about its content. Globally various companies are using Fintech as a technology to redefine existing financial systems, making it more efficient and productive. But with the development in technology, there comes great challenges to overcome. With every passing day different financial companies are facing great dilemma of finding solutions to the questions that arise while serving for the financial space, and here comes to their rescue.’s back-end software allows its clients to start a payment business in the most possible cost-effective manner, without developing it from the scratch. Their plethora of payment services enabled by state-of-the-art modularity system, makes them outshine the crowd and serve their clients according to their specific needs.
Enlightening the Digitization Factor
By offering distinctive Payment and Transaction Management solutions, has allowed banks and other financial institutions to accelerate their digital growth in a geometric progression. Their upscale out-of-the-box solutions is well known for seamlessly integrating into the existing infrastructure by linking the core banking functionality to innovative front end components. Since its inception in 2014, has grown enormously, they have made five releases and have successfully acquired fifteen clients with five new projects which are currently under development.
Necessity is the Mother of Invention
Alexey Malyshev, CEO of, is a person with a farsighted vision and positive intuition. As a consumer he has always been aware that the technology ubiquity will change the face of the banking industry, as we know it today. Way back in 2013, Alexey and his partner, sensed the need of revolutionizing the Fintech sector, so they came up with an innovative idea of building a solution which would allow the banks to withstand the hurricane of rapid digitization. Their idea of building the solution was keenly based on three of the critical pillars; Speed, Flexibility and Cost. From there the journey started and from then they haven’t looked behind. At present the offer their clients a set of more than seventy APIs, to link the core banking system with its front end thus acting as a middleware. platform supports the building of multiple payment products such as: Mobile Bank, Payment Services, E-wallet, P2P Money Transfer, Currency Exchange and many more.
Providing an Assorted Cluster of Services
Product Development: back end software allows their clients to build any FinTech product from the list of solutions in accordance with all the business models presented. They enable their clients to be up and running rapidly with a low CapEX (capital expenditure) and in a timely manner with their high quality solutions.
Technical Support: SDK.financeoffers high quality technical support for the solutions they develop. Often Fintech solutions are vulnerable, and can bring huge loss if it is not in line with the new and emerging technology trends. Technologies are getting updated at a faster pace, and new versions are being launched constantly. Therefore, any software built using these technologies should be regularly updated and for this Technical Support acts as the backbone.
Training & Education: SDK.financeprovides trainings for the internal development teams on how to develop FinTech products on platform. The interactive, hands-on classes help to accelerate the client team’s ability to use, configure and implement their back end platform according to the client’s special business needs.
IT Audit & Consulting: team has more than 10 years of experience in FinTech product development and financial services security. At various stages in the past, they have launched various payment methods and financial products. Gradually they have gained a strong expertise in areas like electronic money, e-payment services, payment aggregators, and financial middleware. This in depth expertise has allowed them to provide high level business consulting and IT/security audit for finance oriented products.
Security: Security in financial services is a fundamental component of the overall system. Considering the total amount of assets that are managed by a financial institution, the cost of failure in the system’s security is very high. Improperly designed system architecture, as well as insufficient source code and interface security, can cause a number of problems in the future, such as: Confidential user data leaks, Database hacks and Legal issues. To overcome this challenge provides high level security by using the best practices for designing and programming the system components. pays close attention to the security of the following components during the development processes.
Turning Challenges into Opportunities
Banks are currently under the attack from both FinTech players and Tech giants. To stay relevant they will have to align their products with the customers’ evolving needs. And for this is on a mission to make that “digital” shift happen. Their solution enable banks and financial institutions to decrease CAPEX 90% and launch financial products 5 to 10 times faster comparing to the current industry standards. In addition to this they assure that their clients get the full flexibility to customize and manage their own solution through their unique APIs.
Future Perspectives is constantly upgrading their solution to deliver ultimate agility & speed to their clients. Currently they are working in three directions, the first one is the implementation of a business process management system which will enable their clients to manage their business processes in a dynamic way. For the ardent future they are also planning to expand their API functionality – Loyalty API which is the first to be added to the list. Another critical milestone would be Visa & Mastercard integration API which will enable them to offer new generation card products to their clients.

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